MSI 2018 – LoL Mid-Season Invitational

League of Legends Mid Season Invitational 2018 Tournament LogoThe Spring Split of the LCS Season 8 has already begun and marks the beginning of a year full of LoL tournaments and competitions. While the individual regions are looking for the best team in their own league in the first three months of the year, the LCS Spring Split 2018 playoffs will end just before the first international tournament of the year: The winners of the regional splits compete against each other at the Mid-Season Invitational 2018 and promise almost a month of thrilling matches. For the first time ever, the MSI will be held in Europe. Surprisingly enough, last year’s European team G2 Esports made it to the finals and lost 3-1 to SK Telecom T1, making the latter the winner of the tournament, while due to the current situation in EU LCS and LCK (South Korea) making it possible that neither of these teams to qualify for the MSI 2018. In Korea, reigning World Champion KSV eSport (formerly known as Samsung Galaxy) is the big favourite for the Spring Split title, in Europe and North America everything is still possible and almost every team could participate at the Mid-Season Invitational. The playoffs in Europe are likely to end on April 6, 2018, so it can be expected that the MSI 2018 will take place in the middle or end of April 2018, possible dates being April 20 or 27. Riot has not yet announced any major changes to the format of the tournament, so it can be assumed that a Play-In Stage will take place first, where the teams of the former Wildcard regions will play against each other directly before the main event starts. It has been revealed that the tournament will take place in Berlin and Paris. The results of the MSI 2018 will also most likely affect the number of seeds per region for the LoL World Championship 2018. We will keep you up to date and as soon as we have more information, you will find it here.

League of Legends Icon MSI 2018 – Facts

Betting / Livestream
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  • Date: 05/03/2018-05/20/2018
  • Location
    • Berlin (Play-In and Group Stage)
    • Paris (Playoffs)
  • Play-In-Stage: 05/03 – 05/09/2018
    • Format Play-In: Stage 1 – Best-of-1, Playoffs in Best-of-5
  • Main Event
    • Group Stage: 05/11 – 05/15/2018
    • Playoffs: 05/18 – 05/20/2018
  • Teams: 14 teams (Vietnam added as new region)
    • 6 Teams in Group Stage
  • Prize Money: TBA
  • Patch: TBA
  • Tickets available some weeks before the event
  • Live-Stream for each MSI 2018 match will be available
  • Betting odds for all MSI 2018 matches
  • Predictions available as soon as the schedule has been published

League of Legends Icon Prize Money

In the previous year, the prize pool reached a total of $1,690,000, with one million dollars coming from Riot itself. This year the fans can contribute to the prize money again, in time for the tournament new skins and icons will be released, the earnings of which will directly support the whole tournament and your favourite team.

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