Week 7 – LCS EU Spring Split 2016

For week 7 we’ll be focusing on improving our prediction rate from week 6, which stands at 50% and is significantly lower than our recent average. We’ll be focusing on 2 games as per usual with the remaining games to be concluded in smaller paragraphs. The 2 chosen games for

Week 6 – LCS NA Spring Split 2016

9/10 predictions correct for week 5 but not quite the perfect week we’re looking for. During week 6 we’ll be focusing on 2 games per day with in depth analysis with composition discussions and the remaining 3 games on each day will be quickly concluded with a prediction. The chosen

Week 6 – LCS EU Spring Split 2016

With only 6 predictions correct out of 10 for week 5 we’ll be looking to make massive improvements for week 6, still aiming for that perfect week of predictions. For week 6 we’ll be focusing on 2 games per day with the remaining 3 concluded and those games will be

Week 4 – LCS EU Spring Split 2016

We’re taking a step into Week 4 where we will be aiming to beat our 60% prediction rate from week 3! With more information about the teams we’ll hopefully reach our goal of a perfect prediction day, eventually. There are many exciting games happening in Europe this week and for

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