League of Legends Movie?

league-of-legends-cinematic-trailerWith the release of the new League of Legends cinematic trailer Riot Games unleashed an amazing clip on its esport community. Its fun to finaly see the League of Legends charackters in movie quality.

The trailer, that is 4 minutes and 35 seconds long has been released on youtube on May 25, 2013 during the All-Stars tournament in Shanghai and had more than two million views in the first 24 hours. This is no big surprise since League of Legends still has the biggest community in the moba sector. Because of the new trailer, which can be viewed in cinematic dimensions, alot of people in the LoL forum already ask for a LoL cinema. Although not many film adaptions of computer games are very successful, there are a few like Resident Evil for instance, that proved that computer games can also be attractive in cinemas.

At the moment there is no official statement by Riot Games in this matter. But we an surely alot of esport fans hope that there will soon be a LoL movie.

LoL Cinematic Trailer