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Now that all groups at 2016 LoL Worlds are announced and you know all opponents your favorite team will face, you can have even more fun with the return of PickEm. If you thought the event of the season would finish without your chance to pick teams and win prizes, you were wrong. Pick’Em went live on September 10 and throughout this post, you’ll get to learn about some of the new changes that Riot Games introduced. On the other hand, if you’ve never played Pick’Em before, you’re about to see how to do so. If you would rather want to play for real money take a look at the current betting options and odds for LoL Worlds 2016.

Changes Riot Games implemented

As you already know, Riot Games regularly make new changes about all events they organize. They do so with the goal to improve the quality of events, increase competitiveness, and offer more excitement. This year’s changes aren’t drastic. This year, Pick’Em features new rewards for players who are on the quest for the perfect bracket.

These changes include:

New Pick’Em Poro Icons

First, you will get a new participation icon after you build a bracket. In order to get the special Poro Icon, you’ll have to collect at least 34 points.

LoL Worlds 2016 - Pick' Em icon rewards

New Ultimate Perfect Pick Reward

LoL Worlds 2016 - Pick'em rewardsIf you select every winner from Group Stage all the way to the grand finale correctly, you’ll get the Ultimate Pick’Em prize consisting of three Ultimate skins including DJ Sona, Pulsefire Ezreal, and Spirit Guard Udyr (Last year, only 1 player made a perfect pick.). Don't miss your chance to earn this reward!

REMEMBER: Pick’Em Group Stage brackets are open until September 29, so make sure you make your picks by then. Take some time to think thoroughly and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of all teams before you make the picks.

In order to play Pick’Em, click here.

How to play

For those who didn’t play Pick’Em before, it’s a two-part challenge wherein you make predictions regarding teams participating at Worlds, i.e. how well they’re going to perform. In order to be able to win prizes and make your picks, you have to log in by clicking on the link provided above. Then, you get to pick teams different stages.

Group stage

As you already know, you can make your picks for Group Stage from September 10 – 29. Here, you’ll have to set teams in the order that you assume they’ll finish in their group. For example, if you think SKT will advance to the knockout stage, just drag and drop the team above others. The website will save your picks automatically. If you change your mind about picks you made, you can change them by September 29.  Take a look at the full match schedule here.

During the group stage, you will earn 2 points a piece for correctly predicting teams that will reach the Knockout stage. Plus, you’ll also get 3 points if you get all teams in the correct order. If you happen to make a right pick regarding teams that will finish 3rd or 4th, you’ll get 2 points. Getting an entire group in the right order grants 2 points as well. The maximum amount of points you can obtain during this stage is 16.

Knockout stage

Making picks for knockout stage will be open on October 9 – 13. In this stage, you’ll have to choose winners from each match and ultimately, choose the team that you think will take home the Summoner’s Cup.

Every correct pick in Quarterfinals grants 5 points, during Semifinals you’ll get 10 points for each correct choice and the choosing correctly the finale winner gives you 20 points.

The total amount of points you can get in Group stage + Knockout stages is 124.

To make things more interesting, you can also visit the Leaderboards section where you can compare scores with friends and other players.

Bottom line

2016 World’s Pick’Em is live and gives you an opportunity to make your picks and predict winners in the group stage, later in knockout stages of the game. Pick’Em makes Worlds more interesting, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss. Plus, you can win some really cool prizes. Play with your friends, compare scores and test your knowledge of teams and the tournament itself. We've already made our picks, share yours with us and good luck.

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