League of Legends World Championship 2012 | Season 2

League of Legends World Championship Season 2 LogoHeld in Early October of 2012 at Los Angeles, California, the Season 2 League of Legends World Championship marked the start of an E-sports revolution. The championship broke several records, including the largest prize pool in the history of E-sports tournaments (At USD $2 million) and the most watched E-sports tournament at 1.1 million con-current viewers and 8.2 million total views.

12 teams from regions all around the world participated in this tournament, and Taipei Assassins turned out to be the World Champions. The entire E-sports tournament matches were casted by Deman, Phreak, Jatt and Rivington while the event itself was casted by djWHEAT and Seltzer.

The format of this championship was different to the last championship – with the first 5 teams randomly drawn to determine the 4 teams who would earn a bye into the brackets and the last team drawn being sent to play the group stages with the other 7 teams.

Eight teams were divided into two groups, A & B with 4 teams in each. The top 2 teams from each group were sent on into the bracket stages to compete with the 4 drawn teams, from where it was simple knockout stages from quarterfinals into semifinals into finals, with finals being best of 5 and all other being best of 3’s.

The participants were broken down into 2 teams from Mainland China, 3 teams from Europe, 3 teams from North America, 1 team from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau, 1 team from South East Asia and 2 teams from Korea.

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Season 2 LoL World Championship Teams

The participants at the second League of Legends World Championship were:

  • Team SoloMid
  • Counter Logic Gaming Prime
  • Team Dignitas
  • Moscow Five
  • SK Gaming
  • Counter Logic Gaming Europe
  • Taipei Assassins
  • Azubu Frost
  • Najin Sword
  • Team WE
  • Invictus Gaming
  • Saigon Jokers

The group stages matches took place between October 4th and 6th 2012, with Azubu Frost and Invictus Gaming qualifying from Group A and NaJin Sword and CLG Europe qualifying from Group B.

The knockout stages to finals were also held during the same dates, with Moscow Five reaching the semifinals (After winning the quarterfinal match vs iG) to be matched against TPA (Who won vs NJ Sword); and Azubu being matched against CLG EU (With Azubu winning the quarterfinal match against TSM and CLG EU winning against WE).

Moscow five lost to Taipei Assassins 2 – 1 in the semifinals which resulted in TPA going forward to the finals. In the other bracket, Azubu Frost won against CLG EU (2 – 1 again) and went forward to the finals as well.

The finals were held on 13th October, being a best of 5 and were full of action. TPA managed to defeat Azubu 3 – 1, and went on to become the Season 2 World Champions. They also collected a hefty 1 million $ prize while Azubu got its hands on $250,000. As a gift, riot also made TPA skins for the champions TPA played in the final match of their best of 5. These skins were available to be purchased in the in-game store by everyone.

Results LoL World Championship 2012 | Season 2

  • 1st Place: Taipei Assassins | Prize Money: $ 1,00,000
  • 2nd Place: Azubu Frost | Prize Money: $ 250,000
  • 3rd -4th Place: Moscow Five | CLG EU | Prize Money: $ 10,000
  • 5th-8th Place: Team WE | Team SoloMid | NaJin Sword | Invictus Gaming |
  • Prize Money: $ 75,000
  • 9th-10th Place: Saigon Jokers | CLG Prime| Prize Money: $ 50,000
  • 11th -12th Place: SK Gaming | Team Dignitas | Prize Money: $ 25,000

Total Prize Money: $ 2,000,000

The season 2 world championship was a huge success from League of Legends points of view, even though there were some small mistakes such as technical difficulties and some concern over player behavior during the matches, on the whole the tournament came out to be quite well. The game gained appreciable dominance, proving to its competitors that the fan base had massively increased and also broke several records. The overall effect of this was the even more rapid growth of League of Legends in the following seasons to come.

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