Rules for the Mid Season Invitational (MSI 2015)

League of Legends: Mid Season Invitational (MSI)Although, Riot Games has given some details about the 2015 Mid Series Invitational during the AMA on reddit, we enlisted some of the relevant policies from 2015 MSI rule set. So, go through the brief description of the game rule regarding the competitive patch, mid series substitution and coaches being allowed on the stage.

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Roster Requirements

Along with the team, there needs to be a substitute player also, who can play in case of an emergency. If a player is unable to perform, then the substitute can continue his place without a forfeit.

Even if teams have multiple substitutes, only one will be allowed to MSI. This policy is a solution for the participating regions where substitutes can be used for a strategic game plan for various advantages during the MIS. It is even a solution for the regions where the substitutes are often used as a backup plan.

Substitution rule

For a healthy competition, the teams need to notify the head referee about the substitution of the player in advance. An announcement ought to be made before the start of next game and within five minutes after the explosion of the nexus.

Equipment Owned

For the approval of the player equipment, it is sent to the official in advance and the integrity of the equipment is checked for its proper functioning. During the tournaments, the equipment and peripherals will be in the possession of the MSI official. With the need to ensure fair competition, equipment are checked by the MSI official and in case the equipment provide any unfair advantage, it is not permitted to use. Players need to use the event- provided equipment.

Need of a coach

With the increasing competition, many regions have official coaches. So, it is mandatory that the coach get designated before MSI. No need to panic if a team doesn't have a coach, as the team managers can be designated as a coach.

Apparels for the game

Closed-toe shoes are must for the players. The main idea with the dress is that it needs to be of the same color to avoid any confusion. The players need to carry the outfits of the same color and in case of jackets also the color need to be same as of other team members. The athletic style pants need to be pre-approved by MSI officials.

However, the coach of the team is asked to wear something professional. It can include business casuals but it does not include athletic wear or sneakers.

Competitive Patch

The 5.7 patch has been set for the 2015 Mid- Season Invitational. Changes to the patch will be the sole decision of MSI officials.

Group Stage

A team will play three times or less than three times on a single side. The selection of the sides will be done on a random basis, which means one team will have to play three games on the blue side, and other has two chances for the same. Take a look at the Group Stage Schedule

Coaches are allowed on the MSI Stage

Keeping in mind the impact of the strong pick/ban phase in the competitive league of legends, coaches are allowed on the stage to communicate with their players during the pick/ban phase. However, he needs to exit after five seconds in the trading phase.

Communication ban

Ensuring a fair deal of the game, the players are not allowed to communicate with each other using any medium during the game. In case of any doubt, the players are allowed to communicate with the referee, but that also when directed. In case of an extended pause, the referee may allow the teams to talk before the game is resumed, and they can discuss the game condition during this short period.


With this post, we tried to cover some of the policies that will help you understand the upcoming Mid Series Invitational rule set. So, now you can find out the impact of these policies on the MSI. .

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