Vietnam Becomes an Independent Region in League of Legends

Vietnam Championship Series League of Legends LogoWith the ever-growing popularity of esports, particularly League of Legends, there is a growing need to make some changes in regional tournaments. As you’re already aware, all leagues and other events are based on regions such as North America, Europe, and others. The latest and probably one of the biggest changes in LoL events in Asia is that Vietnam is set to become an independent region. Scroll down to find out more.

Vietnam as independent region

If you follow developments in the esports, you are probably used to the frequent announcements and changes made by Riot Games. While some people may dislike constant changes, they are understandable. Esports are growing rapidly, particularly LoL, so it’s necessary to constantly work and improve the experience of both players and fans. The latest announcement released by Riot Games on their official website is that Vietnam has been promoted to its own independent competitive region. The region will have a guaranteed play-in slot at international events such as the LoL Worlds 2018 and MSI 2018.

Why did Vietnam become an independent region? It wasn’t some rash decision and although it may seem sudden to some, the promotion of Vietnam to an independent region is a result of great achievements accomplished by teams from that area. Vietnam has been dominant in the qualifying regional league. In addition, they won each of the last 4 splits in Southeast Asia’s Garena Premier League (GPL). Yet another important factor that played a role in the promotion of Vietnam is the fact their competitive performance at international events such as 2017 MSI and Worlds makes them more performative than most other 13 regions that participate in these events.

In other words, there is nothing that suggests Vietnam can’t perform just as well as other regions or that they can’t be a part of the elite. Thanks to wonderful performances and hard work, Vietnam’s promotion is well-deserved.

VCS Teams for the Spring Split 2018

Cherry eSportsTeam Cherry Esports Vietnam League of Legends Logo
Boong, Potm, Artifact, Clear, Kidz
Team Young Genetarion Vietnam League of Legends LogoYoung Generation
yT, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Palette
Team FTV Esports Vietnam League of Legends LogoFTV Esports
Taurus, Knight, Victory, Slayder, Akeno
Team Hall of Fame Vietnam League of Legends LogoHall of Fame
LL, Sorn, Pake, Minas, Shaoran
Team Friends Forever QTV Gaming Vietnam League of Legends LogoFriends Forever
KingJ, Sena, Heaven, Lies, Celebrity
Team Ultimate Vietnam League of Legends LogoUltimate eSports
Calm, Spot, Blazes, Zin, CBL
Team EVOS Esports Vietnam League of Legends LogoEVOS eSports
Stark, YiJin, Warzone, Slay, RonOP
Team GIGABYTE Marines Vietnam League of Legends LogoGIGABYTE Marines
Zeroes, Sya, Petland, Zeroday, Noway

Official link to the Vietnam Championship Series

Vietnam at future LoL events

At this point, you’re probably wondering how everything is going to look like. What will change with the promotion of Vietnam to the independent region? Here’s how Vietnam will compete from now on:

  • Regional competition – Vietnam will have an independent representation at International events and won’t be a part of GPL anymore. The formation of GPL remains the same, top team qualifies for international events
  • Rift rivals – Vietnam (VCS) will be in the same group with Commonwealth of Independent States (LCL) and Turkey (TCL) while Southeast Asia will be in the same group with Oceania (OPL) and Japan (LJL)
  • Worlds – Vietnam will have their own slot at the biggest tournament of the season. The event will still have 24 teams
  • MSI – similarly to Worlds, Vietnam will have their own slot, but the competition will be expanded to 14 teams

Fans reactions

Most fans have positive reactions to the news about Vietnam’s promotion. Not only are they happy about Vietnam, but also emphasize that other regions in GPL will get to qualify for major events. When Vietnam was part of GPL, they were significantly better than other regions and always won slots to play with the “big boys”, not other GPL regions will have that opportunity, which can only be good for their morale and could potentially lead to improvement of those regions as well.

One Reddit user wrote: “This is actually very good for the other GPL regions as they will actually be able to participate in international tournaments now.”

Others also said:

This is great news, hopefully, it'll also help the region grow even more (and even faster hopefully) and we'll see more great players like Levi show up at an international competition.”

Yes, I'm happy for them, they deserve it, this region is way better and bigger than other regions in GPL.”

It's amazing to see how much that region has grown over the past few years. Hopefully, Vietnam can build off this momentum and become a legitimate threat in International play over the next few years.”

Bottom line

Due to hard work and amazing results over the years, Vietnam has earned its promotion to an independent region with its own play-in slot to MSI and the Worlds. This is also an opportunity for other GPL regions to improve.

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