Ticket Information – Mid Season Invitational (MSI)

League of Legends: Mid Season Invitational (MSI)We bring the latest information of the Mid-Season Invitational tickets, venue, teams, format and much more for you to chew on. Tickets are already ON SALE! So, Hurry Up! There’s a chance for the ticket holders to get TPA, SKT or Fnatic championship skin for each day of their tournament attendance. Like, if you be present on all four days of MSI 2015, then you will have the chance to unlock four esports championship skins of your choice from the Fnatic, TPA and SKT line-up. If you visit the tournament only once, then you will only get the chance to select just one skin. Buying a ticket is a win-win situation for you. So, re-adjust your schedule and book your ticket to see your favourite team action once again and win exciting championship skins. This is your chance to buy official merchandise of League of Legends and meet the pro players. More information on the Mid Season Invitational will be provided as the inauguration of the show approaches.

>>> Mid Season Invitational Tournament Overview <<<

Quick info about the MSI Tournament.

Venue: Donald L. Tucker Civic Centre of Tallahassee, Florida in the battleground of the competition. The centre is located at Florida State University.

Address: 505 W Pensacola St
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Ticket Pricing

  • P3- $24, (Including fees)
  • P2- $34.50, (Including fees)
  • P1- $46.25 (Including fees)

FSU Student Discount – $5 off on tickets on all price levels (only on Valid IDs)

You can order tickets online here:

Parking Fee

If you want your two or four wheelers to be parked in the main parking lot, then you have to spend $8

Seating Chart

MSI venue Donald Trucker Civic Center Seating Chart

Show Timings (Evening)

7th May 2015, Thursday @ 4:00PM (Doors will open at 3:00PM)

8th May 2015, Friday @ 4:00PM (Doors will open at 3:00PM)

9th May 2015, Saturday @ 4:00PM (Doors will open at 3:00PM)

10th May 2015, Sunday @ 5:00PM (Doors will open at 4:00PM)

Four Day Show Format

Day 1 will feature 8 games of group stage

Day 2 will feature 7 games of Group Stage (Tiebreakers if there are any)

Day 3 is for the Semis with ‘Best out of Five Games’ Format

Day 4 – Grand Finale

Check out the full schedule of the MSI here

If you have attended any event in Donald L. Tucker Civic Centre, then you know about how smoothly they manage everything. People enjoy their favourite event comfortably if the people are so lucky to have their favourite show conducted in Donald L. Tucker Civic Centre. The managing committee of the centre is working day and night to make this exciting tournament even more exciting. More floor seats have been opened to add the sold-out floor sections at the Centre. You can sense the hype of the show by the preparations.

The excitement is running all over. All the League of Legends Fans can’t wait to see which region will come out victorious on the global platform of Mid-Season Invitational 2015.

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