LCK Regional Qualifiers – LoL Worlds 2015

LCK Logo - League of LegendsThe LCK, LoL Champions Korea, regional qualifiers tournament is a single elimination tournament which will decide Korea’s 3rd seed for the World Championship 2015. All matches in the tournament are played in a best of 5 series and the tournament seeding is based on Circuit Points. The teams participating are the top 4 teams that haven’t already qualified through the LCK Summer Playoffs 2015 or having the most Circuit Points at the end of the LCK Summer Split. The teams participating are CJ Entus, Jin Air Green Wings, KT Rolster and NaJin e-mFire who will battle it out in a gauntlet system. All four of these teams have the capability to defeat each other and any team in the tournament could take the final victory.

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LCK Regionals | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • 09/02/2015 – 09/05/2015
  • 4 Teams
  • Format: Gauntlet
  • Mode: Best of 5
  • Winner get last LCK slot to LoL Worlds 2015

Tournament Results:

KT Rolster won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2015 as LCK Seed #3
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  • 1st place:  KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo Kt Rolster
  • 2nd place: Jin Air Green Wings - LCK Team Logo Jin Air Green Wings
  • 3rd place: CJ Entus LCK Team Logo CJ Entus
  • 4th place: NaJin e-mFire - LCK Team Logo NaJin e-mFire

Teams Overview and short background

  • CJ Entus LCK Team Logo CJ Entus (CJE) used to have multiple competitive teams, Frost and Blaze, but due to rule changes they had to merge their teams. After their merge they manage to stay strong and held their place as a top Korean team. Having regularly finished tournaments and seasons in the 3rd
  • Jin Air Green Wings - LCK Team Logo Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) have shown a lot of potential after the restructure of tournaments in Korea. Much like CJE they had to merge their 2 teams into 1. After the merge they manage to regularly obtain a top 4 place in tournaments and seasons however as of late they’ve only manage to end in 6th during the LCK Summer split.
  • KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo Kt Rolster (KT), much like the other Korean teams, have had to merge multiple teams into 1. Their progression and improvements are visible as their standings at the beginning of 2015 were not so strong, only holding 5th Due to their team improvements they’ve managed to regularly hold a top 2 place and are the team to beat in the regional qualifier tournament.
  • NaJin e-mFire - LCK Team Logo NaJin e-mFire (NJF) are no exception to team mergers, having also had to combine their 2 teams NaJin Shield and NaJin Sword. NJF have shown consistent performance but lacked the ability to push past the more difficult teams. They’ve regularly held 5th or 6th place during tournaments and seasons.

Full Tournament Recap

LCK Regionals 2015 – Round 1:

Jin Air Green Wings - LCK Team Logo Jin Air vs. NaJin e-mFire - LCK Team Logo NaJin

Game 1 was played extremely slowly by both teams with gold staying equal all the way to 30 minutes, with a few kills being picked up by both teams and the gold difference rarely being above 1k. This all changed at 31mins as JAG support” Chei” managed to catch out the NJF mid laner, allowing Jin Air to push multiple objectives and gain the largest gold lead of the game so far, 4k. At 38mins NaJin are attempting to do Baron but with amazing timing JAG’s mid laner “GBM” manages to steal it., leading to multiple kills being picked up for Jin Air and a 7k gold lead. JAG then stroll into the base of NJF and push for victory by 40mins with a kill score of 8:3. Jin Air 1:0

With a few small miss-steps by NJF, Jin Air manages to pick up a few kills and push past a 1k gold lead very early. Whilst being at a minor disadvantage NJF engage in a hectic fight at 23mins, with 2 kills being picked up by NJF but 4 being picked up by Jin air. At 29mins Jin Air started to use Baron as bait, catching out the NaJin top laner. Deciding not to clear Baron Nashor they instead continue to use it as bait. At 35minutes they catch out members of NJF killing 2 of them and deciding to clear Baron finally by 36mins. Holding a gold lead of 7k and having 11:4 kills, JAG look to take their 5th dragon. NJF manage to win this fight by instantly killing the jungler of Jin Air, making them back off and letting NJF take their first dragon of the game. 39mins into game 3 and Jin Air decide to press the base of NJF, quickly making waste of NJF’s jungler and cleaning up 4 members of NJF, eventually acing them and taking the game by 40mins with a 9k gold lead and a kill score of 16:6. Jin Air 2:0

With NaJin pushing into the jungle of JAG early they miss-step and give Jin Air an early lead, with gold slowly evening out as the game passes on. With the game moving extremely slowly the next notable fight is at 22mins where NJF’s support gets killed by dragon pit, allowing Jin Air to apply some global pressure. 27mins with no significant lead being held by either team, NaJin dive into Jin Air and attempt to lock them down, however a phenomenal combo by JAG allowed them to take the fight quickly and killing 4 members of NJF. This fight alone pushed JAG into a 6k gold lead after taking Baron. NaJin pick up their first kill at 30minutes but continuing to hold a sizable 8k gold lead Jin Air take a second baron at 36mins whilst also killing multiple members of NJF. Just moments later at 39mins NaJin take a fight once again, as an attempt to defend their inhibitor turret, but with JAG being at a 13k gold lead they destroy the members of Najin and take down the nexus by 40mins with an outstanding 15k gold lead and a kill score of 13:1. Jin Air 3:0

LCK Regionals 2015 – Round 2:

Jin Air Green Wings - LCK Team Logo Jin Air vs. CJ Entus LCK Team Logo CJ Entus

With a reckless start both of these teams clash at level 1 in the red-side jungle. Both teams manage to pick up a kill each and keep the gold balanced at the start of game 1. Trading kills once again at 7mins the gold lead stays equal once again. With CJE taking a small gold lead at 20mins Jin Air decide to take a fight as they catch out member of CJE, killing 3 members of CJE and no one on their team dying. This puts into the 1k gold lead as they take a 24min dragon followed up by them flanking the entire CJE team and picking up 4 kills, once again without losing any members of their own team. This puts them in a 5k gold lead once they take Baron at 25mins. 32mins into game 1 and JAG are looking to take a second baron however multiple members stall it until 34mins and the top laner of CJE manages to take the bottom inhibitor of JAG’s base. 45mins and CJE decide to try and pick off the jungler of Jin Air but with quick reactions from the team they take a fight, killing 3 members of CJE but losing their jungler in the battle. With Jin Air holding a 7k gold lead by 46mins they decide to press into the base of CJE, quickly taking an inhibitor. With JAG’s support “Chei” stopping CJE’s jungle from going back to base the team of JAG manage to push for victory by 47mins with a kill score of 15:5 and a 9k gold lead. Jin Air 1:0

With yet another aggressive start both teams go head to head at level 1 Jin Air manage to pick up 3 kills before the game even really begins, giving them an early 2k gold lead. With Jin Air continuing the aggression they dive a turret at 7mins and kill the top laner of CJE, holding a kill score of 4:0 and holding their 2k gold lead. Nearing the 14min mark CJE look to fight and quickly picking up a kill. This doesn’t scratch the gold lead. 20mins in and JAG pick a fight, picking up another 2 kills and pushing to a 4k gold lead. 23mins into game 2 and JAG are showing a dominant lead by picking off members of CJE, taking their second dragon. At 26mins Jin Air manage to quickly kill the jungler of CJE and take baron, holding a 7k gold lead. Closing in on 28mins and CJE are trying to run from an engage but with aggressive diving Jin Air manage to kill 2 members of CJ Entus and taking the second mid turret, slowly rotating to the bottom lane they take the inhibitor turret and, whilst holding a 10k gold lead, fight CJE. After killing 4 members of CJE, Jin Air push for victory by 30mins with a kill score of 15:3 and a 13k gold lead. Jin Air 2:0

Jin Air picks up first blood shortly after 7mins after continuing their aggressive play style. At 12mins the jungler of Jin Air gets caught but they decide to take the fight anyway, giving an ace to CJE by 13mins, giving them a 3k gold lead. By 23mins Jin Air look to take a fight, CJE decide to dive the turret and once again get an ace on JAG. Jin Air decides to surrender at 23mins as CJE hold a kill score of 10:3 and a 9k gold lead. Jin Air 2:1

With a few aggressive early moves CJE gain a 1k gold lead by 7mins thanks to their support player “Madlife”. With constant combos on Alistar he manages to get multiple members of JAG under the turret of CJE and pick off the Jin Air members. 11mins into game 4 and the first large team fight occurs. A few members of CJE get caught out of position but before any deaths happen the members of CJE manage to rotate and pick up a few kills on Jin Air, giving them a kill score of 7:2 and a 3k gold lead by 12mins. Both teams over the next few minutes pick off members of the opposing teams and CJE push for a 5k gold advantage by 14mins. Starting to siege turrets at 18mins CJE get caught and Jin Air engage, fantastic team play from CJE along with their gold lead lets them kill 2 members of Jin Air whilst only losing 1 of their own. This pushes their advantage to 8k. Both teams start closing in on baron around 21mins into the game and CJE engage, after killing a few members of Jin Air they clean up baron at 22mins and Jin Air throw in the towel, surrendering whilst CJE have a 14k gold lead and a kill score of 15:4. Tie 2:2.

The final game starts extremely slowly with the first significant encounter occurring at 19mins. Jin Air loses 2 of their members but eventually take 3 of their own as the fight draws out. CJE, after already taking multiple global objectives, start to siege and Jin Air engage a fight hoping to pick off a few members of CJE however a quick turn-around lets them pick up a kill and get away with no losses. 26mins and Jin Air start baron, a few members of CJE attempt to stall out the attempt as their remaining members push the bot lane. Jin Air manages to get baron at the cost of 2 of their team members and their bottom lane inhibitor. A fight by dragon pit breaks out at 28mins as Jin Air rush in, after killing the jungler of CJE they take their first baron of the game and hold their first gold lead of the game. At 30mins Jin Air once again engage a fight and lock down multiple members of CJE. After forcing away the members of CJE, Jin Air attempts a 34min baron and clears it pushing their gold lead to 4k. 43mins and Jin Air dive in, after killing 4 members of CJE they push for a 44min victory with an 11:5 kill score and a 9k gold lead. Jin Air Victory 3:2

LCK Regionals 2015 – Round 3 – Finals:

KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo Kt Rolster vs. Jin Air Green Wings - LCK Team Logo Jin Air Green Wings

The first game of the finals starts off with Jin Air showing aggression early, picking up a few kills on kt however kt answers back with a few kills of their own. With a kill score of 3:3 by 11mins there’s only a 100 gold difference. At 23mins kt start a fight engageing on JAG but with quick reactions Jin Air turn the fight around and pick up 2 members of kt with only 1 loss of their own. 26mins and Jin Air are looking to start a big fight however a huge miss-play from their top laner “TrAce” allowed kt to turn it around and pick up an easy kill. Kt engages at 29mins by dragon pit and although Jin Air picks up a kill kt manages to get away with the dragon. 42mins and Jin Air start a fight of their own and take down 2 members of Kt. After taking down multiple global objective Jin Air push for a 3k gold lead by 50mins, which is extremely small at that game time, and they are looking to take another dragon. With fantastic team fighting from both teams all members of both teams drop extremely low on health however Kt manage to eventually ace Jin Air and push for a 52min victory with a kill score of 10:11 and a gold lead of 600. Kt 1:0

During game 2 Kt manage to pick up multiple kills throughout the first 16mins of the game giving them a 3k gold lead and a kill score of 3:0. 27mins in and Kt start a fight but with phenomenal play from Jin Air’s mid laner “GBM” they manage to quickly turn it around and kill 2 members of Kt without any loss, rushing to baron after. KT, after rotating and pushing multiple objectives, gold a 7k gold lead by 38mins and are looking to crack into the base of JAG. After taking the top lane inhibitor Kt attempt to run; miss-play from Jin Air grants them a free kill. 43mins and Jin Air are trying to take Baron but a fantastic steal by the Kt jungler “Score” starts a fight, taking down 2 members of Jin Air and losing their support. After being revived from his Guardian Angel the top laner from Kt teleports into the base of Jin Air and attempt to finish but unluckily the inhibitor respawns as he was about to destroy the nexus at 44mins. Other members of Kt rotate and rush into the base of Jin Air and finish the game with a kill score of 10:5 and holding a 13k gold lead. Kt 2:0

Just 4mins in and aggressive moves in game 3 give Jin Air and early 1k gold lead, picking up first blood. At 6mins they continue their aggression and tower dive a member of kt picking up their second kill and holding close to a 2k gold lead. At 10mins a member of Jin Air gets caught out however with quick reactions from his team they manage to turn around the fight and pick up 2 more kills, holding a kill score of 4:0 and a 4k gold lead by 11mins. At 19mins a drawn out fight occurs and Jin Air manage to kill 3 members of Kt whilst losing 1 of their own. This pushes their gold lead to 8k by 20mins. 31mins and JAG are attempting baron, after members of kt show up Jin Air turn around and kill 4 members of their team and Kt surrender at 32mins as Jin Air hold a kill score of 13:1 with a 14k gold lead. Kt 2:1

Jin Air attempt to continue their aggression, which worked in the previous game, at 6mins in game 4 as a fight starts by dragon pit. After a miss-play as they attempt to turn the fight around Jin Air give up first blood and a close to 1k gold lead to Kt early on. Both teams trade a kill each over the next few minutes and at 16mins Kt is attempting to take their first dragon. After Jin Air force Kt off of the dragon both top laners teleport down and a fight erupts, kt manage to pick up an ace after losing 2 of their own members and by 17mins they hold a kill score of 7:3. After picking off multiple members of Jin Air over the next few minutes Kt manage to push their gold lead to 3k by 28mins as a fight breaks out by baron pit where Kt pick up yet another kill and further their lead. 30mins and Jin Air clear dragon but as they’re trying to run away Kt engage, managing to clean ace Jin Air. 32mins and a great hook from Kt support “Piccaboo” starts the siege where Kt manage to take an inhibitor. 37mins in and another fantastic hook starts a tower dive where Kt eventually ace Jin Air and claim victory at 37mins with a gold lead of 16k and a kill score of 21:5. Kt Victory 3:1

Congratulations to Kt Rolster who manage to win the LCK Regional Tournament and taking the LCK no.3 seed to the World Championship 2015.

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