League of Legends Live Stream Guide 2021

You’ve found yourself obsessing over League of Legends betting and now you’re wondering who you can follow for top-notch content on Summoner’s Rift. Whether you want to spam emotes in Twitch, follow all the competitive leagues, or start streaming yourself, we’ve got just the guide for you when it comes to streaming the game that built Riot Games from the ground up. Feel free to check our general esports streams guide too!

Betting Sites with LoL Streaming

Sometimes, you just want to have an eye on your bets while streaming all the action there is to LoL esports. In that case, there are a number of bookmakers who can provide that service for you.


1xbet is partnered with sports and esports organizations such as FC Barcelona and NAVI. They offer betting on the tournaments held every year from the major competitive regions. Read up on our comprehensive 1xbet esports review to get you all caught up with 1xbet.

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Purpose for LoL Streaming

Before you head on to Twitch or YouTube to tune in to a League of Legends live stream, you first have to know the reason why you want to watch League of Legends. Depending on your answer, there are going to be content creators that will be suited to your needs. To round it up for you, we’ll be talking about the range of content creators you’re going to see in League of Legends live streaming and who to follow to get you started.


For Betting

If you’re looking to bet your money on League of Legends, get yourself acquainted with LoL Esports streams before even thinking of spending a dime. First, head on to LoL Esports and get caught up with the region you want to bet on. Then, you can start learning how betting on League of Legends works with our own dedicated LoL betting guide.


No matter what region you want to bet on, we have a guide for that as well! Coming into the 2021 season, find out who are the top contenders for each region and the ins-and-outs of the region’s teams and players in our in-depth guides.


After that you then have the minor regions: Southeast Asia (PCS), Vietnam (VCS), Russia (LCL), Turkey (TCL), Brazil (CBLOL), Latin America (LLA), Japan (LJL), and until last year, Australia (OPL).

Depending on where you live, you may want to support the regions you live in all the way till League's annual international tournaments in the Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds.  At the end of year, Riot ends the year with the All-Stars as well to celebrate esports at its finest. Read up on our guides to the respective tournaments (All-Stars, Worlds, and MSI) as we inch closer and closer to them later in the year.

But for those who want to support the winners and learn from the best of the best, look no further than the LCK, LPL, LEC, and to an extent, the LCS.

If you missed them playing live, have no fear because there are channels that upload VODs (video-on-demand) of professional games from no matter what region. Whether on Onivia, Kaza, or EpicSkillShot, you can catch up to the highlights and full recordings of your favorite teams anytime you want.

If you want to get to know the scene even better, you can catch up on team content such as TSM’s Legends or Team Liquid’s SQUAD. There are also podcasts such as LoL EsportsThe Dive and Euphoria, Travis Gafford’s Hotline League, and IWDominate’s The Crackdown that provide a deeper insight on what’s happening in the scene.


Betting on LOL Streamers

If you want to try your hand at betting on streamer’s games in Ranked queue, I suggest to turn your investments elsewhere. In the near past, pro players reported that their games were being matchfixed in solo queue so bettors could earn a couple of bucks. Thus, choosing to bet on ranked games can be a shady affair that’s bound to lose you your hard-earned money. Bookmakers such as Rivalry that used to offer betting on streamers have already shut down their services because of  matchfixing.



For the tryhards, there’s the herculean goal of self-improvement. If you’re just starting out, there are resources like Gameleap, ProGuides, SkillCapped and Mobalytics that lay down the basics of the game with intermediate guides lined up when you’re ready to move forward. These channels give you meta tier lists, patch rundowns, champion guides, build guides, and everything you could ever imagine about learning the game.

Once you’ve chosen your role, you might then look towards players that main the role you want such as pro players, high-elo streamers, or even retired pros. Notable pros who focus on educational content would be the former Cloud9’s Sneaky, the just-retired Doublelift, and MVP-caliber support and former World Champion CoreJJ. Here are a few players we’ve considered to help you on your climb per role:


Role Players
Top TFBlade, TheBausffs
Jungle Tarzaned, Pants are Dragon, Virkayu
Mid Faker, MidBeast, Perkz
ADC Doublelift, Sneaky, Phy
Support Aphromoo, Biofrost, CoreJJ

Of these players, you’ll find that a few of them even have a focus on playing one champion to its absolute limit who are known to the community as “one-tricks”. You might already know of players who rose to fame with their respective champions such as xFSN Saber with his Caitlyn, Tarzaned with his Graves, or LLStylish with his Zed. If we’d list them all down, there’d be hundreds of streamers with their own respective mains since there is quite an extensive champion roster in the game. But, we’ll give you a starter of the top one-tricks known by the community in present-day.



If you want to get to Challenger however, you’ll have to go deeper than that. You’ll start looking towards streamers and content creators that make in-depth guides on how to play the micro and macro aspects of the game to a tee. You can go back to the channels we directed you earlier in such as SkillCapped. From here you can learn advanced concepts such as wave management, jungle pathing, decision making, and so on.

For highbrow commentary and analysis of the game, streamers such as IWillDominate, Thorin, and LS can give you a deeper insight into pro play. For example, the notorious LS is known for his critique of players’ build paths in professional play.


For the Lols

Now, for those of you who just want to pass the time or get a few laughs while watching your favorite game, you definitely have your pick of the litter when it comes to entertaining  streamers. The streamers we’ve already mentioned above are as entertaining as they are educational. But, if you just want to have a relaxing time of streaming League, there are streamers that are better suited to your needs.

For starters, you have the montage channels that collate “highlight reels” for those who have limited time to follow all their streamers. Channels like Deonade, Synapse, Protatomonster, iFunzio, and Hi Im Coconut should give you all the content you need if you’re running short on time.

Then you have the dedicated comedy YouTubers such as DongHuaP, Kshaway, SivHD, Darkk Mane, and MagikarpUsedFly. How could we forget about the master of them all, Tyler1 as well.

You’d want to tune in to their streams if you want a good laugh with their wonky builds, comedy skits, and witty sense of humor.

But if you just want to relax and sit back, streamers such as BunnyFuFuu, Kaypea, Yassuo, Anklespankin, and Pokimane are a few go-to choices for a good time. A few more suggestions in our streamer list would have to be the old guard streamers such as Trick2G, Imaqtpie, Boxbox, Voyboy, SirhcEz, and Nightblue3.

Lastly, for those who want to catch up on League’s history and watch documentaries, interviews, and commentaries about the game and its esports scene, you can check out the informative channels of Gbay99, Travis Gafford, and Exil.


For LoL Stream Drops  

Even now, Riot still continues with its giveaways of in-game rewards through Twitch Prime to keep players watching on the streaming platform. You can even earn loot drops such as hextech chests, blue essence, skin shards, summoner icons, and Clash tickets by tuning into the official streams hosted by Twitch League of Legends. All you have to do is to be logged in with your League of Legends account on watch.lolesports.com while tuning into the LCS and the LEC which will make you eligible to earn LoL stream drops. When a team makes a play or takes Baron or Elder Dragon, you’ll get a notification which will allow you to claim a loot drop right then and there.


Esports Streaming Platforms for LoL

Now with everything out of the way, we can finally get into where you can get your go-to dose of quality content on Summoner’s Rift. Ever since Twitch launched in 2011, streaming has grown past expectations to become the industry it is today. Depending on where you live and where you’re from, you’ll prefer a few streaming platforms over another because of locality, loading speed, and availability of content. We’ve taken these into consideration and put together the top streaming platforms used by players all over the world.


Twitch League of Legends

Twitch needs no introduction as they kickstarted the streaming space back when it didn’t even exist yet. League of Legends and Twitch worked hand in hand to give gamers of the past decade the content they had been looking for. League of Legends Twitch streams are widely-known in the West for their integration of interactive emotes and chatting with your favorite streamers real-time. As such, League of Legends Twitch sits at the top when it comes to gaming streams.

Riot Games even collaborated with Twitch to launch the celebrated Twitch Rivals which started in 2019. Since its launch, League has been one of the key events played in the inter-streamer tournament and had over a hundred thousand concurrent viewers at its peak.

However, there seems to be better-suited alternatives for gamers in Asia whether due to problems with connection, local barriers, or just culture.


YouTube League of Legends

YouTube and YouTube Gaming have been on the rise in the past years and are now tailing closely behind Twitch League of Legends when it comes to viewership. YouTube is already known for their vast library of content which has allowed League of Legends youtubers in the past such as Videogamedunkey and Sky Williams to become well-established. But now, due to its accessibility and ease of use, YouTube has become a contender of Twitch in the West and especially in the East. You can now tune into your favorite streamers live on the platform as well as look up their uploaded content on their channels at the same time.

At the end of the day, YouTube is still the place you look up for guides, compilations, skits, and highlights of your chosen streamers. Even if they do LoL streams on Twitch, it’s likely that they reupload their content on YouTube. If you prefer live viewing, Twitch League of Legends would still be the way to go but YouTube now offers an alternative that cannot be overlooked.



While Facebook still has a ways to go with their interface, the social media platform has provided content creators in Southeast Asia an avenue to stream. In countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, the platform has grown extensively with up to millions of viewers tuning into streams. As of now, only a few League of Legends streamers such as Pants are Dragon and variety streamer Disguised Toast have made the jump to Facebook. But in time, the streaming platform could be a contender for views against the likes of Twitch and YouTube.


Huya, DouYu and Afreeca

For those in South Korea, AfreecaTV is a streaming platform that goes way back to when Starcraft was still dominating esports in the country. Afreeca even has their own League of Legends team in the LCK, the Afreeca Freecs. In Afreeca, you can watch the streams of professional players from the LCK. Seeing that Korea’s solo queue has been hailed as one of the best in the world, viewers might want to learn a thing or two from their LoL streams.

On the other hand, Huya and DouYu are the streaming platforms that are prominently in place in China. In the past year, Huya was set to buy out DouYu to create a sole streaming entity in the scene. So, heading into 2021, expect to see changes that will launch Huya and DouYa even further into popularity. If you want to catch up to your favorite players and retired pros from the LPL such as Uzi, TheShy, and Doinb, be on the lookout on these streaming platforms.


SKT T1’s Faker in MSI 2017

SKT T1’s Faker in MSI 2017. (Source: Riot Games)


Notable LoL Streamers

After all’s said and done, you now have the know-how on looking for the right streamer for your tastes on the streaming platform of your choosing. But, now you’re wondering, who are the top streamers within League of Legends right now? Here’s but a few of the iconic names and personalities of one of the most-played games in the world right now.



How can we begin to talk about League of Legends without bringing up the Unkillable Demon King, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok? Faker is arguably the greatest League of Legends player in its decade-long history with not one, but three World championships under his belt. His reputation precedes him and as such, he has hordes of followers across his Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. See God himself as he continues to compete in the LCK.



In the past year, Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg has risen in fame in the League of Legends scene for his one-trick Sion and unmistakable catch phrases. The Swede was known as a sub for the European superteam G2 Esports in 2019 until he started his career in streaming. Don’t mistake his deaths as a sign of him “inting” as he has consistently finished the past competitive seasons as Challenger. His unique playstyle and laid back demeanor never fails to draw his viewers to his stream as they follow his example saying “wp gg joking we shilling solo bolo”.  Follow him on his Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.



Doublelift, along with Bjergsen, once sat atop the LCS and dominated the region split after split. His smug attitude along with his sheer mechanical prowess got him far within North America and brought him respect as a world-class talent. In the past year, he has since retired from competitive play and now pursues streaming full-time. Follow him on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter for his banter and quick-witted commentaries.



SkillCapped is one of the premier resources players can tap into for improving in League of Legends. Despite being a paid service, they offer a ton of guides on their YouTube that can help you improve at your game no matter if you’re Silver or Grandmaster. If you want to take it a step further, of course you can subscribe to their service at skill-capped.com. But, you’ll find that their channel has everything you’ll need from gameplay guides, tier lists, how-tos, and the like.


LoL Esports Channel

For everything there is on esports, you can look towards the game’s official channels on Twitch and YouTube. Aside from the competitive games, you can find segments produced by Riot Games about their leagues worldwide. If you missed their League of Legends streams, you can check their videos-on-demand on their secondary channel. For further updates, head on to Facebook, Twitter, or lolesports.com for all the latest news.



Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has been one of the key personalities in the scene in the past years. Ever since he was a flaming Draven one-trick to his reformation and eventual unbanning, Tyler1 has been in the community spotlight every time he made a move. Now, he’s a celebrated and reformed content creator who made waves after he reached Challenger after roleswapping to Jungle. He was even signed by legacy organization T1 in the past year! Catch him on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter for his deafening screams and swift dabs.



One of the controversial figures of the league, Nick “LS” De Cesare is a caster and streamer who rose to fame with his takes on how players choose their builds in-game. LS is a true Morellonomicon critic who has a deep knowledge of League of Legends and pushes the community to raise their standards of how to play the game. Rumors were even abound in the past year when he was set to coach for T1 but was rather acquired as a content creator. Tune into his stream on Twitch and YouTube and follow on Twitter for all his takes on the optimal build paths and proper macro decision-making.



Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni is known for his journey to reach Rank 1 across all the competitive regions worldwide. With his Irelia and Jax, TF Blade has reached Challenger in North America, Latin America, Europe, Turkey, and Korea. Of those regions, he has reached Rank 1 on NA, Latin America North, EU West, and EU North East. He has consistently reached the upper echelons of high elo no matter what region he plays in. His lane-dominant playstyle and iconic “malding”  has allowed him to reach quite a following on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.



El Truco, D Cane, Godyr, or otherwise known as Timothy “Trick2g ” Foley is a long-time League of Legends personality known for his Udyr and Nasus. Trick2g is well-known for his split-push playstyle or as he calls it “opening the gates” and is recognized for his comedic content. He put the champions Udyr and Nasus on the map despite their archaic kits and have made them work time and time again on his channel. Follow him on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter to see him open the gates.



Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang of FunPlus Phoenix is a former world champion but is just as known for his goofy antics on-camera and in-game. In Worlds 2019, he and his team made their way to the Summoner’s Cup by playing off-meta champions like Nautilus aside from his signature hyper-scaling Ryze. But, take a look at his signature dance moves following champions like Ziggs or Fiddlesticks! Follow Doinb and his fun and informational streams on DouYu and Twitter.


Don't miss out on our article titled “Where to watch LoL” where we suggest more channels to watch if you are a League of Legends fan.


How to Stream LoL: Streaming Your Own Gameplay

So did our feature get you thinking? Now that you’ve seen all there is to streaming, you want to try your hand at it. What exactly do you have to know to get into the industry?


Before Getting into Streaming

Before you start on your journey to a million subs, you have to be able to stream in the first place. First, take a look at your connection speed if it’s enough to stream the settings you want. According to IBM, to stream at 720p (at 30-60 frames per second) you would need an upload speed of 1200-4000 Kbps. For 1080p, you’d need 4000-8000 Kbps. Of course you’d want a bit of leeway and an acceptable download speed to make sure your connection has the space it needs to provide data smoothly.

After that, you need a capable gaming rig that can play League of Legends at a respectable frame rate (60-144 FPS) and still have the resources to stream the game to your audience. So, of course you’d need a good processor, a compatible motherboard, a capable graphics card, at least 8 GB of RAM, and preferably an SSD to help you with your loading times. For CPUs, you’d want at the least an AMD Ryzen 5 processor or a 9th gen. Intel Core i5 processor. Then, for graphics cards you have the GTX 1660 line for Nvidia and the AMD RX 570 and onwards for your streams.

Of course if you want to stream at 1080p with 60 FPS then you’d need a stronger build. But, for those starting out, this could be a good build to begin with!

Part Intel AMD
Processor i5 -10400F Ryzen 5 3600
Graphics Card Nvidia GTX 1650 Super RX 570
RAM 8 GB – 16 GB 8-16 GB
Storage 250 GB – 1 TB SSD 250 GB – 1 TB SSD

Lastly, you pair it up with peripherals which includes a gaming monitor that has at least 60 Hz to 144 Hz and a good response time, and a mouse, keyboard, and headphones of your choosing. It might be good to consider a microphone as well so you can interact better with your stream!


Where Can You Stream

You’ve set-up your gear and now you’re ready to show everyone what you’ve got on the Rift. Depending on where you live, it can be good to consider which streaming platforms will be right for you. Those in the West might find it appealing to stream on Twitch or YouTube. Those in Southeast Asia have Facebook for their streams while those in Korea have AfreecaTV, and the Chinese have Huya and DouYu. For those who just want to stream for their friends, maybe you can look towards streaming among you and your friends in Discord!

Of course, this is just an arbitrary guide of where it would be optimal to stream. So if you find yourself having a better time streaming on another platform or perhaps having better latency, then by all means stream where you want to.


What Programs to Stream With

From connecting your gameplay to the streaming platform of your choice, there is an intermediary streaming program that will help connect  you and your audience. As of right now, the top streaming programs being used by gamers all around are OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. These two programs are widely-used because it is free and has a user interface that is intuitive and easy to pick up. Xsplit, for example, is free-to-use but has a watermark when streaming a resolution higher than 1080p.

There are those who swear by one or the other but since they are practically the same software, it’s up to your preference. Although, it is worth mentioning that Streamlabs OBS has an improved user interface that could make it easier for newbies to pick it up right from the get go. All in all, we recommend sticking to one of the two as you start out on your streaming journey.


How to Setup Your Stream

For the purpose of this entry-level guide, we’ll be teaching you the basics of setting up your stream on Streamlabs OBS. Streamlabs even has a detailed guide of their own to help you get started so you can check that out if you want to!

First, you have to create a page or channel you’re going to stream from. Whether on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube, choose a platform and create your account to get started. To learn more about creating an account, head over to Streamlabs’ guide on how to create your own creator page.

Then, your next job will be to find the right settings for you in Streamlabs OBS. Test out the settings beforehand and see what works for you. In order, you’re going to need to change the following settings:

  1. The quality and resolution of your stream
  2. Choose an appropriate encoder
  3. Change the CPU Usage Preset
  4. Set your bitrate


After getting your settings in order, you can then create a Scene in Streamlabs OBS. A scene is a preset of what you’re going to be showing your viewers. A scene is made up of sources which include the following: a source capturing League of Legends (either through game capture, window capture, or display capture), adding your webcam through Video Capture Device, and your overlays. In a nutshell, overlays are graphics that will outline your stream and make it look pleasing to your viewers.

To take it a step further, you can then customize your stream by adding in widgets such as live stream alerts or even create additional scenes for when you’re waiting for a game in a lobby or in-game. Once you’ve made an account and set your presets, you can finally log in to Streamlabs OBS using the Facbook, Twitch, or YouTube account you just made. Connect your account and voila you can now go live!

Don’t forget to make your streaming area spick and span for your viewers to see before you go live! If you feel like you need further guidance, make sure to check out Streamlabs’ Content Hub which should give you the resources you need to be fully set-up for your first-ever stream.


How to Grow Your Stream

Now, growing your stream is going to be a long grind that will take months, if not years, of constant hard work and dedication.


So first things first, make sure you enjoy your craft.

If you don’t genuinely enjoy streaming, this might not be the profession for you. But, if you find yourself having fun while streaming and interacting with your viewers, then you’re on the right track.


Make sure you have a constant streaming schedule that will let your viewers know exactly when you’re going live.

You don’t have to stream 10 hours a day, 7 days a week when you’re starting out. Just make sure you’re consistent with your streams and are streaming enough to keep your viewers engaged.


Make sure you’re offering a novel perspective for your viewers either through your play or your personality.

In a space with thousands of League streamers, it’s easy to get lost in the jungle. So, you have to stand out and find what viewers would want to make them watch you when there’s already an ocean for them to choose from.


Interact with your viewers.

Next, you have to interact with your viewers and keep them engaged to get them to stay on the stream. Build yourself a community that you can rally behind and make connections with each and every one of your audience.


Never stop the grind.

Since you’re going to be competing with fellow streamers, it’s going to be on you to find content creative enough that will get your viewers to stay. Promote yourself and collaborate, think of ways of putting yourself out there to get closer to your goals.



LoL Streaming FAQ 


Where can I watch LoL streamers?

You can find LoL streamers all across Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. For those in Asia, you can look up AfreecaTV, Huya and DouYu.


Who are the top streamers in League of Legends right now?

For streamers, there’s Tyler1, Yassuo, Gosu, Nightblue3 and Trick2G. For players and retired pros alike, you have players like Faker, Sneaky, Voyboy, Doublelift, and Bjergsen.


How do I stream League of Legends?

To stream League of Legends on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, you need a streaming software such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. Head on to their resources section to help you get started on your streaming journey.


How do I stream using OBS?

We suggest streaming using Streamlabs OBS for their easy-to-use interface. Simply set up your scenes, get your settings in order, and connect your Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook to start streaming.


Can I stream League of Legends on platforms like Twitch and YouTube?

Yes you can! Just set up your scene on a streaming software like OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS to capture League of Legends and you’re good to go.

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