Week 9 – Jordan’s LCS Betting Strategy

North America has been regarded this Split as the region with “No free wins”, as has been unfortunately reflected in the success of our betting strategy for the 2017 LCS Spring Split… Week 8, however, challenged that saying with a 90% win rate for favourites in the NA LCS; the highest match win percentage for NA this Split. Favourites won 81.25% of matches overall for the week although markets for Fanatic v Roccat went down and were not available on William Hill and other bookmakers before the weekend, which saved us from incurring a much unexpected loss in that match.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Favourites Performance last LCS week

Favourite according to betting odds won
Favourite according to betting odds lost
No favourite according to betting odds / odds too low / market not available = no bet placed

Week 8 EU LCS Spring Split 2017 – Results and Betting Odds
Team 1 Odds Team 2 Odds Result Bookie
Betting Group 1 VIT 1.40 OG 2.75 2 : 0 WH
FNC 1.29 ROC 3.50 1 : 2 WH
H2k 1.67 UoL 2.10 0 : 2 WH
G2 1.29 MIS 3.50 2 : 1 WH
DIG 1.57 TL 2.25 2 : 0 WH
CLG 1.40 FOX 2.75 2 : 0 WH
Betting Group 2
ROC 1.73 GIA 2.00 2 : 0 WH
SPY 1.17 OG 4.50 2 : 0 WH
C9 1.36 IMT 3.00 1 : 2 WH
DIG 1.40 NV 2.75 2 : 1 WH
P1 1.30 TL 3.40 2 : 0 WH
TSM 1.25 FLY 3.75 2 : 1 WH
Betting Group 3
P1 1.44 IMT 2.62 2 : 0 WH
TSM 1.20 FOX 4.33 2 : 0 WH
CLG 1.67 FLY 2.10 2 : 0 WH
C9 1.13 NV 5.50 2 : 1 WH

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What did we make last week?

Results of last LCS week
Starting Investment previous Balance Performance last week Perfomance % New Balance
$200 $175.61 + $129.09 + 73,50% $304.68

No Free Wins in NA, except in Week 8

North American teams this Spring Split have had distinctly unpredictable performance; arguably due to the spread high quality of players and imports in the region. Unlike Europe’s G2 Esports, Korea’s SK Telecom T1 or the LMS Flash Wolves, the North American ladder has a much broader number of middle table teams with no win being a free win and close games from to bottom of the ladder. For example, Team Solo Mid have lost 2 matches this split; once against C9 in Week 1 and once against Echo Fox, currently placed 8th on the NA LCS Ladder.

This fact has been the greatest boon for betting on favourites in North American LCS this Split. By comparison, from the start of the 2017 LCS Spring Split season to date, European favourites have won roughly 86% of matches and North American teams have only won 61%. The last three weeks have been positive for LCS favourites in both regions and for those who persisted with betting to the same guide from the beginning, the fruits are beginning to show once more.

The weekend past took our LCS betting balance from $175.61 to $304.68 which is a growth of 73.5% for the week. Not that the numbers have become swollen, we can hope that the same consistency amongst favourites continues to close out the season and we’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of compounded numbers to hit up to and above that $500 mark. Time will tell.

Bets for Week 9

The first betting group of next week’s odds are below. Not all League of Legends betting markets for Week 9 of the 2017 LCS Spring Split are live at this time but from what we do have, Week 9 is starting from a balance of $304.68 with a maximum potential of around $750.00 if all favourites’ matches win. I’ve chosen not to bet on Unicorns of Love in Betting Group 1 as their low odds actually reduces our potential winnings overall. (Odds below are taken from bet365)

Betting Group 1 SPY 1.12 VIT 5.50
G2 1.083 GIA 8.00
MIS 1.22 ROC 4.00
C9 1.40 DIG 2.75
FLY 1.61 FOX 2.20

Betting Group 1

EU Day 1 and 2 + NA Day 1

  • Splyce paying 1.12
  • G2 Esports paying 1.083
  • Misfits paying 1.22
  • Cloud 9 paying 1.40
  • FlyQuest paying 1.61

Winning Value per Bet = 304.68 / ((1/1.12) + (1/1.083) + (1/1.22) + (1/1.40) + (1/1.61))

Winning Value per Bet = $76.72

Stakes Group 1

  • Splyce’s stake is $68.5
  • G2 Esports’ stake is $70.84
  • Misfits’ stake is $62.88
  • Cloud 9’s stake is $54.80
  • FlyQuest’s stake is $47.65

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