Teemo first time in an LCS Match

Teemo made it to the LCSFinally it happened. Teemo made his grand entrance in the North American (NA) LCS on the first day of the Season’s 4 Super Week .

We have seen this quit often: During the Pick and Ban phase a team hovers over Teemo and everyone just thinks WTF. Usuall that’s the end of the appearance of Teemo in professional League of Legends matches, but this year Cloud 9 went a step further and Midlainer Hai actually picked Teemo in their match against TSM during Super Week 1 of the Spring Split. As far as we know, this was the first time Teemo actually was picked in an LCS NA match. Since TSM already picked Gragas for Midlane, this was certainly not a pick someone had xpeked – sry expected.

We don’t want to spoil how this game turned out, in case you haven’t seen the match yet. Just one thing; after this match Teemo has been banned in one of the following matches of the LCS.

Have fun with the VOD!

Teemo in the LCS NA: Cloud 9 vs. TSM

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