On-Air Team of the 2015 MSI | Shoutcasters Overview

League of Legends: Mid Season Invitational (MSI)Fight for the regional pride at the MSI 2015 in Florida will start soon, and we can observe the enthusiasm of the great League of Legends talents from around the world. Of course, the matches are going to be jaw dropping still, what is a match or a live stream without the shout casters. So, let us reveal the name of the shoutcasters, analysts, and hosts of the LoL 2015 Mid-season Invitational. This time you will listen to a blend of on-air talents from all leagues across the world. In simple words, there will be analysis, commentary, interviews, and predictions from different talents from around the world. Make sure to tune into the MSI Live Stream!

So, get ready to set your tune with the shout casters who are going to narrate the exciting journey of MSI. Below is an overview of the people, whose voice will encourage the players and spectators throughout live stream of the MSI 2015:

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Crew at MSI analyst desk

  • MSI 2015 Logo small“Dash” – James Patterson
  •  “Zirene”  – Adian Moon
  • “Spawn” – Jake Tiberi

MSI Casters Analyst Desk

 Casters from LCK, LPL and IWC

  • MSI Region - LCK MSI Region - LPL MSI Region - IWCI“DoA” – Erik Lonnquist
  • “MonteCristo” – Christopher Mykles
  • “Altus” – Max Anderson

MSI Casters from LPL LCK and IWCI

Casters from EU LCS

  • MSI Region - LCS EU“Sjokz” – Eefje Depoortere
  • “Quickshot” – Trevor Henry
  • “Deficio” Martin Lynge

MSI Casters from EU LCS

Casters from NA LCS

  • MSI Region - LCS NA“Phreak” – David Turley
  • “Kobe” – Sam Hartman-Kenzler
  • Rivington Bisland the 3rd
  • “Jatt” – Joshua Leesman

MSI Casters from NA LCS

Listen to the interesting debates of the panel of analysts over predictions. In case, you missed something recaps of the MSI matches will also be available too. There will be some guest spots also at the analyst desk. The complete information about the guest spots will be updated once Riot Games has confirmed all the guests joining the event.

It is unlikely to miss even a single moment of the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. Catch the beginning of the group stages on May 7th 2015 or check out the full schedule here.

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