LCK Teams (South Korea) at LoL World Championship 2015

LCK Logo - League of LegendsLeague of Legends World Championship 2015 - LogoThe SBENU LCK, League of Legends Korea, is the Korean equivalent to the LCS where 10 of the top Korean teams go head to head throughout an entire season to see who the top teams are and who gets to compete in the Playoffs Tournament nearing the end of the season. To earn a seed at the World Championship 2015 the Korean teams have to take 1st place in the LCK Summer Playoffs, which was taken by SKTT1 with a 3:0 victory against Kt Rolster. A second option to earn a ticket to worlds is to earn the most championship points through the season, this was achieve by the KOO Tigers regardless of ending 4th in the Summer Split because they managed to take 3rd in the Summer Playoffs and 2nd in the Spring Playoffs earning them a total of 140 points which was only beaten by SKTT1 who already qualified. The final way for a team from Korea to earn a place on the world’s stage is through the LCK Regional Qualifiers tournament which was taken by Kt Rolster who has managed to take a consistent 2nd place in the LCK.

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SK Telecom T1 (SKT T1 | No. 1 LCK Seed)

Qualified by: winning the LCK Summer Split Playoffs 2015
Achievements: 1st place World Championship 2013, 1st place All Stars 2014, 1st place LCK Spring Playoffs, 2nd place Mid-Season Invitational, 1st place LCK Summer Playoffs.
Worlds Group Stage: Group C

SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team LogoWith an almost undefeated split in the most dominating region, SKTT1 have shown on multiple occasions why they’re considered the best team in the world. After going 17:1 in the Summer Split their most recent performances have been outstanding, regardless of them only taking 2nd in the Mid-Season Invitational. With a super star Mid-Laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is a player than every mid-laner wants to either compete against or completely avoid. SKTT1 have shown from their very formation that they are a team that can contend at the highest level of play and only a few teams have been able to take wins off of them. Although they’ve had a difficult time in 2014 against the previous powerhouse team known as Samsung Galaxy White they’ve taken back their throne and have dominated the 2015 LCK season take 1st place in both Playoffs and going 28:4 with 3 of the losses being before they stepped up their game. SKTT1 are a team that everyone will be keeping an eye on because of their precise and near-perfect level of play.

SKT T1 – LoL Worlds Roster:

  • Top Lane: Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-Hwan
  • Jungle: Bae “bengi” Seong-ung
  • Mid Lane: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok
  • Marksman: Bae “Bang” Jun-sik
  • Support: Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan
  • Mid (Sub): Ji-hoon “Easyhoon” Lee

Koo Tigers (KOO | No. 2 LCK Seed)

Qualified by: LCK Championship Points
Achievements: 3rd place LCK Summer Playoffs, 2nd place LCK Spring Playoffs, 3rd/4th place IEM IX World Championship Katowice
Worlds Group Stage: Group A

Koo Tigers - LCK Team LogoAfter a strong performance in the LCK Spring Split taking 1st place they managed to lose to SKTT1 when it mattered, during the Playoffs, and their performance didn’t manage to improve throughout the LCK Summer split however their consistency and ability to stay relevant as a top 3 team has allowed them to take a ticket to the World Championship 2015 earning a place by holding the most Championship Points. Although their recent performances haven’t been outstanding they have still managed to take wins off of the better teams in their region, contenting in the Summer Playoffs against Kt Rolster and nearly taking the series. KOO Tigers are a team that should be watched closely as they have a knack for showing up when it’s needed and being able to beat even the most difficult of opponents.

Koo Tigers – LoL Worlds Roster:

  • Top Lane: Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho
  • Jungle: Lee “Hojin” Ho-jin
  • Mid Lane: Lee “KurO” Seo-haeng
  • Marksman: Kim “PraY” Jong-in
  • Support: Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon
  • Jungle (Sub): Tae-wan “Wisdom” Kim

Kt Rolster (KT | No. 3 LCK Seed)

Qualified by: winning LCK Regional Qualfiers 2015
2nd place LCK Summer Split, 2nd place LCK Summer Playoffs, 1st place LCK Regional Qualifiers, 5th place LCK Spring split
Worlds Group Stage: Group D

KT Rolster - LCK Team LogoKt Rolster has had a good Summer Split after taking 2nd place with losses only to the stronger Korean teams however when they needed to perform, during the Playoffs, they were against SKTT1 who were performing amazingly well at the time and Kt manage to lose the series 0:3. This didn’t deter them however and during the Regional Qualifiers tournament they won after a 3:1 series against Jin Air Green Wings who are a consistent 4th place team. This went on to prove that Kt Rolster definitely have earned their place at the 2015 World Championship and if they manage to perform as well as they did in the LCK Spring Split then we could look at them taking wins and even series victories off of the fan favourite teams such as Edward Gaming and SK Telecom T1. With Ssumday taking 13th place in the top 20 players at the World Championship to perform exceptionally we could be looking at a Kt Rolster that is able to contend to a top World Championship place and quite possibly a Championship victory, I wouldn’t put it past them to show up and perform in something as serious as this.

KT Rolster – LoL Worlds Roster:

  • Top Lane: Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho
  • Jungle: Go “Score” Dong-bin
  • Mid Lane: Kim “Nagne” Sang-moon
  • Marksman: No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon
  • Support: Jong-beom “Piccaboo” Lee
  • Support (Sub): Jung “Fixer” Jae-woo

Predictions for the South Korean (LCK) Teams at LoL Worlds:

All 3 of these teams have good chances to make it out of the group stages but it’ll come most difficult to KOO Tigers. With SKTT1 being the current Korean Powerhouse I expect them to make it into the top 3 and I’ll be siding with the fans predicting SKTT1 making it to the finals. KOO Tigers might not be able to make it out of groups but if they do I don’t expect them to push too far because their latest performances have been lack-luster in comparison to other competing teams so if they manage to make their way out of groups with strong performances they could push for 5/8th place and I expect Kt Rolster to be in a similar position because they’re against the likes of LGD Gaming from the LPL and Origen from the EULCS, both of which have also had great recent performances.

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