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The qualifiers have come to a close and we’re reaching a final point. The teams that will be attending the 2016 League of Legends World Championship tournament have been decided but there are still a few surprises to come. The group stage of the World Championship is comprised of 4 groups which all contain 4 teams. These teams will battle it out in a double round-robin and the 2 teams that come out on top in each group will proceed into the knockout stage where things will start to really kick off. You’ll be able to catch the live group draw on Saturday, September 10th, to find out where your favourite teams are placed and who they’ll be facing off against! The placing of each team at LoL Worlds 2016 will be determined through a random draw; the 1st seeds will be drawn out of ‘pool 1’ (execept the first European Seed) and will start the groups, the 2nd pool which contains the no.2 seed teams will then be drawn and followed by the 3rd seed teams along with the WildCard teams. To make sure all groups are mixed correctly to give the tournament its best international conflicts and performances there can’t be 2 teams in the same group that come from the same region. Because of this we’ll be lacking some regional conflicts but the hype will continue as each team will have a chance to prove themselves against the other competing regions from all around the world. The group stage will start on September 29th through to the Sunday on October 2nd so make sure you catch up on what you’ve missed and get ready for the World Championship! More information on the Match-Schedule along with starting times at our LoL Worlds Schedule 2016 post.

Group Draw Live Stream

To watch the draw of the LoL Worlds 2016 groups live make sure to turn on the Live-Stream on September 10th , 22:00 CEST.  Just click play when the stream is live and tune into the broadcast!

This are the 4 groups:Groups of the LoL Worlds 2016

Worlds 2016: Group Stage Draw Explained

At this point, all teams who will take part in the culmination of the season and fight for the Summoner’s Cup are decided. What’s next? The 2016 League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner, but before it starts all groups have to be formed. Believe it or not, group stage draw is equally exciting as watching battles and supporting your favorite team. Group Draw Show is unpredictable, and it adds to the overall excitement of the final event itself.

What is the Group Draw and how it works?

If you’ve been watching Group Draw Show before, you already know what to expect. For those who haven’t seen it before, Group Draw is a process which determines teams that will play each other in the group stage. The Group Draw Show goes live on September 10, 2016, at 11 AM PT, don’t forget to tune in and find out the group your favorite team or player is in.

When the group stage begins, teams have to do their best to finish in top 2 of each group as that’s the only way they can advance to the Knockout Stage.

All 16 teams that qualified to Worlds 2016 will be categorized into four groups, but before that, during the Group Draw Show, they are allocated to three Group Draw Pools according to their MSI 2016 results and overall performance during the entire season. This year, #1 from LMS is promoted to Pool 1 while #1 from EU is allocated to Pool 2.

Group Draw LoL Worlds 2016 Pool 1Pool 1: Region Favourites

Teams: Edward Gaming, ROX Tigers, Flash Wolves, Team SoloMid


Group Draw LoL Worlds 2016 Pool 2Pool 2: Last Year Champion and Elite

Teams: SK Telecom T1, Samsung, Royal Never Give Up, IMay, G2 Esports, H2K, Counter Logic Gaming, ahq e-Sports Club


Group Draw LoL Worlds 2016 Pool 3Pool 3: Wildcards and Regional Qualifier

Teams: Spylce, Cloud9, INTZ e-Sports, Albus NoX Luna


The draw will allocate these teams to different groups, as seen in the table below.


















The rules are simple; every team will get to play versus other teams in the group twice as Group Stage is always a double-round-robin format.

Bottom line

The Group Draw Show poses as the final “preparation” before the tournament; it’s the opportunity for all of us to find out where our favorite teams will be allocated to. The primary purpose of the Draw is to elevate the excitement and make us want to watch Worlds 2016 even more. What most people like to do after the Draw Show is to make predictions, bet, and discuss the potential “fate” of all teams in particular groups. Based on the teams that qualified for the tournament, the group stage draw will, definitely, give us something to talk about.

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