LPL Teams (China) at LoL World Championship 2014

League of Legends World Championship 2014 - LogoThe Chinese (LPL) teams were the last to qualify for the Season 4 World Championship but this does surely not mean they are one of the weakest regions in the world. In fact, China is hailed as the only region that could probably stand up against the Korean juggernauts. Known for their intense aggression and teamfighting prowess, these Chinese teams are a great addition to the ever-evolving meta of League of Legends. Find out how these Chinese teams qualify and how they will be able to stand up against teams from all over the world. There are 3 LPL (Chinese) Teams participating in the League of Legends World Championship 2014.

 World Championship Season 4 | 2014 – Overview

Edward Gaming (No. 1 Seed LPL)

Achievements: 1st place LPL Summer, 1st place LPL Spring, 2nd place IEM-Shenzhen
Worlds Group Stage: Group A

EDward Gaming - LPL TeamChinses LPL Team Edward GamingEdward Gaming came into the scene only this year and they made an immediate impression that blindsided everyone. Only were they well adept at their position in their own team, they were well-adept at almost any hurdle thrown at them. This Chinese team plays like a choreographed martial arts sequence. Each of them knows their role in the team and how to play it hence they are able to synergize very well with each other. They can stack crowd control after crowd control rendering their opponents immobile and unable to react. With the inherent Chinese aggression multiplied a couple of time with a bit of carelessness, Edward Gaming is truly the team to beat in China. Korean teams would be better off watching Edward Gaming instead of worrying any other dark horse team. Edward Gaming qualified to Worlds by winning both the Summer and Spring season of the Chinese LPL. Player to watch out for is NaMei. He is a player that is able to carry the team in his back even after a bad game. But will this be enough for the team to make it to the Finals?

 Roster Edward Gaming:

  • Top Lane: Koro1 (China)
  • Jungle: ClearLove (China)
  • Mid Lane: U (China)
  • ADC: NaMei (China)
  • Support: Fzzf (China)

Star Horn Royal Club (NO. 2 Seed LPL)

Achievements: 2nd Place World Championship 2013 (as Royal Club), 3rd Place 2014 LPL Summer Playoffs, 3rd Place 2014 LPL Summer Regular Season
Worlds Group Stage: Group B

Royal Club - LPL TeamChinese LPL Team Star HornFormerly known as Royal Club before the organization collapsed, Star Horn Royal Club has imported Korean crowd favorite Insec alongside Zero. This move by the newly formed team surprised many Chinese followers and was met with anger from the Chinese. Although at first there was some form of hesitation from the players, the team began to improve significantly as the season progressed. Now, the team is one of the best in the region and with Insec's addition to the team, they have soared past former favorites like World Elite, Invictus Gaming, and Positive Energy. If there is one player that needs special mention from this time it is Uzi. Uzi is a prodigy. During last year's World Championship, he has shown great potential to being one of the top AD carries in his region and all over the world. His iconic Vayne pentakill was his glorious moment so far and it looks like he might replicate it this year now that he has returned to the Worlds Stage. Look for Uzi to make plays all around the map and secure and clean up kills for his team towards victory.

Roster Star Horn Royal Club:

  • Top Lane: Cola (China)
  • Jungle: inSec (South Korea)
  • Mid Lane: Corn (China)
  • ADC: Uzi (China)
  • Support: Zero (South Korea)

OMG (NO. 3 Seed LPL)

Achievements: 2nd place All-Star 2014, 5th-8th Season 3 World Championship
Worlds Group Stage: Group C

OMG - LPL TeamChinese LPL Team OMGAlso known as the “Forces of Darkness” in China due to their photos looking as if they are gang activists, Team OMG has swept the world by storm when they qualified in last year's Season 3 Worlds. Everyone was surprised at just how aggressive the Chinese teams were and how well they perform at teamfights. OMG was the epitome of tower diving at the early levels. This aggression has made them a worldwide phenomenon and in Season 4, they earned a spot at All-Stars in Paris and showed once more that they are a force to be reckoned with. They ultimately fell to Season 3 champs SKT T1 K during the tournament. However, it made them stronger and they once again qualified for Season 4 Worlds through the LPL Regionals. One player to watch out for is Gogoing, OMG's top laner, who is known to be one of the few top laners who can carry the game for the team. Gogoing can carry a game even on a tank or a simple bruiser/fighter like Jax. This time with the expanding list of champions at the top lane, Gogoing is at his peak and it will be entertaining to watch him carry the game for his team although that situation might not happen due to the fact that all of the other lanes have solid players as well.

Roster OMG:

  • Top Lane: Gogoing (China)
  • Jungle: Drug (China)
  • Mid Lane: Cool (China)
  • ADC: San (China)
  • Support: DaDa77 (China)

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