Semi-Finals / Grand Final | League of Legends MSI 2018

Hope dies last – but eventually it did die for the North American champions Team Liquid at the Mid-Season Invitational 2018 and we have to say goodbye to Doublelift and his teammates before the playoffs, consisting of semi-final and final of the tournament. After a bad start to the first half of the group stage, the team could spend almost a small miracle, but failed in the decisive tiebreaker game because of the European powerhouse Fnatic. The tournament favourites KingZone DragonX's proved vulnerable in the first phase of the tournament, but experience has shown that the South Korean teams always shine in the upcoming Best-of-5 duels. Thus the regions of the EU LCS, LCK, LPL and LMS were able to earn a place in the seeding pot 1 for the League of Legends World Championship 2018, a big advantage for the most important LoL tournament of the year due to their performances in the group stage. As the winner of the preliminary round, the Chinese team Royal Never Give Up could choose the opponent for the upcoming semi-final, whereby Uzi and his team colleagues decided for the opponents from Europe. In the second duel the Flash Wolves, who have played an excellent tournament so far, will face the South Korean champions KingZone DragonX. You can find all the important information about the entire international showdown here on our site, take a look at the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational schedule and results and find out about the teams and players of the MSI 2018. The decisive stageof the tournament starts on May 18, 2018, so switch on the live streams for more action in the summoner's rift.

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Mid-Season Invitational MSI 2018 Icon Semi- & Grand Finals MSI 2018 Facts:

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Mid-Season Invitational MSI 2018 Icon Bracket – MSI 2018 Semifinals & Grand Finals

MSI: Semifinals (05/18/2017 – 05/19/2017)
MSI: Grand Finals (05/20/2017)
Royal Never Give Up League of Legends LoL Team Logo Royal Never Give Up 3
Fnatic League of Legends LoL Team Logo Fnatic 0 Royal Never Give Up League of Legends LoL Team Logo Royal Never Give Up 3
Flash Wolves League of Legends LoL Team Logo Flash Wolves 1 Kingzone DragonX League of Legends LoL Team Logo KingZone DragonX 1
Kingzone DragonX League of Legends LoL Team Logo KingZone DragonX 3

Mid-Season Invitational MSI 2018 Icon Schedule and Results – Playoffs MSI 2018

Here you will find all the information about the upcoming matches of the decisive phase of the MSI 2018 and the latest results of the tournament. As in the group stage, Fnatic and Royal Never Give Up open the next level of the tournament, the European champions still have a score to settle with Uzi and Co. You will also find the complete schedule with all Matches and Results of the Mid-Season Invitational Tournament 2018, if you have missed an exciting duel.

 MSI 2018 – Knockout Stage | May 18th, Semifinals 

Semifinal #1: Royal Never Give Up League of Legends LoL Team Logo Royal Never Give Up vs. Fnatic  Fnatic League of Legends LoL Team Logo    3 : 0  
Start time: May 18th, 03:00 AM PDT / 06:00 AM EDT / 12:00 CEST

Semifinal #2: Flash Wolves League of Legends LoL Team Logo Flash Wolves vs. KingZone DragonX  Kingzone DragonX League of Legends LoL Team Logo    1 : 3  
Start time: May 19th, 03:00 AM PDT / 06:00 AM EDT / 12:00 CEST

 MSI 2018 – Knockout Stage | May 20th, Grand Finals 

Match #1: Royal Never Give Up League of Legends LoL Team Logo Royal Never Give Up vs. KingZone DragonX  Kingzone DragonX League of Legends LoL Team Logo     3 : 1  
Start time: May 20th, 03:00 AM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 12:00 CEST

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Mid-Season Invitational MSI 2018 Icon Betting Odds MSI Group Stage 2018 *

The group stage already showed that almost anything can happen between these four champions. Of course our renowned eSports betting providers will soon put their odds for semi-finals and finals online. As always, you will find a comparison of the most important odds right here on our site, simply follow the links to the betting providers' websites and get an overview of the various betting options for yourself. We wish you a lot of fun and success!

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Preview and Predictions | Semifinals & Grand Finals MSI 2018

MSI 2018 Final RNG vs KZ

Final: Royal Never Give Up League of Legends LoL Team Logo  Royal Never Give Up vs. KingZone DragonXKingzone DragonX League of Legends LoL Team Logo

Start time: May 19th, 04:00 AM PDT / 07:00 AM EDT / 12:00 CEST

The two teams of the MSI 2018 grand final have been determined: Royal Never Give Up meets KingZone DragonX. Both teams had no problems in the semi-final, RNG did not even have to give away a map from the Best-of-5 against Fnatic, KingZone managed a 3:1 score against the slightly favoured Flash Wolves. It comes as no great surprise that these two teams made it to the final, as everyone had expected the tournament victory to go either to RNG or KingZone even before the tournament, with the Chinese powerhouse in particular playing outstandingly in the group stage. AD-Carry Uzi is the best player of the tournament so far, and the possibility to play either Mlxg or Karsa in the jungle gives the team a high degree of flexibility. But the South Korean LCK champions can also react well to the strategies of their opponents, even the devastating defeat in Game 2 against the Flash Wolves did not upset them but encouraged them to trust in comfort champions again – successfully. RNG would be well advised to ban Ezreal and Taliyah from the champion pool right from the start, and Irelia also proved to be a must-ban against Bdd in the first game. The semi-final match gave little information about the real strength of Royal Never Give Up, as the quality difference between the regions of China and the EU is simply too high. With KingZone the hardest match-up of the year is waiting, because the Koreans want to win their first international tournament, after they unexpectedly were eliminated in the semi-finals of the LoL World Championship 2017. To do so, the team has to go through their usual game: sgank Khan's top lane and give him the better 1v1, give Bdd a champion on which he can help the other two lanes well and has fast waveclear, and put PraY on a safe, team-oriented champion like Ezreal. The bookmakers see KingZone as clear favourites, but the group stage has already shown that the team has weaknesses that good players like Uzi and Letme can exploit.

Prediction: I expect and hope for an exciting Best-of-5, in which all five games must be played. The two teams are very flexible and have already presented different tactics in the semi-finals. Also exciting is the question, who first risks to pick Yasuo, who is surprisingly meta since the MSI. Even though RNG has performed flawlessly so far, I think KingZone's victory in the semi-finals is more impressive, as Flash Wolves was considered invincible in the group stage for a long time. So I expect a 3-2 victory for KingZone DragonX.


MSI 2018 Semi Final RNG vs Fnatic

Semi-Final #1: Royal Never Give Up League of Legends LoL Team Logo  Royal Never Give Up vs. FnaticFnatic League of Legends LoL Team Logo

Start time: May 18th, 04:00 AM PDT / 07:00 AM EDT / 12:00 CEST

After RNG and Fnatic opened the main stage of the MSI 2018, the teams now meet exactly one week later for the third time in the course of the tournament. So far, the matches have gone in the Chinese champion's favour, even though Fnatic were able to keep up in the opening game. At the second match Rekkles and Co. had no chance, which was mainly due to the outstanding performance of Uzi, the AD-Carry of Royal Never Give Up. So far all matches of the tournament have been in the Best-of-1, so it will be interesting to see how the picks and bans change in the upcoming Best-of-5, if for example FNC Caps will show us his Yasuo again and Rekkles will stay with his comfort champions Sivir and Tristana. The Bottom Lane will be the decisive factor anyway, because Uzi is the most important man in the Chinese game and can also decide team fights on his own. In the group stage he has already shown that he is very strong on current meta-champions like Kai'Sa and tyrannizes the opponents already in the lane. It's no surprise that Royal Never Give Up, the best team in the MSI group stage, chose Fnatic as their opponent in the semi-finals, as the alternative would have been the Korean champions from KingZone DragonX, and Fnatic are considered the weakest of the remaining four teams anyway. However, the Europeans can still hope, because reaching the semi-finals, which was not undeserved. However, a win against RNG requires a performance similar to that of the second matchday against KingZone, where an advantage could be gained even before the minions appeared. In the lost games Fnatic had mostly relied on the tactics that they could not fall far behind and then fight back in the late game. However, this strategy will not work against RNG with teamfight god Uzi.

Prediction: RNG has already become the big favourite for the MSI 2018 title in the group stage, but I think that this semi-final will now again be very decisive, even if the opponent is “only” Fnatic. If RNG manage to get a clear 3:0 or 3:1, they will definitely go to the final as favourites. But if the Chinese team gets into problems in the semi-final and perhaps only just manages to win through, this sends a clear message to the opponent waiting in the final. I think that Fnatic is able to win a close match, but I expect a 3-1 victory for Royal Never Give Up.

MSI 2018 Semi Final KZ vs FW

Semi-Final #2: Kingzone DragonX League of Legends LoL Team Logo  KingZone DragonX vs. Flash Wolves Flash Wolves League of Legends LoL Team Logo

Start time: May 19th, 04:00 AM PDT / 07:00 AM EDT / 12:00 CEST

The second semi-final of the MSI 2018 promises League of Legends at the highest level. The Flash Wolves have not been on the radar before the tournament at all, because after all the team from Taiwan still had to play in the playoffs of the Play-In stage. In the course of the group stage, however, Maple and Co. quickly made it to the top of the standings. It was only on the penultimate day that they lost their first match against Royal Never Give Up, who have already qualified for the final before this second semi-final. A tiebreaker against RNG on the last day finally ensured that it was only enough for 2nd place for the Taiwanese. In a direct duel with KingZone DragonX, however, the Flash Wolves scored two victories, making them an easy favourite to reach the finals. But the South Korean champion KingZone did not play at the level the fans had expected from the team in the group stage. Especially Toplaner Khan disappointed with his performances and together with Midlaner Bdd was the biggest weakness. Khan's opponent Hanabi, however, impressed with solid performances so far, especially the Yasuo game against KingZone DragonX is still in the mind of many spectators. I clearly see the advantages for the Koreans on the Bottom Lane, because PraY was the best AD-carry of the tournament next to RNG Uzi, while the Flash Wolves have their strengths more in the middle and top lane. Both teams are able to adapt well to the opponent's tactics, so an exciting Best-of-5 is guaranteed, with flexibility being the decisive factor for victory. KingZone DragonX's elimination would certainly be the biggest upset of the tournament so far, as all the experts agreed  before the start of the group stage that the team would win the title with ease.

Prediction: I expect a much closer game than the first semi-final between RNG and Fnatic. The Flash Wolves have played an excellent tournament so far, but also let one or the other mistake shine through. Against Fnatic, for example, the team was shaky in the game around Baron Nashor and had to watch the important buff get snatched from under their noses twice in a row. For the important semi-final, KingZone must concentrate on a good macro game and chase the Flash Wolves through Summoner's Rift. I think that the teams are currently at the same level, but I expect a close 3-2 victory for KingZone DragonX.

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