In this World of Tanks (WoT) betting article, we tell you where you can bet on its esports games and how to bet smartly. There’s also information about WoT esports tournaments, fantasy leagues you can join, plus Loot crate contents and the odds of winning a premium tank.

World of Tanks Betting Sites

  1. Rivalry
  2. 1xbet
  3. Winners Bet
  4. Pinnacle


The Best World of Tanks Betting Sites Reviewed

If you’re a bettor who wants to bet on World of Tanks, we’d like to apologise. If we were gamblers, and some of us are, we would bet you had to look long and hard for World of Tanks bookmakers online. We’re glad you found us, because we have compiled a list of our favourite WoT betting sites so you can soon be enjoying the WoT betting action.


Rivalry is one of those rare World of Tanks esports betting sites that caters to punters of all esports persuasions. Sure, they offer odds for usual suspects CS:GO bettingLoL Betting, Dota 2 Betting and Valorant betting, but they also feature esports odds you cannot find in many places.

Some of the rarer esports Rivalry caters for are NBA 2K, Street Fighter 5, World of Warcraft betting, and there are sometimes markets for World of Tanks.

World of Tanks betting at Rivalry is easy:

  • Click the WoT icon in the left sidebar
  • Choose your market, such as winner or handicap
  • Type in your desired bet amount
  • And place your bet!

If you like watching World of Tanks esports matches as well as betting on them, you’ll be glad Rivalry shows Twitch live esports streams in the match betting screen. You can even listen in different languages, for example English, Russian or Portuguese.

Moreover, a bonus feature of Rivalry is its Quests which reward players with massive jackpots, real money prizes and ‘magic’ items that help players win more esports bets. Just click on your avatar in the top right and you can see your currently available quests. These can include challenges like: ‘Place a bet on a winner market’, ‘Place any combo bet’, and ‘Place a bet on a live match’. Also, players who complete quests will gain XP and eventually level up.



Winners.Bet is one of the few esports betting sites that offers odds on World of Tanks matches, plus Rainbow 6 betting, King of Glory betting, Starcraft betting and more. It is a ‘safe and secure sportsbook built for esports fans by esports fans’. They also have a welcome offer of 100% up to €50.

In addition, there is live streaming available from the Esports menu. Another unusual benefit of Winners.Bet is punters can choose some unusual odds formats, such as Malay and Indo, plus decimal, American, fractional, and Hong Kong.



The 1xBet esports betting site can be an incredible resource for punters, even those who want to bet on World of Tanks matches. In the same vein as Rivalry, 1xBet offers markets on a wide range of games, including World of Tanks odds. In fact, the bookmaker has options for betting that you might not find anywhere, such as Tekken, Street Fighter betting, NBA 2K betting, EA Sports NHL and PUBG betting. There are even two options for FIFA bets: FIFA 20 and FIFA 21. In other words, 1xBet is an esports bettor’s paradise.

To find a specific esport to bet on, just use the main menu and navigate to ‘Esports’. You’ll see all the live esports betting options and you can use the search bar to find something more precise like World of War bets.

There are also sub-menus for ‘Pre-match’, ‘LIVE’, and ‘Esports Zone’. The Esports Zone is where you can find all esports betting markets, live streams, pre-game betting odds for all events, a schedule of matches, and an esports calendar. When we visited, there was a 10% cashback esports bonus for World of Tanks esports.

Furthermore, at 1xBet all WoT matches are played with teams of 15 for up to 10 minutes. Moreover, 1xBet has World of Tanks odds for:

  • Match winner
  • Handicap
  • Total score
  • Base captured

The best way to find World of Tanks esports live streams at 1xBet is to head to the Esports Zone. At the top left of the page, there is a list of live events and you can select one to watch. Whether the commentary is in a language you can understand is a matter of luck! When you select a match to broadcast, you’ll see odds for that event to the right of the action. If you’d like to learn more about this Russian bookmaker, you can read our 1xBet esports review.


What is World of Tanks Esports?

World of Tanks esports is an evolution of the massively multiplayer online team shooter game by Wargaming. In World of Tanks matches, two teams battle it out in historically accurate combat vehicles to destroy each other’s tanks and win territory. Battles are decided on a one-match, best of 3 or best of 5 basis. Of course, the real stars of the game are not the players, they’re the tanks!  There are 10 tiers of tank, five types (Light, Medium, Heavy, Destroyers, and SPGs) and 11 tank nations, such as Germany, the USA and the USSR. There’s also Premium, Reward and on sale tanks.

The official WoT esports competition, called the League, ended in December 2017 but bettors can still enjoy odds on a range of WoT tournaments that are open to the public. For example, 1xBet has World of Tanks betting on Random Battles. You can bet on win, draw, handicap, a team’s total score (over/under), and a team to capture a base.

When we say it’s a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, it has the Guinness world record for ‘Most Players Online Simultaneously on one MMO Server’ with 190,541 on the Russian server RU2 in January 2013. Esports betting in Russia is in a healthy state and bettors can gain from getting to know their bookmakers.


How to Bet on World of Tanks

You can bet on Random battles and Ranked battles. The Random games attract players of all skill and experience levels and this can create unpredictability. This can be a negative for bettors, but it could also create punter-friendly odds to take advantage of. Why not bet on the underdog? They could have a better chance than the odds suggest!

The Ranked games are likely to attract more serious players and teams, so games could be closer and harder to predict. Nevertheless, because these players are more serious and play a lot, there should be statistics from previous matches to help you choose a winner. What will also help punters is that the best World of Tanks betting sites will give you analysis of past performances, with at least previous results information. If you want to bet on a real favourite, putting your money on Team FAME could be one of the safer bets in World of Tanks esports.

Moreover, before betting, remember to take a look at the official World of Tanks ratings to see which teams and players are performing well.


WoT Betting Markets

These are the popular markets for World of Tanks betting:

  • First blood: bet on the first team to destroy an enemy tank.
  • Team to capture the base
  • Map winner: bet on the team to win the current map battle.
  • Moneyline/match winner: bet on the team to win the overall match.
  • Draw
  • Handicaps: the favourite to win is given a handicap. For example, with a handicap of -10, the favourite must win by 11 for bets on them to pay out.
  • Time to win a match (under/over)
  • Number of kills per round/match/tournament
  • Correct score

Learn more about different kinds of esports bets in our betting academy.


World of Tanks Fantasy League

If you’ve never played fantasy esports games before, it involves picking players from different teams in a competition, to create a ‘dream team’, usually under restrictions, such as a budget or a limit on the number of players from one team. All the big esports have one, such as the LoL fantasy league.

In the World of Tanks Fantasy League, Fantasy Tanks, you can pick five players for your starting lineup, plus two reserves. Players are awarded points based on damage dealt, assisted damage, damage blocked, hit percentage, kills, tanks spotted, base defence points, and time alive.

At the time of writing, you could follow the progress of and make a team in the Australia and New Zealand Fantasy League (ANZ FL).

It’s the second season of the league which follows the Australia and New Zealand Premier League (ANZ PL), where this time, eight city-based and state-based teams will go head-to-head – you just have to pick the players who will perform best. The top three fantasy players at the end of the season will share a prize pool of 20,000 gold coins.

  • First place gets 10,000 gold coins, an ASUS TF AX3000 router and a HyperX Cloud 2 Headset
  • Second place gets 5,000 gold coins and a HyperX Cloud 2 Headset
  • Third place gets 5,000 gold coins

The draftees in the ANZ Premier League, which fantasy players can pick from for their team, have been chosen. Now it’s up to you to be the best manager.


World of Tanks Tournaments

You can see important information about World of Tanks tournaments on the official WoT website. It tells you things like the size of the teams (format) and the category. Teams range in size from just one player to 15, while the categories are casual, semipro, hardcore, WGL (Wargaming League), ladder, and clans.

It’s not only professional WoT esports players who can take part either; there are WoT tournaments that anyone can join. To find them, simply head to the Tournaments section on the official World of Tanks website. There are teams waiting for additional players, while individuals can build their own team (aka ‘become a leader’) before joining a tournament.

Plus, some teams can be joined just by clicking an orange ‘join now’ button (aka ‘support fellow tankers’), while others must accept your request to join before you become a real teammate. If you want to know more about different competitions, see our article on esports tournaments.


World of Tanks Loot Crate Odds

If you want to quickly level up in World of Tanks, one way is to open a loot box. There are several places you can purchase World of Tanks loot boxes. This includes the official World of Tanks website and

World of Tanks crates at include collectibles, gear and special in-game content that can help make you a better player. The in-game content can comprise of a bonus code worth $50 that yields the premium tank, M6A2E1 Mutant for 50 battles, 90 days’ Premium Account access, and a mission to earn the Mutant tank for free.

It is estimated there is between a 1% and 10% chance of getting a Tier 8 tank inside a Wargaming loot box. This WoT Reddit article gives an idea of the average value found in WoT loot crates. These WoT loot box statistics suggest there is actually a 2% chance of getting a Tier 8 tank in a box.

Moreover, fans and World of Tanks media are speculating that there will soon be a Black Market Box in which you can find a vehicle from previous Black Markets, one that is guaranteed not to be a tank you already have in your garage.


Where to Watch World of Tanks Esports

The World of Tanks betting sites we have mentioned also broadcast matches from the esport, so you can get your entire competitive tanks fix in the same place. Check out 1xBet, Winners.Bet and Rivalry today. But if you just want to watch, there are more WoT live streaming options.



One popular Twitch streamer for WoT is Dakillzor. This FAME team member has 103,000 followers on Twitch for whom he streams random and competitive matches. He’s also active on YouTube.

Team FAME is a competitive clan and the world champion team in 15 versus 15 WoT esports. Some of their players include kajzoo, Schockisch, and FFeLi. See why these players are so highly-regarded in their streams on Twitch.


World of Tanks on YouTube

They say everything is bigger in America and the World of Tanks North America YouTube channel has attracted 585,000 subscribers so far. There, you can see WoT news, how-to guides about maps and equipment, videos about the history of the game’s tanks, and other updates.

If you want to watch expert WoT gameplay with informative commentary, it’s a good idea to subscribe to QuickyBaby on YouTube. He uploads non-biased videos that discuss the game’s dearest and best tanks, the future of WoT, and weak points of certain tanks that you can take advantage of. By watching his videos, you could learn some key information that could boost your chances of placing a successful bet.


We hope that you feel more knowledgeable about World of Tanks betting after reading this article. Feel welcome to read our betting guides for other games: Apex Legends betting, CoD Betting, Rocket League betting, Hearthstone bets, World of Warcraft betting or SMITE betting.


Esports Betting Cover

WoT Betting FAQ section

World of Tanks still has a healthy viewing and betting audience, especially on Twitch and YouTube, which suggests it is well and truly alive. Unfortunately for World of Tanks betting, the official Wargaming League is on a long break, but there are still random matches and competitions to bet on, like the Australia and New Zealand Premier League.

You can bet on World of Tanks at 1xBet, Rivalry, and Winners.Bet. Expect other betting sites to feature WoT odds if the Wargaming League returns.

There are ways to gain an advantage in WoT by spending real money, for example, if you buy loot crates and win better tanks. It is like many other combat video games where players who spend money on in-game items can progress faster, but this should not affect your chances of winning a bet on World of Tanks.

Some of the most popular bets on World of Tanks esports are win/draw, total score, and handicap bets.

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