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It’s amazing how time flies! Exactly two years ago Riot Games released a music video that tells the story of Amumu. We all sure know this weird little buddy, don’t we? We know the tales and stories that surround this character. And that’s what Riot has brought to us in this video, together with a really heartwarming musical composition.

“The Curse of the Sad Mummy” it has by name this audiovisual masterpiece. As soon as you play the video you’ll get hooked by the characteristic animation of Riot videos; vivid and smooth.  Together with a really sensible piano in the background, you’ll take a melancholic walk through the woods with Amumu, wrapped under a D minor atmosphere. The singer for this song is nobody else but the lead music composer of Riot Games himself: Christian Linke. As soon as his soothing vocals join in the song I assure you that you WILL get goosebumps.

Amumu Splash Art - League of Legends

Both lyrics and video drive you through the sorrowful quest of Amumu, unsuccessfully trying to find a friend. While this happens, we can listen how the instrumentation starts to flourish. A violin, a flute, a cello; all of them properly (and darkly) build up the song. Amumu, tired of the curse that lies with him, bursts into a huge explosion of rage that destroys everything around him, showing his asleep strength , which we have seen in the actual game. This is the musical climax of the song. You can feel the despair within the instruments; the singer screaming, the violin playing chaotic arpeggios, the heavy and fast paced war-like drums. It all culminates with the same delicate melancholy of the beginning, but with some irritating overtones, that you could relate with Amumu’s personality: he may seem calm, but his reality is actually disturbing.

If you are new in the LoL community, or you just haven’t seen it, I totally encourage you to jump right ahead and watch this absolutely touching and amazing video.

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