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League of Legends: Mid Season Invitational (MSI)The Mid Season Invitational is on the horizon with only a few days left until the battle of the best League of Legends teams across the globe starts. LoL fans are eagerly waiting for May 7th, the day when the tournament finally begins. To celebrate the global League of Legends tournament Riot Games has created special summoner icons and more. The vault of game-goodies in a limited-time deal is full. Check below what will be available in that limited period offer.

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League of Legends Leagues Summoner Icons

Icons of all 6 regional leagues – 250 RP

MSI Summoner Icons Screenshot

The battle for the best is on; support your region by getting the icon of your regional league and show which teams you want to win the MSI 2015.

Mid Season Invitational Icon – 1 LP

MSI Summoner Icon

If your region/team is not participating, but you still have the love for the league, then this icon is for you. Grab one for you to show your support to the league.

All 7 summoner icons will be available from 5th May 19:00 BST to 20th May 07:59 BST


You can unlock the limited-time deals on the bundles will be available from 5th May 19:00 BST to 11th May 7:59 BST

50% off on MSI Picks and Bans at 2511 RP (if you need the champions you have to pay 4495 RP)

League of Legends special Skins

Skins available during the promotion period:

  • Demolisher Nunu
  • Mafia Graves
  • Reaper Hecarim
  • Soulstealer Vladimir
  • Warden Nautilus

Other Deals

2 for 1 Rune Pages: For the price of one, get two rune pages (on both RP and LP)

Boost sale with 50% off: Level up your XP and LP gains.

Name Change Sale: 50% off on the normal price. Show your loyalty towards your favourite region or team with a name change for 650 RP.

Surprise Gifts

If any player at MSI gets a Baron steal or Pentakill, then mystery gifts will be triggered, which will increase your chances to unlock legendary skins, championship skins and team skins by two times. This offer lasts till 16th May 07:59 BST. Further details about these rewards have not been confirmed yet. So check out the schedule and make sure to tune in when the action starts on May 7th!

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