Top 5 eSports Betting sites 2018

The first month of 2018 is already behind us and so are some major tournaments such as the Boston Major 2018. I'm sure most of you have watched the crazy rollercoaster of emotions during those grand finals maps which left us all bedazzled and shocked. CS: GO is one hell of a game, after all… However, Valve's most popular FPS is not our main focus for today's article. Nope! Instead, in the light of the start of a brand new year, we reckon it would be a good idea to list out the best eSports betting websites 2018.

Best eSports Betting Websites 2018

As for the entirety of our beloved eSports industry, there are no signs of it stopping with its exponential growth. With biggest franchises (mainly referring to DotA II, League of Legends and CS: GO betting) keeping up with their popularity and fan demands, it seems as though nothing can stop the eSports train. In addition to all the usual hype that's going around in the industry, late 2017 brought some innovations in terms of cryptocurrency betting offered at Nitrogen. Furthermore, Unikrn, a very popular eSports betting platform has successfully launched their own cryptocurrency called Unikoin Gold which seems to be setting its roots nicely.

However, enough beating around the bushes and let's focus on the main subject of this article and that would be the most popular eSports bookies this year!

Top 5 eSports Betting Sites 2018

Bet365 esports is continuing to flourish with amazing odds and exceptionally well-put-together user experience. Of course, the number (and quality) of their eSports markets and special bets is continuing to amaze us all. Live betting is another key factor for making Bet365 rank number 1 as the best eSports betting website 2018!

Pinnacle esports betting LogoPinnacle esports is doing a great job not just with eSports but generally with their betting business. They have managed to attract plenty of new customers with their eSports business flourishing at the moment. Another thing that goes heavily in their favor is frequent (and generous) bonuses that can easily be acquired via their official betting website.

betway logoBetWay esports was off their eSports game for quite some time but now it seems as though it's returning stronger than ever. They are improving their eSports market count with fairly good odds. Also, there is a special offering for a free eSports bet slip up to 30€ which is worth a shot if you are low on money and want to spice up the next tournament with a nice little wager.

bet at home logoBet-at-home esports is not nearly as popular as, let's say, Pinnacle and Bet365 as far as eSports betting is concerned. Many people don't even know about this awesome bookie that's continuing to grow and expand its eSports offerings. As far as odds, markets, and all that good stuff are concerned, Bet-at-home seems to average in everything, making it the best all-around site at the moment.

Arcanebet LogoIf you are looking for anonymous cryptocurrency betting, your 2 best options are Nitrogen esports and ArcaneBet. The former specializes in offering only Bitcoin bets to its respective clients making it an ultra-fast, secure and reliable eSports betting platform.
ArcaneBet, on the other hand, doesn't just specialize in Bitcoin but regular money deposits as well. What separates it from others is great market coverage and partnership with Skinpay and Skinwallet which let you deposit your skins for coins.

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