NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2018 Ticket Info

League of Legends tournaments are, by far, the most popular esports events in the world. Fans and players love to watch all the action, see how teams battle one another and witness new talented players emerging before their own eyes. The League of Legends NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2018 are

Week 7 – EU LCS Spring Split 2018

As we hit the 7th week, the LCS Season 8 Spring Split is only getting more tense from now on. Only six matchdays are left for the European teams in the regular split, while the Spring Playoffs 2018 are just around the corner. We are more than excited to see who

Week 7 – NA LCS Spring Split 2018

Since last week, exactly one third of the LCS Season 8 regular Spring Split is left for us to watch, so it is time to get excited for Spring Playoffs 2018. We have already got an impression about the strengths and weaknesses of each team and the hardest question is: Will

Week 6 – NA LCS Spring Split 2018

We have waited endless weeks for the start of the LCS Season 8 but with Week 6 of the LCS Spring Split the regular season is already more than halfway through. Only one single month of regular league matches lies ahead of the playoff stage of the Spring Season and

Week 6 – EU LCS Spring Split 2018

Nine weeks of nerve-wrecking action on Summoner’s Rift is offered by the LCS Season 8 Spring Split 2018 and starting with Week 6 of the LCS Spring Season the era of return matches is now well underway. Time is racing in the League of Legends e-Sports scene – only one

Twitch Reveals Streaming Stats from 2017

If you’re passionate about esports and all kinds of streams, your go-to destination is Twitch. Regardless of the esports, you like and tournament you follow, the action is always streamed on this platform. The ever-growing network allows people to connect with others based on their interests and get a closer

Week 5 – EU LCS Spring Split 2018

Four weeks are over and five are still to come, which means that the fight for the EU LCS 2018 Spring Playoffs is getting really intense from now on. Team Vitality has proved themselves as the great surprised of this split, while Schalke 04 and Misfits are still underperforming. G2

Week 5 – NA LCS Spring Split 2018

After the first day of this week, the regular split of the NA LCS 2018 is already halfway over. The last weeks showed us that Cloud9 and Echo Fox are still the great favorites for the title, as they both head the tables with 7 wins out of 8 games.

Week 4 – NA LCS Spring Split 2018

We witnessed some big surprises in the first weeks of the NA LCS Season 8 and Week 4 of the Spring Split 2018 will surely keep us occupied with a lot of action on Summoner’s Rift. The favourites of the last few years started very badly into the new season but

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