Return of the Legends 2017 | LoL tournament

Return of the Legends LogoThe League of Legends – not only the current League of Legends professionals are celebrated by the numerous fans all over the world, over the past seven years the game has also given legendary status to plenty of former superstars. Whether retired, a revered commentator, a successful team manager or a strategic LoL coach – twenty of these former luminaries will test their strenghts again on Summoner's Rift against old enemies. As part of the e-Sports and music festival in Hong Kong not only popular K-Pop groups will have their shot at the big stage but also a League of Legends tournament called “Return of the Legends” is part of the program list. But whoever now expects big names like Faker, Bjergsen or Perkz is barking up the wrong tree – after all the regional leagues of the current Season 7 are still well underway. As worthy substitutes the former superstar players of the LoL scene will enter the playing field again. HotShotGG, xPeke, Misaya or WeiXiao are all players who have dominated an entire League of Legends era. Many of these heroes were considered to be the best players at their position or even got their own moves named after them. While the best League of Legends teams in the world are preparing for the upcoming Summer Split Playoffs 2017 there will also be an extra delicacy for all LoL fans over the world starting on August 4th. Although the retired pros certainly will not reach the level of a Mid-Season Invitational tournament or the League of Legends World Championship there is still ambitiousness and combative spirit burning in their eyes and for the sole purpose of remembering the good old days this tournament is not only worth the time for ingrained veterans.


League of Legends Icon Return of the Legends 2017 Facts

League of Legends Icon Schedule and Format of the Return of the Legends 2017

In general the Return of the Legends tournament only consists of two semi-final matches and the Grand Finals. The match format of the individual games isn't known yet. The two semifinal duels have already been drawn: in the first game the European Legends will play against the former GPL superstars. The second game will feature the clash between the NA LCS Legends and the LPL Legends. The victorious challengers will meet in the Grand Finals on August 6th. 

Return of the Legends Schedule – Day 1 

Semifinal #1:  Team-Europe-RotL-2017-Logo EU LCS Legends vs.  GPL Legends  Team-Taiwan-RotL-2017-Logo     1 2  
Start Time: August 4, 07:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EDT / 04:00 AM CEST

Return of the Legends Schedule – Day 2 
Semifinal #2:  Team-NA-RotL-2017-Logo NA LCS Legends vs.  LPL Legends Team-China-RotL-2017-Logo     0 : 2  
Start Time: August 5, 07:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EDT / 04:00 AM CEST (next day)

Return of the Legends Schedule – Day 3 
Grand Final:  Team-Taiwan-RotL-2017-Logo GPL Legends  vs. LPL Legends Team-China-RotL-2017-Logo     0 :
Start Time: August 6, 04:00 AM PDT / 07:00 AM EDT / 01:00 PM CEST

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League of Legends Icon Teams Overview

Many great names made their way into the rosters of the Return of the Legends torunament. We now take a look at those e-Sport legends in detail.

Legends of the EU LCS

Team-Europe-RotL-2017-LogoThe EU LCS has managed to recruit great players for their roster, especially Midlaner xPeke was able to build up a world-class reputation during his career in some teams. With xPeke, Cyanide and Lamia there are three players in the starting roster of the team who were together at the top of the League of Legends world in Season 1. Added to this list will be yellowpete and Kev1n – two former German superstars!


  • Toplane: Kevin “kev1n” Rubiszewski (SK Gaming / NIP)
  • Jungle: Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen (Fnatic / Origen)
  • Midlane: Enrique “xPeke” Cedeno Martinez (Fnatic / Origen)
  • AD-Carry: Peter “yellowpete” Wüppen (Evil Geniuses / CLG Europa)
  • Support: Manuel “Lamia” Mildenberger (Fnatic)

Team EULCS Return of the Legends 2017


Legends of the NA LCS

Team-NA-RotL-2017-LogoThe NA LCS legendary team offers a versatile repertoire of former players from Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming. Toplaner HotShotGG founded CLG and is now a successful team owner while being an exceptional player in the past on champions like Nidalee or Cho'Gath for an entire era. Furthermore Chauster was a multi-talent and always the brain of his teams.


    • Toplane: George “HotShotGG” Georgallidis (CLG)
    • Jungle: Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie (Team SoloMid)
    • Midlane: Austin “Link” Shin (CLG / Team Liquid)
    • AD-Carry: Shan “Chaox” Huang (Team SoloMid / Newbee)
    • Support: Steve “Chauster” Chau (CLG)Team NALCS Return of the Legends 2017


Legends of the GPL

Team-Taiwan-RotL-2017-LogoSeason 2 – the golden age of the GPL and the Taipei Assassins team. As total underdogs in the tournament four of these legendary players participating in the event were able to crown themselves champions of the Season 2 and win the League of Legends World Championship 2012. The roster is completed by AD-Carry GodJJ who was a former prodigy of the region.


  • Toplane: Wang “Stanley” June Tsan (Taipei Assassins / Hong Kong Esports)
  • Jungle: Alex “Lilballz” Sung (Taipei Assassins / Garena Team)
  • Midlane: Wai “Toyz” Kin Lau (Taipei Assassins / Hong Kong Esports)
  • AD-Carry: Wang “GodJJ” Yong Jie (Taipei Assassins / Hong Kong Esports)
  • Support: Chen “MiSTakE” Hui Chong (Taipei Assassins)

Team GPL Return of the Legends 2017


Legends of the LPL

Team-China-RotL-2017-LogoThe last participating team includes former superstars of the Chinese LPL. Thereby two exceptional players have been burned into the mind of many fans: Misaya and WeiXiao. While AD-Carry WeiXiao was regarded as the best player in the world for a long time Midlaner Misaya even got his own move on his trademark champion Twisted Fate.


  • Toplane: Wei “CaoMei” Handong (Team WE)
  • Jungle: Teng-Yang “Ruo” Tian-Xia (Vici Gaming / Team WE)
  • Midlane: Yu “Misaya” Jingxi (Team WE)
  • AD-Carry: Gao “WeiXiao” Xuecheng (Team WE)
  • Support: Feng “Fzzf” Zhou-Jun (Team WE / EDward Gaming)Team LPL Return of the Legends 2017

League of Legends Icon Prize Pool | Return of the Legends 2017

In total the tournament has a prize pool of 300,000.- Hong Kong dollars available for the participating teams which is converted to approximately € 33,000.-. In comparison to the Prize Pool of the LoL Worlds 2017 this is ridiculously little. The precise distribution of the Return of the Legends prize pool due to the placements of the teams has not yet been determined. We will keep you up to date if there are new informations.

League of Legends Icon Betting Odds | Return of the Legends 2017

So far, there are no bets available for the RotL 2017, and this is not going to change for the next games. Many of the players have never played together and have not been involved in competitive e-sports for years, so it is too difficult for the bookies to assess their strengths. In addition, it can be expected that it is primarily about the fun of the games and the seriousness of a real tournament is not recognizable. However, this is not a cause for mourning, because in the near future there are enough possibilities to earn some money. You can find an overview of the upcoming events on our overview page on LoL betting.

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League of Legends Icon Live Stream – Return of the Legends 2017

All scheduled games of the Return of the Legends tournament 2017 can be watched for free via live streams. In contrast to official Riot Games tournaments the event is indeed streamed on but instead of the usual Riot Games broadcast there will rather be the stream of the hardware manufacturer Zotac. As usual you can also watch the live streams directly on our site, the red light in the top right of the player indicates that a broadcast is active. We hope you enjoy the Return of the Legends tournament 2017!

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