SMITE Esports Leagues Will Be Exclusively Streamed on Microsoft Mixer

Smite LogoMultiplayer online battle arena video games have never been more popular than they are today. Their popularity is parallel with the growth of esports betting. These games attract legions of fans and players who hope they will reach the stardom and become just like their favorite esports personalities. SMITE is a popular multiplayer online game and its esports success is about to come with an exclusive contract with Microsoft. Keep reading to find out more.

Microsoft and SMITE

Microsoft LogoOn its official website, Microsoft Mixer announced the exclusive contract they signed with Hi-Rez Studios regarding SMITE games. The partnership with a video game developer, Hi-Rez Studios, brings both the SMITE Pro League (SPL) and SMITE Console Series (SCS) exclusively to Mixer and its viewers.

The partnership aims to improve quality and competitiveness of SMITE games, but also to make season 5 the best one yet. Although the developer’s Paladins Pro League airs on Mixer exclusively, all the major competitions from the recent annual Hi-Rez Expo were streamed on multiple platforms. It’s needless to mention streaming on multiple platforms isn’t always the most practical idea because trends change all the time. Addition of SMITE games to Mixer continues the positive partnership between the developer Hi-Rez Studios and Microsoft.

It’s important to clarify that Mixer will be the only place to watch all the action at both SPL and SCS. SMITE Pro League broadcasts will utilize Mixer’s unique co-streaming technology to bring fans closer to the action with multiple camera angles, perspectives, and views. What’s more, all users are able to customize their own viewing experience. That way, you get the most out of your stream and watch things the way you want. Users can customize their viewing experience by selecting supplemental feeds that enhance the primary broadcast.

Microsoft Mixer

Microsoft Mixer Streaming LogoThe mixer is defined as the next-generation live streaming platform that allows viewers to participate in the gameplay itself. The service was founded in San Francisco on January 5, 2016, and its initial name was “Beam”. On August 11, 2016, Microsoft acquired the platform for an undisclosed amount. In May 2017, the platform gets its new name – Mixer. That’s when the popularity of Mixer takes off as it focuses on video gaming including playthroughs of video games. What makes it stand out is the fact that users can interact and customize the stream, as mentioned above.

The primary intent of the Mixer brand is to emphasize the community aspects of the service across Xbox Live and Windows 10. Also, users can “mix” their stream with up to three friends combining your feeds and four chat channels into a single stream.

Recently, Mixer introduced a feature that prompts viewers to directly purchase the games that are played live on stream. Partnered streamers are able to control the content they want to promote. Although SMITE itself is a free game, it comes with Ultimate Gold Pack Bundle feature which unlocks all the present and future characters.

SMITE facts

  • More than 25 million players
  • The game has been played over 257 million hours
  • 168+ million matches played
  • 8 million followers on different social media platforms
  • 4 million people worldwide viewed the 2018 SMITE World Championship

Bottom line

The popularity of SMITE keeps growing with millions of new players joining. The last World Championship was viewed more than 4 million people, and the next season is set to become the best one so far. Mixer and Hi-Rez Studios signed a contract which makes this platform exclusive and the only place where you can watch SMITE action. Mixer plans to grow its audience with collaboration with Hi-Rez Studios.

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