Top 10 Most Popular LoL Champions

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports games out there, on par, if not more popular than Dota 2. While Dota 2 has larger prize pools of the two, its tournaments aren’t quite as present throughout a competitive esports year. And, while Dota 2 is usually slower paced, making it unattractive for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time learning and playing the game, League of Legends numbers millions of players each day. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top 10 most popular LoL champions in 2022!

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League of Legends Betting

The LoL esports scene is filled with regional leagues and global tournaments, featuring numerous esports teams from various esports countries. This makes League of Legends betting an attractive option for punters who are looking to perfect their craft and win some bets.

Looking at the numbers, there are usually two teams that are considered the strongest in their respective regions, so the safest betting route is to bet on them with either match-winner bets or outrights.

If you’re interested in LoL betting, here’s the quick and easy process to get you started:

  1. Choose your ideal bookie – Punters can choose from 30 or more bookies for esports betting so there’s no real bad choice (as long as they’re legit). You can pick from the five we mentioned in this article but make sure to compare their odds, payment methods, and esports betting bonuses before creating an account. Once you’re satisfied with one or two, you can go ahead and create your user account.
  2. Create a user account – Creating a user account is simple and fast. Simply click the Register button (or similar) to begin the account creation process. Enter the required information and activate your account by verifying the email address you used for the account. Make sure to include your real-life information as you won’t be eligible for betting bonuses otherwise.
  3. Prepare and set up your payment method(s) – Most punters use PayPal, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or Skrill to deposit and withdraw their money. These are also the most accepted payment methods on bookie websites. Your chosen bookie should support your preferred payment methods even if you don’t use the ones we mentioned. Also, double-check whether they allow both deposits and withdrawals or just one of the two for your preferred payment method.
  4. Watch some live streams or VODs and research teams and players – Watching live streams or VODs of LoL tournaments will be of massive help to your ability to make accurate predictions and winning bets. You’ll get acquainted with the tournaments, teams, organizations, and players, all of which are useful for learning the game. This will allow you to come up with an efficient and strategic betting plan.
  5. Start betting – After you’ve gathered all the required information, you’ll be ready to start placing some bets. Ideally, you’ll now possess the knowledge of multiple teams and their performances which will allow you to make good bets. Even so, it’s best to take it a step at a time to prevent potential losses from piling up. Slow and steady wins the race!

Can you Bet on LoL Tournament Champion Selection?

Theoretically, it is possible for this to be an available betting market on an esports betting bookmaker’s website. It would definitely fall under the ‘special bets’ category of betting markets, seeing as it’s a unique type of bet.

However, due to the sheer number of League of Legends champions, this rarely occurs if ever. Nonetheless, you should pay attention to which betting markets are offered for each upcoming esports tournament as these bets are most likely to appear only for the World Championship.

On top of that, the odds surrounding these bets would be fantastic considering there are usually around 40 champions that are ‘part of the meta’.

What are League of Legends Champions?

League of Legends champions are in-game characters controlled by the players. There are currently 159 champions in the game, all of which specialize in certain team roles. Each champion has four (in some cases more) main abilities that ‘scale’ with specific metrics (attack damage, attack speed, ability power, health, armor, magic resist, etc.).

Players can also pick two global abilities (unrelated to specific champions meaning players can choose these additional spells on any champion they play) and use unique ‘rune pages’ for enhancing the champions’ abilities.

There are 3 main lanes on the map that the champions use in the initial phases of the match. The traditional strategy is to have one champion in the Top Lane (tanks, bruisers, assassins most commonly), one in the Jungle (can be any type of champion but most commonly tanks, bruisers, assassins, and mages), one in the Mid Lane (most commonly mages, assassins, bruisers, and marksmen), and two in the Bot Lane (one support champion and one AD carry/Marksman champion).

The biggest damage dealers are usually Mid Lane champions and AD Carries while Top Lane champions usually protect their team or harass the enemy. Junglers ‘gank’ each of the lanes at their discretion, providing much-needed firepower and support in weakening the enemy side.

Overall, League of Legends is a fast-paced game that isn’t hard to learn. However, it is hard to master, and it takes a long, long time to unlock all the champions. On top of that, most players ‘main’ (specialize in) 10-15 champions. It’s worth noting that this champion rotation often changes as the meta evolves which makes the players themselves evolve.

How to Unlock Champions?

Champions are unlocked with an in-game ‘currency’ called Blue Essence. Blue Essence is earned by playing the game, completing missions, and smelting loot that the player doesn’t need. Blue Essence can also be purchased with real money, as can champions.

The 10 Most Popular League of Legends Champions

A quick word of note – these 10 champions are the most popular champions in the past month. This doesn’t mean they’re the best champions in the game, just that their playstyle is enjoyable for players. It’s also worth remembering that champion efficiency and strength change with each patch, especially larger updates that change some aspects of gameplay.

1. Ezreal

Champion Type: Marksman/Mage

Champion Role: AD Carry

Usual Lane: Bottom Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Rising Spell Force] Gain attack speed every time you hit an enemy with a spell/ability.
Ability 1 [Mystic Shot] Fire a bolt of energy in the target direction that deals damage and reduces all ability cooldowns if it successfully hits an enemy.
Ability 2 [Essence Flux] Fire an orb that sticks to the first champion hit. If Ezreal hits the same enemy while the orb is active, it explodes dealing extra damage.
Ability 3 [Arcane Shift] Teleport to the target location and release a homing bolt of energy that strikes the closest enemy unit. Prioritizes enemies that have been hit with the orb.
Ultimate [Trueshot Barrage] Fire a powerful energy barrage across the map that deals huge damage to every unit it hits.

2. Lucian

Champion Type: Marksman

Champion Role: AD Carry

Usual Lane: Bottom Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Lightslinger] Whenever you use an ability, your next basic attack is doubled. If Lucian is empowered by an allied champion, his next two basic attacks will deal bonus damage.
Ability 1 [Piercing Light] Fire a piercing bolt of light through an enemy unit or champion (can damage multiple units).
Ability 2 [Ardent Blaze] Fire a missile that explodes in a star pattern, revealing and marking enemies for a few seconds. If Lucian attacks a marked enemy, he gains movement speed.
Ability 3 [Relentless Pursuit] Dash a short distance. Attacks that are empowered by his Passive ability reduce this ability’s cooldown.
Ultimate [The Culling] Fire numerous shots (up to 22) dealing high damage with each shot. The damage is doubled against minions.

3. Lux

Champion Type: Mage

Champion Role: Support/AP Carry

Usual Lane: Bottom Lane/Mid Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Illumination] Every time you damage an enemy with a spell, they are marked for a few seconds. The next attack you make against that target (basic attack or ability) will consume the mark and deal extra damage.
Ability 1 [Light Binding] Shoot a sphere of light in the target direction, binding and dealing damage to two enemy units it hits. The enemy hit after the first one is rooted for half the duration.
Ability 2 [Prismatic Barrier] Fire a ‘boomerang’ sphere that shields any ally it hits.
Ability 3 [Lucent Singularity] Fire an Area of Effect concentration of light that slows affected enemies. The player can detonate the AoE ability prematurely (since it stays on the ground for around 3 seconds and explodes afterward).
Ultimate [Final Spark] Fire a long beam of light that deals immense damage to all targets it hits. This ability detonates the Passive Ability mark from affected enemies, dealing damage and refreshing the mark.

4. Jhin

Champion Type: Marksman/Mage

Champion Role: AD Carry

Usual Lane: Bottom Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Whisper] Jhin’s weapon has only 4 shots in the barrel, meaning the champion will have to ‘reload’ once all 4 shots are fired. The fourth shot deals critical damage and when it does, it gives Jhin extra short-term movement speed.
Ability 1 [Dancing Grenade] Shoot a bouncing cartridge at an enemy; the cartridge can bounce up to 4 times, gaining damage for each enemy it kills.
Ability 2 [Deadly Flourish] Fire a long-range shot that pierces through monsters and minions but stops if it hits an enemy champion. If the target was recently damaged by Jhin or his allies, it is rooted once the shot hits.
Ability 3 [Captive Audience] Place an invisible lotus trap that starts charging (blooming) if an enemy steps on it. Before it explodes, any enemy unit walking over it is slowed. It deals damage after exploding. If Jhin kills an enemy champion with any ability, a lotus trap springs from their corpse.
Ultimate [Curtain Call] Charge up 4 extremely long-range shots that deal massive damage. The fourth and final shot will always critically strike.

5. Kai’Sa

Champion Type: Marksman

Champion Role: AD Carry

Usual Lane: Bottom Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Second Skin] Basic attacks stack Plasma; stacking Plasma will cause each basic attack to deal increased magic damage. If an ally immobilizes an enemy champion, Kai’Sa gains a stack of Plasma. Item purchases also upgrade Kai’Sa’s basic spells with more powerful characteristics.
Ability 1 [Icathian Rain] Shoot a missile swarm that attacks nearby enemies. If the ability is upgraded it will shoot more missiles.
Ability 2 [Void Seeker] Fire a long-range missile that deals large amounts of damage and marks enemies hit with Kai’sa’s Passive Ability. If the ability is upgraded, it will apply more Plasma and reduce its own cooldown after hitting an enemy.
Ability 3 [Supercharge] Increase your movement speed, followed by an increase in attack speed. If the ability is upgraded then it grants short-term invisibility when used.
Ultimate [Killer Instinct] Quickly dash to an enemy champion.

6. Yasuo

Champion Type: Fighter/Assassin

Champion Role: DPS/Assassin

Usual Lane: Mid Lane/Top Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Way of the Wanderer] Increased critical strike chance. Moving builds up a shield that automatically triggers after taking damage from a monster or champion.
Ability 1 [Steel Tempest] Thrust Yasuo’s Katana forward, damaging all enemies hit in the line. Grants a stack of Gathering Storm. If Yasuo has 2 stacks of Gathering Storm, fire a tornado that knocks champions airborne. This ability is treated as a basic attack.
Ability 2 [Wind Wall] Place a wind wall that blocks all enemy projectiles and spells for a short duration.
Ability 3 [Sweeping Blade] Dash through the target enemy and deal magic damage. This ability can be recast on a different enemy immediately, and the same enemy after a few seconds. Each subsequent dash deals increased damage. If Ability 1 is cast at the same time as this ability, Ability 1 will deal damage in a circle.
Ultimate [Last Breath] Blink to enemy champions that are airborne, hold them in the air for a few seconds, and deal large amounts of damage. Gain increased armor penetration on critical strikes for a moderate amount of time afterward.

7. Miss Fortune

Champion Type: Marksman

Champion Role: AD Carry

Usual Lane: Bottom Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Love Tap] Deal bonus damage to each new enemy attacked with basic attacks.
Ability 1 [Double Up] Fire a bullet at an enemy unit that deals damage to them and the unit behind it. Can critically strike and applies the bonus damage from the Passive Ability.
Ability 2 [Strut] Gain movement speed passively. If activated, the ability grants extra attack speed for a few seconds.
Ability 3 [Make it Rain] Reveal an area in a circle and hail bullets from the sky in that area. These bullets damage and slow enemies.
Ultimate [Bullet Time] Fire a barrage of bullets in a cone, dealing consistently high damage for a few seconds. Every wave of bullets can critically strike enemies.

8. Graves

Champion Type: Marksman/Bruiser

Champion Role: Jungler

Usual Lane: Jungle

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [New Destiny] Has only two shots before reloading but each shot fires 4 bullets. Enemy units (non-champions) that are hit with multiple bullets are knocked back.
Ability 1 [End of the Line] Fire an explosive grenade that explodes after 2 seconds or 0.2 seconds if it hits terrain.
Ability 2 [Smoke Screen] Fire a smoke bomb at a target area that reduces enemy champions’ sight range. Enemies hit by the initial impact are damaged and slowed.
Ability 3 [Quickdraw] Dash forward (relevant to the champion’s movement on the map) and gain extra armor. Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability.
Ultimate [Collateral Damage] Fire an explosive shell that deals massive damage to the first enemy hit and moderate damage to the champions behind it.

9. Senna

Champion Type: Marksman/Support

Champion Role: AD Carry/Support

Usual Lane: Bottom Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Absolution] Enemy units that die near Senna periodically release Souls that she can attack and kill (the souls do not fight back and are killed with one basic attack). Each subsequent Soul kill grants Senna additional attack damage, critical strike chance, and attack range. Basic attacks take half a second to fire but deal extra damage and grant Senna a part of her enemy’s movement speed.
Ability 1 [Piercing Darkness] Fire a beam of shadow and light in a line, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies.
Ability 2 [Last Embrace] Release a wave of Black Mist that roots the first enemy it hits and those around it.
Ability 3 [Curse of the Black Mist] Create a ‘zone’ around Senna that camouflages allies to appear as Wraiths to enemies. Wraiths in the zone get extra movement speed, hidden identities, and become unselectable.
Ultimate [Dawning Shadow] Fire a global beam of energy that damages enemies and shields allies.

10. Yone

Champion Type: Assassin/Fighter

Champion Role: Nuker/DPS

Usual Lane: Mid Lane/Top Lane

Unique Abilities

Ability Description
Passive [Way of the Hunter] Deal additional magic damage every second attack. Yone also gains increased critical strike chance.
Ability 1 [Mortal Steel] Thrust Yone’s sword forward, damaging every enemy hit in a line. Gain a stack of Gathering Storm for each enemy hit. At 2 stacks of Gathering Storm, Yone’s thrust also knocks enemies airborne. This ability is treated as a basic attack.
Ability 2 [Spirit Cleave] Damages enemies in a cone and grants a shield. The shield’s shielding amount is increased for each enemy hit by this ability.
Ability 3 [Soul Unbound] Release Yone’s spirit in a targeted direction and continue controlling him, gaining extra movement speed and damage. After a few seconds, the spirit returns to the body and deals a portion of the damage dealt as the spirit. The player can prematurely ‘pull back’ his soul.
Ultimate [Fate Sealed] Blink behind and slash the last champion in a line, pulling all hit enemies towards Yone.

League of Legends Champions FAQs

How many League of Legends champions are there?

There are currently 159 champions in League of Legends with 2 or more set to release in 2022. The most recently released champion is Renata Glasc, a support-role champion.

Is betting on LoL good?

Betting on League of Legends can be profitable as well as fun. The LoL regional leagues (LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL, etc.) are active throughout the year with one pause in May/June (for MSI) and in the third quarter of the year for the World Championship (or Worlds).

This sort of schedule provides plenty of betting opportunities with the World Championship being the pinnacle of said opportunities.

What are the most popular League of Legends champions?

The most popular champions in League of Legends in the last month have been Ezreal, Lucian, and Lux. Ezreal and Lucian are Marksmen (or ADC; AD Carry) while Lux can be played in the roles of Support and Mid (AP Carry).

Ezreal has been picked 3,800,000+ times, Lucian 2,990,000+ times, and Lux 2,875,000+ times (information provided by OP.GG; keep in mind that champion popularity may change, even every day due to meta changes, game updates, buffs/nerfs, etc.).

What are the biggest LoL tournaments?

The largest and most prestigious League of Legends esports tournament is the World Championship, featuring the best of the best in their respective regions which makes the competition fierce.

MSI is a mid-seasonal tournament that may not be the largest of the bunch but it is a pretty popular tournament that gathers teams from numerous esports regions.

What is the best LoL betting market?

If you’re just starting out with LoL betting, you’ll have the most luck with match-winner and over/under bets.

However, take some care when placing over/under bets as their outcome is somewhat connected to the current meta. As an example, nowadays there’s plenty of damage and the gameplay is fast paced, meaning games will likely last shorter and feature more kills than usual. Keep an eye on the trends so you’re always on top of the game.

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