Best Of Players – Return of the Legends (RotL) 2017 – LoL tournament

A very special tournament in League of Legends is coming up and it is called the Return of the Legend 2017s tournament. This time we will not be seeing all the current top players and top teams in action. Instead the spotlight goes to the stars of the first three professional saisons in LoL eSports history. 4 teams, formed by the heroes of the past, will be playing in Return of the Legends. All the big geographical areas field a representative team, namely Euorpe, North America, China and Taiwan/Hong Kong and Macao. Players like HotShotGG, xPeke and Misaya will be playing, names you might not have heard in a long time but every veteran fan should be familiar with. Since then a lot has happened in the LoL eSports scene. The tournaments grew bigger, the teams more professional and the viewer count rose dramatically. This is why this tournament will be so fun to watch. To see those players once more in a tournament setting is a treat to all fans. The legends have played on different teams and might were opponents in the past. But for this tournament they put that all aside as they join forces to represent their home area. Return of the Legends will be held from the 4th of August to the 6th of August.

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League of Legends Icon Players of Return of the Legends

Team-Europe-RotL-2017-Logo Legends from EU LCS Team-Europe-RotL-2017-Logo


    • Toplane: Kevin “kev1n” Rubiszewski (SK Gaming / NIP)

    • Jungle: Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen (Fnatic / Origen)

    • Midlane: Enrique “xPeke” Cedeno Martinez (Fnatic / Origen)

    • AD-Carry: Peter “yellowpete” Wüppen (Evil Geniuses/ CLG Europa)

    • Support: Manuel “Lamia” Mildenberger (Fnatic)


Team-NA-RotL-2017-Logo Legends from NA LCS Team-NA-RotL-2017-Logo


    • Toplane: George “HotShotGG” Georgallidis (CLG)

    • Jungle: Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie (Team SoloMid)

    • Midlane: Austin “Link” Shin (CLG / Team Liquid)

    • AD-Carry: Shan “Chaox” Huang (Team SoloMid / Newbee)

    • Support: Steve “Chauster” Chau (CLG)


Team-Taiwan-RotL-2017-Logo Legends from GPL Team-Taiwan-RotL-2017-Logo


    • Toplane: Wang “Stanley” June Tsan (Taipei Assassins / Hong Kong Esports)

    • Jungle: Alex “Lilballz” Sung (Taipei Assassin s/ Garena Team)

    • Midlane: Wai “Toyz” Kin Lau (Taipei Assassins / Hong Kong Esports)

    • AD-Carry: Wang “GodJJ” Yong Jie (Taipei Assassins / Hong Kong Esports)

    • Support: Chen “MiSTakE” Hui Chong (Taipei Assassins)

Team-China-RotL-2017-Logo Legends from LPL Team-China-RotL-2017-Logo


    • Toplane: Wei “CaoMei” Handong (Team WE)

    • Jungle: Teng-Yang “Ruo” Tian-Xia (Vici Gaming / Team WE)

    • Midlane: Yu “Misaya” Jingxi (Team WE)

    • AD-Carry: Gao “WeiXiao” Xuecheng (Team WE)

    • Support: Feng “Fzzf” Zhou-Jun (Team WE / EDward Gaming)

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