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The online sports betting industry is for the most part progressively expanding, but things don’t always work out well for every party. The reasons for shut downs may be lack of profit, but the culprit can be often times found elsewhere. This is no different in eSports betting than in conventional sports betting. Below you can find a list of the dedictated eSports sportsbooks that already closed their business. If you are looking for trustworthy bookmakers that are here to stay take a look at our eSports betting sites overview or check out the eSports markets at Bet365 or Betway.


Digibet LogoBeeing one of the first conventional sportsbooks to offer eSports betting markets, Digibet launched it's eSports section in 2012. However Digibet decided to leave the eSports market in 2013. The bookmaker never released an official statement why they made this decision but it might be linked to the fact that one of their main eSports experts was leaving the company to work with eSportsventure at this time. Now in 2016 Digibet is still offering conventional sportsbetting – if they will ever pick up eSports again is unkown.


Datbet Logo small Datbet launched relatively recently (2012) as a bookie centered around eSports betting. They started off strong by featuring matches from all the popular eSports titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft II, CS: GO and many more. What’s more is that they had a wide array of betting markets on their matches, especially for LoL, which logically attracted eSports bettors to start flocking to the bookie.

It was only a couple of years into their existence when players started complaining across web portals and forums of Datbet being a scam. Unfortunately, the bookie was obviously resolved to shut down and decided to stop paying out while seamlessly taking everyone’s deposit money. This lasted for a while before their impending shut down, but to this day a number of players remain unpaid.


GGwins Logo GGwins is yet another eSports exclusive bookmaker that started off strong with their eSports coverage. They were established in 2014, and at first look it appeared they were here to stay. Initially they had a comprehensive League of Legends betting coverage, with talks of expansion to Dota 2, CS: GO and Starcraft 2. The bookie also featured LAN-only tournaments in order to avoid potentially fixed online matches.

It took them less than a year into their existence to shut down and more or less disappear without a word. The bookie’s website stopped updating their services, and shortly thereafter the website itself was shutdown, meaning you cannot access it anymore. Whether or not all players have been paid out is unknown at this time, but the number of players who bet there was low to begin with.


Logo of eSports bookmaker eSportsventureesportsventure was established in late 2013, and despite their focus on eSports matches they also offered lines on traditional sports such as football and basketball. It didn’t take long before players complaints started appearing online. Although the bookie officially put their services to a halt in June of 2014, we’ve seen cases of players not being paid out long before that time.

Instead of trying to resolve ongoing issues with their players, what was once a promising bookie promptly shut down not long thereafter. Whether this was their plan all along or they encountered unexpected issues along the way remains unknown, but it speaks volume of why you need to be careful when it comes to a new bookie on the scene.


Vulcun logo smallFor those of you that are uninformed, Vulcun is a strictly fantasy betting website which focuses only on eSports. They are also the only honorable entity on this list, as no players have been subject to scams, nor has the website actually shut down. What happened with Vulcun is that they stopped accepting real money bets e.g. paid fantasy betting.

Following their announcement in early 2016, Vulcun advised all players to cash out any remaining real money by February 5th. The website stopped working with real money, but gold betting is still accepted, meaning you can win cosmetic items for their features games.

The reason for this decision, however, is down to multiple factors, and you’re always welcome to read their official statement. According to Vulcun, the main problem were the iffy laws and regulations in the USA in regard to fantasy betting. However, rumor has it that they also didn’t want to compete against AlphaDraft and DraftKings, owned by two leading USA DFS sites which recently took up eSports.

Whatever the cause may be, many people were sad to see real money betting go from Vulcun, as it was one of the most popular eSports betting sites overall.

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