LMS Teams (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao) at LoL Worlds 2016

The LMS has been granted 2 seeding opportunities for the World Championship which means, unlike many of the other regions, their best performing teams are decided through tournament performances only. There isn’t a championship point qualifier from the region and the team’s performances during the regular split only hold importance to get them into the playoffs and Regional Qualifier; both of which are obviously still extremely important. During the 2016 LMS Summer Playoffs Flash Wolves, who were placed 2nd on the ladder, managed to fight their way through multiple series’ and come out on top to earn their place on the World Championship stage, this was then quickly followed by Ahq Esports Club who worked their way through the 2016 LMS Regional Qualifiers against teams from all over the LMS ladder. These are the 2 seeds from the LMS covered; the LMS has often had strong performances during the World Championship but have also always been challenged by the top performing teams from other regions. They’re going to be tested right from the start, after their groups have been drawn they’ve got to work through the Group Stage where they’ve got to take down each team that’s been placed in a group with them during the double round robin. If they managed to take 1st or 2nd in the group then they’ll make it to the knockout stage where the challenging opponents will push them to their limits. It’ll be make or break moments for these teams but with experience and skill they could very well make it through the knockout stages in a similar way to the Flash Wolves during the 2015 World Championship. Things are going to get exciting for them; can they persevere in a similar way to their regions past?

League of Legends Icon Flash Wolves (FW) – (LMS no.1 Seed)

Qualified by: Winning the 2016 LMS Summer Playoffs.
Groupstage: LoL Worlds 2016 Group B.
Achievements: 1st place 2016 LML Summer Playoffs, 1st Place LMS Spring Playoffs.

Flash Wolves LMS Team Logo LoLFlash Wolves have had a pretty good time since they made it to the quarterfinals during the 2015 World Championship. They put on fantastic performances during last year’s group stage and although they hit a few speed bumps they had phenomenal impact. Heading into 2016 they were more focused and held more drive, they’ve still got their roster together and they’ve been improving together. Flash Wolves managed to overcome bad odds and take away the Spring Playoffs, this was just the beginning for them as they proceeded to take away the Summer Playoffs which earned them their place at the 2016 LoL World Championship. When listed it doesn’t seem like much of an achievement, at least not in comparison to some of the other performing teams, but FW had to overcome opponents that were considered better than them at every turn and they often did so in a domination way. Because of this the unpredictability of FW can catch their opponents off guard, seeing as the Flash Wolves are also able to adapt fairly well during a series I’m sure they’re going to bring a lot more trouble for their competition this year. That’s not to say they’re going to just dominate it. Unlike the LCK, the LMS doesn’t have a great track record against western teams. They don’t even have a great track record against a lot of the eastern teams, because of this they’re going to regularly run into challenges in both the group stage and knockout stage. This will be a true test of their skill, team work and their improvements. Flash Wolves are going to need to show up in a bigger way than they ever have before if they want to walk away with a phenomenal placement this year.

League of Legends Icon Flash Wolves – World Championship Roster

  • Top: Lihong “MMD” Yu
  • Jungle: Hung “Karsa” Hau-Hsuan
  • Mid: Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang
  • ADC: Hsiung “NL” Wen-An
  • Support: Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Jie

Flash Wolves LMS Team and Players LoL

League of Legends Icon AHQ E-Sports Club (AHQ) – (LMS No.2 Seed)

Qualified by: Winning the 2016 LMS Regional Qualifiers.
Groupstage: LoL Worlds 2016 Group C.
Achievements: 2nd Place 2016 LMS Spring Playoffs, 3rd Place 2016 LMS Summer Playoffs, 1st Place 2016 LMS Regional Qualifiers.

ahq e-Sports Club LMS Team Logo LoLAHQ are a well-known and long standing LMS team that have performed at previous World Championship. In a similar way to the Flash Wolves they’ve got a lot to be worried about. AHQ have had a fairly hard time this past year, they were unable to take 1st a single time when it really mattered. They were able to come out in a top 3 position and they’re able to do this fairly consistently but they’re going to need more. Oddly enough they took the 2nd seed position away from the 2016 LMS Summer Split top team, they did this by working their way through the regional qualifiers without losing a single game. They put on dominating performances and had proven that when the pressure is on they’re up to the challenge. Things are going to get a bit shaken up during the World Championship though, with all of the talented teams from all around the world trying to make their stand. In 2015 when AHQ qualified for the World Championship a lot of teams were worried, AHQ looked like a truly dominating team and were considered a top contender for a short period of time. This all came to a close when AHQ were unable to perform during the group stage and they never got to progress further. The 2016 World Championship is their chance to prove that not only are they a top team in their region but they can be considered a top team in the entire world. AHQ are going to need to use their fantastic consistency, map control and eruptive team fighting to work through the group stages and if they’re a bit lucky with their group they might not run into much trouble. We’re going to have to wait and see what they’ve got in store but I think AHQ will give us some exciting games when playing international teams.

League of Legends Icon Ahq E-Sports–  Club World Championship Roster

  • Top: Chen “Ziv” Yi
  • Jungle: Hsue “Mountain” Chao-Hong
  • Mid: Liu “Westdoor” Shu-Wei
  • ADC: Chou “An” Chun-An
  • Support: Kang “Albis” Chia-Wei

ahq e-Sports Cluba LMS Team and Players LoL

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