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2016 Mid-Season Invitational is just around the corner which means you still have enough time to get your ticket and show support to your favorite team. Based on past events, ticket holders will have phenomenal time. How we know this? For example, last year Mid-Season Invitational or popularly called MSI was held in Tallahassee, Florida. All ticket holders were able to sign up to be gifted a Fnatic, SKT or TPA championship skin for each they that they attended the tournament. Isn’t that awesome? We can definitely expect some nice surprises this year as well.

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Surprises for ticket holders

Fans of this highly exciting tournament who bought their tickets in previous seasons were thrilled when they saw some of their favorite players there. Besides players who participate in tournaments, you can also expect to see the big stars who didn’t make it to the “grand stage”. The most famous people of the gaming world are happy to pose for selfies or give autographs to hordes of fans. For example, fans who visited last year’s tournament met TSM, CLG, Voyboy, Chaox, Snoopeh etc. Merchandise sold at these tournaments is, in most cases, the same as on their website which means you won’t have to spend too much money on memorabilia, unless you want gaming superstars to sign it and you happen to remember you left your LoL stuff at home.

League of Legends Icon 2016 MSI

So, what about this year’s show? As you already know, 2016 MSI tournament will be hosted in Shanghai. This is also a perfect opportunity for all people who wanted to visit China to finally do it.

Due to the fact the tournament is all the way in Far East, it comes as no surprise that most players and supporters will be locals. This is partly because getting a plane ticket from Europe or North America to China can be quite costly.  Bearing this in mind, the officials who organized the tournament only set aside a limited number of tickets for international participants while remaining tickets will be sold to players and supporters in China.

League of Legends Icon MSI 2016 Ticket sales

All international participants of this tournament were able to purchase their tickets from April 10 to April 13. If you didn’t get your ticket in that specific timeframe, it will be quite difficult to attend MSI in Shanghai. Basically, your only chance is to find someone who’s unable to attend the tournament and willing to sell his or her ticket. On the other hand, if you’re from China, then you have plenty of time to get your ticket to the exciting events ahead. Ticket sales for MSI attendees started on April 13. Tickets will be exclusively available to players with China internet giant’s Tencent League of Legends accounts.

Unfortunately, Damai’s service isn’t able to sell tickets to Chinese and international fans at the same time due to various technical constrains which is why they created a schedule for ticket sales to international fans and supporters in China. Ticket prices for this tournament are affordable and they depend on the section. If you’re interesting in witnessing all the action here are ticket prices:

  • 220CNY ($33.96)
  • 150 CNY ($23.15)
  • 120 CNY ($18.52)

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What about my seat?

When it comes to MSI, most fans are worried about seating. It’s because people from different parts of the world attend these tournaments and they’re always held in big arenas so they are afraid of losing their seat (particularly if it’s a good one) once they leave it. Well, in most arenas seats are numbered and someone can’t really just take it away from you, plus you can always ask someone to save your seat until you’re back.

If you’re from North America, Europe etc. learning basics of Mandarin could turn out to be useful because there won’t be translation to all the action you’re about to witness.

In case you already bought your ticket, then do a little research, find cheap hotels and plan your stay in China.

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