Player Voting – LoL All-Star 2016

As in previous years the 2016 League of Legends All-Star tournament offers the possibility for all the fans around the globe to decide those five players who represent their region – their personal dream team – in an online voting. This unique occasion runs until November, 7th and decides the five participants of the major League of Legends regions EU and NA LCS, LCK, LPL and LMS. This circle of challengers will be completed by the winners of the International Wildcard All-Stars tournament where all the small LoL regions will send their star squads to battle for the last spot of the major tournament. As usual you are able to vote for the star selections of other regions, however these votes only count for a maximum of 20 percent. The online player voting enables crazy teams with many luminous player personalities, even the 2014 World Championship winner team Samsung White is a possible option for the Chinese LPL. The only restriction is that each professional League of Legends team can send a maximum of two players to the regional dream team squad. The 2016 League of Legends All-Stars will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from December 8th – 11th and spoil all the European fans not only with pleasant streaming times but also with exciting game modes like the 1-vs-1 tournament and regional clashes. You can vote for your dream team selection right here at the official eSports site of Riot Games. We will keep you updated with news about the player voting!

Here you can see the official player voting on the website of Riot Games, an active League of Legends account is necessary.

LoL All Stars 2016 Barcelona Online Player Voting

The actual standings of the voting are updated at all times for each region.

LoL All Stars 2016 Barcelona Online Player Voting Standings

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