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OGN The Champions - LogoThe Gauntlet (The OGN Regional Qualifiers) it's he last chance for Korean OGN teams to qualify for the LoL World Championship Season 4. 2 Teams (Samsung Blue and Samsung White) already have their ticket to the World Championship, and it’s up to the 4 remaining OGN teams, KT Rolster Bullets, Najin White Shield, SK Telecom T1 K and KT Rolster Arrows to prove who is worth to join the best League of Legends teams in the world in the fight for the summoner cup and the million dollar prize money.

The next World Championship is coming
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OGN Regionals | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

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  • 08/28/2014 – 08/30/2014
  • Mode: Best of 5
  • If a 5th match is needed it is played “Blind pick”
  • Live stream for all matches available
  • Winner gets last OGN slot at LoL Worlds 2014
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OGN Regional Qualifiers | The Gauntlet | Schedule and Betting Odds Comparison

The OGN Regionals are called the Gauntlet because the teams have to move up step in the bracket always facing a higher seeded team form the OGN Summer Split. Another thing that is noteable: If it comes to a fifth match blind picked will be used instead of the normal draft pick.

Gauntlet Round 1:

  • KT Rolster Bullets vs. Najin White Shield  (0 : 3)
  • Aug 28th,  2:30 PDT/ 5:30 EDT/ 11:30 CEST

Gauntlet Round 2:

  • KT Rolster Arrows vs. Najin White Shield (0 : 3)
  • Aug 29th,  2:30 PDT/ 5:30 EDT/ 11:30 CEST

Recap Round 2:

After defeating KT Rolster Bullets in the first round, Najin White Shield now has to run over KT Rolster Arrows in order to get to the finals against SKT T1 K. With that, Shield was able to defeat Arrows in a very stylish fashion. Shield broke down Arrows in a 3-0 series. The series had some very quirky picks with Janna being banned on the first game and then played on the second. And while the first game lasted about an hour, the second was quick as Shield was swift in their actions to end Arrows' misery. During the third match, Ssumday from Arrows brought out Jayce at the top lane while Watch grabbed Lee Sin away from Kakao. Unfortunately, Ssumday's Jayce was not able to make an impact on the game while Save's Kayle was very significant coming out with a 7-0-11 stat. Shield just showed the region that the team is not yet down and out and they have fought their way from the bottom of the pack towards their way to get to the final match against SKT T1 K.

Gauntlet Round 3 | Finals

  • SK Telecom T1 K - OGN Team SK Telecom T1 K vs. Najin White Shield - OGN Team Najin White Shield (1 : 3)
  • Aug 30th,  2:30 PDT/ 5:30 EDT/ 11:30 CEST

Betting Odds Comparison

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Final Round [coming up]

OGN Regionals - The gauntlet Final Round - schedule and betting odds - egamingbets

Round 2 [already played]

OGN Regionals - The gauntlet Round 2 - schedule and betting odds - egamingbets

Round 1 [already played]

OGN Regionals - The gauntlet Round 1 - schedule and betting odds - egamingbets

Betting Tip | Prediction

Najin White Shield vs SKT T1 K (Aug 30 2:30 PDT/ 5:30 EDT/ 11:30 CEST)

SK Telecom T1 K - OGN TeamSNajin White Shield - OGN Teamhield have been entire dominant the entire tournament by winning all of their matches against the KT organization. But, how will they perform when they are matched against Season 3 World Champions SKT T1 K? Since Watch left Najin Black Sword, Shield has performed better and has been one of the most significant member of the team. Throughout the entire season, Shield continued to show promise that they can make it to Worlds and even got ahead of sister team Sword. Now, their hopes and dreams are finally within their reach as they will be battling T1 K in the Finals. However, it will not be an easy task for them as T1 K looks to get back to the Worlds Stage in their last ditch effort. This is the final option for T1 K to get back to Worlds and it will be a total shock if one of the best Korean teams won't be able to get to Worlds. T1 K has had a few problems here and there and during their match against Samsung White, they revealed their weaknesses and White was able to take advantage of it. Shield needs to perform better as they take on the juggernauts. Even if they are generally weaker than they were last season, T1 K is still top caliber hence they won't go down easily against Shield.

Prediction: However, it is time for a T1 K to call it and try again next season. Shield bests T1 K in a do or die fashion 3-2.

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