Battle of the Atlantic 2013 – LoL tournament

LCS NA - Battle of the Atlantic NA 5 : 4 EU LCS EU - Battle of the Atlantic

The North American and European Regions of League of Legends have always had an unspoken feud on which is the best region between the two. They have demonstrated time and time again that the teams in both regions have what it takes to beat the other. But, during the World Championships in Season Three, the European teams came out strong with Fnatic and Gambit Gaming taking out teams from the NA region. Ultimately, they were forced out of contention from regions in South Korea and China and South Korea's SKT T1 nabbed the top spot. In the following days, top five teams from the NA region will fight it out with the top 5 teams from the EU region. The matches will start on December 14, 2013 and end on the 22nd. Welcome to the Battle of the Atlantic!


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Tournament Facts:

  • Offline Tournament
  • Dec 14th – Dec 22, 2013
  • Top 5 teams of LCS NA vs. LCS EU
  • Best of 3 mode
  • 2 Venues: Cologne and Los Angeles
  • $ 5,000,- for every victorious team
  • Additional prize money of $ 25,000 for the victorious region
  • Live stream for all matches
  • LoL Bets and odds for all games available
  • hashtag: #BotA

Battle of the Atlantic schedule / final standings

Congrats to the Winner:

LCS NA - Battle of the Atlantic

Take a look at all 5 matchups at the LoL tournament Battle of the Atlantic.  There will be loads of action, here is what's to come:

Date NA  VOD Europe Winner Points
14. Dec. DIG watch VOD ALL (ex EG) ALL (EU)  1 (EU)
15. Dec. TSM watch VOD LD  TSM (NA) 2 (NA)
20. Dec. CLG watch VOD ATN  ATN (EU) 1 (EU)
21. Dec. XDG watch VOD GMB GMB (EU)  2 (EU)
22. Dec. C9 watch VOD FNC C9 3 (NA)

Dignitas vs ALL (ex -EG) (Dec, 14th – Cologne) 0:2

Both teams have been on the lower end of the last LCS season. Team Dignitas' top laner has been recently replaced and is well-known to be a good player. But, will Cruzer be able to dominate his lane against a seasoned player like Wickd who is known to be stalwart and defensive in the top lane? There has been a lot of rumors that EG will soon transfer to the NA scene but this goes to show that the EG will still be playing for the EU region in the coming LCS season.

TSM vs Lemondogs (Dec, 15th – Cologne) 2:0

Once again both of these teams have seen each other in the World Championships and will once again take center stage in the Battle of the Atlantic. Will TSM be able to dominate the Lemondogs or will the Lemondogs now have a secret weapon against their former opponent in the World Stage. Note that another EU player has transferred to TSM namely Bjergsen which might have an ace up to his sleeve as he knows the Lemondogs quite well.

CLG vs Team Alternate (ATN) (Dec, 20th – LA) 0:2

Not much has been going on with team CLG and Alternate but this matchup will most likely explode due to the fact that these teams have been secretly training and learning the ways of the new preseason patch.

XD.GG vs Gambit (Dec, 21st – LA) 0:2

Formerly known as Vulcun Techbargains, XD.GG has been recently busy with charity events for the people of the Philippines with having two players as Filipinos themselves. Once again, they will have the opportunity to seek out revenge with Gambit Gaming after their recent matchup at the World Championships.

C9 vs Fnatic (Dec, 22nd – LA) 2:0

Another matchup that everyone has been waiting for after the recent conclusion of the Season 3 World Championship is the Cloud 9 vs Fnatic matchup. As seen in IEM Cologne, both teams have been neck and neck in their recent outing. Will Cloud 9 finally be able to beat Fnatic and secure a victory for their region or will Fnatic continue to dominate the game with their own bizaare strategy?

Betting Odds

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