Eyes on MSI 2017 – LoL Documentary

MSI 2017 BrazilThere's a brand new eSports documentary series available on the world's most popular video website – YouTube. The series is called Eyes on MSI and is based on the popular LoL tournament called Mid-Season Invitational. As its name suggests, it is being held between LCS Spring and Summer Splits (read more about LCS 2017 Summer Split). This year, the stage was set in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brasil inside of 2 beautiful venues that were able to accommodate more than a fair amount of eSport fans.

Eyes on MSI 2017 includes interviews and interesting insights on the most popular teams and players in the professional League of Legends screen. With a lot of money on the line as well as LoL Worlds 2017 seeds, and the importance of an international tournament experience-wise, it's safe to say that the MSI has a certain charm to it. In terms of length, Eyes on MSI 2017 has 4 parts which last for roughly 50 minutes which can be seen in one sitting without a problem.

About the Author: Hipster JesusArticle written by Hipster Jesus, eSports enthusiast and an active member of the CS: GO community. In his free time, he likes to rush B on competitive servers and scream “CYKA BLYAT”.

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