League of Legends (LoL) Season 3

Each of the matches that take place every week in Season 3 is broadcasted via live stream and with live comments on a ton of streaming sites. In the first few weeks of Season 3 each match of the professional teams had an audience of over 100.000 live viewers, which is quite remarkable since even only a few events in traditional sports reach such an amount of fans who watch live.

This tremendous success shows what remarkable job Riot Games has done with League of Legends, not only by designing such a competitive and thrilling game but also in providing an awesome support to the ever growing online community of League of Legends.

Since the beginning of season 3 of the League of Legends Championship Series more and more bookies begin to offer bets on esport events. This is mainly because never before in the young history of esports, there has been a more professional esport competition than the Season 3 of the League of Legends Championship Series.


Game Mode, Schedule and Replays

The League of Legends Championship Season 3 Event is separated into a European, American and Asian League. In each of these three league’s 8 teams compete against each other every week.

The championship matches are played in 5vs5 mode and usually take place between Thursday and Sunday. The full schedule can be found on the official Season 3 site. There you will also find stats of the games already played and have the opportunity to watch replays of all of them.


Facts about Season 3

  • Leages: Europe, America, Asia
  • Teams per League: 8
  • Players per Team: 5 plus substitutes
  • Matches: Every week
  • Live Streams: Yes, with live comments
  • Game Mode: 5 vs. 5


Live Streams

A feature that sets season 3 apart from any previous esport event is that each match is streamed and commented in real time, so you can watch each game live. You can watch the games live either on Youtube or on Twitch, whereat Twitch has most of the views. In addition all matches are recorded and can be watched later. In the first few weeks of Season 3 Riot Games Twitch channel had more than 100.000 viewers each game, which is quite impressive and sets a new standard in the popularity of esport events.

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