Smite is a popular MOBA esports game with more than 120 characters and a unique approach to the MOBA genre. For starters, it is played in third-person view and in the traditional isometric bird’s eye view that is seen in League of Legends, Dota 2, and other MOBA games. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the Smite characters and their abilities, as well as which characters are currently the strongest and most popular.

Who Are the Smite Characters?

The player-controlled characters in Smite are actually Gods from a wide range of historical Pantheons. This is one of the main appeals of Smite as a game; technically, not a single character is a work of fiction, which is almost always the case in esports games.

The Gods are divided into 16 Pantheons from various cultures and countries, and each has its own set of unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The Gods themselves are further organised into five primary archetypes: Guardians (tanks, melee supports, and initiators), Hunters (fighters and ranged carries), Assassins (gankers and melee junglers), Warriors (melee bruisers), and Mages (ranged ability users and ranged supports).

The main premise of the game is fairly similar to how other MOBAs play, but there are certain intricacies that you can only learn by playing it yourself or watching live streams of esports tournaments.

How Many Smite Characters Are There?

As of November 2022, there are currently 123 Smite characters in the game. The developers release around six new characters each year, so by the end of 2023, the game will most likely have 129 playable characters. It’s worth noting that this frequency of releasing new characters is on par with what we see in other MOBAs and esports games.

Below, we provide the full breakdown of which characters belong to which Pantheons and the names of their abilities.

*If you want to learn more about these characters, visit the official Smite website for more information.

**Some characters can switch between stances or switch their current active skillset. These characters have more than 5 abilities. We’ve described these as A1a, A1b, A1c (as an example).

Arthurian Pantheon (4)

King Arthur

  • Passive: Steadfast
  • A1: Overhead Slash (Hamstring)
  • A2: Battle Stomp (Uppercut)
  • A3: Twin Cleave (Bladestorm)
  • Ultimate: Sundering Strike (Excalibur’s Wrath)


  • Passive: Camelot’s Quest
  • A1a: Piercing Thrust
  • A1b: Shining Galop
  • A2a: Skilled Strikes
  • A2b: Crashing Dive
  • A3a: Mount Up
  • A3b: Quick Turn
  • Ultimate: The Grand Joust


  • Passive: Overload
  • A1a: Eclipse
  • A1b: Radiate
  • A1c: Frostbolt
  • A2a: Vortex
  • A2b: Dragonfire
  • A2c: Blizzard
  • A3a: Flicker
  • Ultimate: Elemental Mastery

Morgan Le Fay

  • Passive: Empowered Blade
  • A1: Sigil Mastery
  • A2: Dragonflight
  • A3: Shroud of Wildfire
  • Ultimate: Consuming Power

Babylonian Pantheon (3)


  • Passive: Epic of Gilgamesh
  • A1: Sun-Forged Scimitar
  • A2: Drop Kick
  • A3: Hero’s Advance
  • Ultimate: Winds of Shamash


  • Passive: Mark of Vengeance
  • A1a: Imbue Arrows
  • A1b: Strike Shot
  • A1c: Spread Shot
  • A1d: Storm Shot
  • A2: Rolling Thunder
  • A3: Jolt
  • Ultimate: Blades of Retribution


  • Passive: Death Begets Life
  • A1a: Primordial Onslaught
  • A1b: Summon Serpents
  • A1c: Consume
  • A2a: Ruination
  • A2b: Summon Beast
  • A2c: Outburst
  • A3a: Grounding Drive
  • A3b: Summon Storm
  • A3c: Rising Flight
  • Ultimate(a): Children of Creation
  • Ultimate(b): Tempest of Undoing

Celtic Pantheon (5)


  • Passive: Decompose
  • A1: Energy Surge (Maul Prey)
  • A2: Entangling Vines (Ferocious Roar)
  • A3: Life Tap (Heavy Charge)
  • Ultimate: Shapeshift


  • Passive: Heavy Glaive
  • A1: Shifter of Seasons
  • A2: Bramble Blast
  • A3: Horn Charge
  • Ultimate: The Wild Hunt


  • Passive: Phantasmal
  • A1: Banshee’s Wail
  • A2: Flickering Visions
  • A3: Lurching Claw
  • Ultimate: Tearing the Veil

Cu Chulainn

  • Passive: Berserk
  • A1: Barbed Spear (Ground Slam)
  • A2: Vent Anger
  • A3: Salmon’s Leap (Furious Charge)
  • Ultimate: Spear of Mortal Pain (War Cry)

The Morrigan

  • Passive: Doomsayer
  • A1: Deadly Aspects
  • A2: Dark Omen
  • A3: Confusion
  • Ultimate: Changeling

Chinese Pantheon (15)

Ao Kuang

  • Passive: Dragon King’s Sword
  • A1: Water Illusion
  • A2: Dragon Call
  • A3: Wild Storm
  • Ultimate: King of the Eastern Seas


  • Passive: Jade Rabbit
  • A1: Crescent Moon Dance
  • A2: Moonlit Waltz
  • A3: Moonflower Dance
  • Ultimate: Waxing Moon

Da Ji

  • Passive: Torture Blades
  • A1: Horrible Burns
  • A2: One Thousand Cuts
  • A3: Trickster Spirit
  • Ultimate: Paolao

Erlang Shen

  • Passive: Howling Celestial Dog
  • A1: Spot Weakness
  • A2: Pin
  • A3: 72 Transformations
  • Ultimate: 9 Turns Blessing

Guan Yu

  • Passive: Painless
  • A1: Conviction
  • A2: Warrior’s Will
  • A3: Taolu Assault
  • Ultimate: Cavalry Charge

He Bo

  • Passive: Steady Flow
  • A1: Water Cannon
  • A2: Atlas of the Yellow River
  • A3: Waterspout
  • Ultimate: Crushing Wave

Hou Yi

  • Passive: Suntouched
  • A1: Ricochet
  • A2: Mark of the Golden Crow
  • A3: Divebomb
  • Ultimate: Sunbreaker

Jing Wei

  • Passive: Rapid Reincarnation
  • A1: Persistent Gust
  • A2: Explosive Bolts
  • A3: Agility
  • Ultimate: Air Strike


  • Passive: Training Arc
  • A1: Cross Strike
  • A2: Spear Thrust
  • A3: Grapple
  • Ultimate: Divine Mastery

Ne Zha

  • Passive: Righteous Spirit
  • A1: Universe Ring Toss
  • A2: Flaming Spear
  • A3: Armillary Sash
  • Ultimate: Wind Fire Wheels

Nu Wa

  • Passive: Strength of Wood
  • A1: Mysterious Fog
  • A2: Clay Soldiers
  • A3: Shining Metal
  • Ultimate: Fire Shards

Sun Wukong

  • Passive: Undefeated Body
  • A1: The Magic Cudgel
  • A2: Master’s Will
  • A3: 72 Transformations
  • Ultimate: Somersault Cloud

Xing Tian

  • Passive: Smouldering Rage
  • A1: Furious Roar
  • A2: Hook Slam
  • A3: Sky-Cutting Axe
  • Ultimate: Whirlwind of Rage and Steel

Yu Huang

  • Passive: Master of the Dao
  • A1: Flames of the Phoenix
  • A2: Dao Cultivation
  • A3: Celestial Flight
  • Ultimate: Dueling Dragons

Zhong Kui

  • Passive: Demon Bag
  • A1: Expose Evil
  • A2: Exorcism
  • A3: Book of Demons
  • Ultimate: Recall Demons

Egyptian Pantheon (14)


  • Passive: Enfeeble
  • A1: Shifting Sands
  • A2: Impale
  • A3: Disperse
  • Ultimate: Desert Fury


  • Passive: Sorrow
  • A1: Plague of Locusts
  • A2: Mummify
  • A3: Grasping Hands
  • Ultimate: Death Gaze


  • Passive: Nightstalker
  • A1: Pounce
  • A2: Razor Whip
  • A3: Ensnaring Claw
  • Ultimate: Huntress of Bast


  • Passive: Funeral Rites
  • A1: Wing Gust
  • A2: Spirit Ball
  • A3: Dispel Magic
  • Ultimate: Circle of Protection


  • Passive: Hard as Rock
  • A1: Roll Out
  • A2: Shock Wave
  • A3: Stone Shield
  • Ultimate: Cataclysm


  • Passive: Resolute
  • A1: Updraft
  • A2: Fracture
  • A3: Protector’s Surge
  • Ultimate: To The Skies!


  • Passive: Fortitude
  • A1: Abduct
  • A2: Rising Dawn
  • A3: Solar Flare
  • Ultimate: Scarab’s Blessing


  • Passive: Broken Weave
  • A1: Spirit Arrow
  • A2: Unravel
  • A3: Back Flip
  • Ultimate: World Weaver


  • Passive: Fragmented
  • A1: Sickle Strike
  • A2: Spirit Flail
  • A3: Judgement Tether
  • Ultimate: Lord of the Afterlife


  • Passive: Speed of Light
  • A1: Celestial Beam
  • A2: Divine Light
  • A3: Solar Blessing
  • Ultimate: Searing Pain


  • Passive: Catalyst
  • A1: Deathbane
  • A2: Cobra’s Kiss
  • A3: Ambush
  • Ultimate: Last Breath


  • Passive: Relentless
  • A1: Skewer
  • A2: Spawn of Set
  • A3: Sandstorm
  • Ultimate: Kingslayer


  • Passive: Blessing of the Nile
  • A1: Charge Prey
  • A2: Tail Whip
  • A3: Sickening Strike
  • Ultimate: Lurking in the Waters


  • Passive: Dead Reckoning
  • A1: Hieroglyphic Assault
  • A2: Evade and Punish
  • A3: Glyph of Pain
  • Ultimate: Final Judgement

Great Old Ones Pantheon (1)


  • Passive: Prey on Fear
  • A1a: Sanity Break
  • A1b: Sever
  • A2a: The Mire
  • A2b: Devastate
  • A3a: Rushing Terror
  • A3b: Transfuse
  • Ultimate: Descend Into Madness

Greek Pantheon (22)


  • Passive: Gift of the Gods
  • A1: Shield of Achilles
  • A2: Radiant Glory
  • A3: Combat Dodge
  • Ultimate: Fatal Strike


  • Passive: Center of Attention
  • A1: Kiss
  • A2: Back Off!
  • A3: Love Birds
  • Ultimate: Undying Love


  • Passive: Audacity
  • A1: So Beautiful
  • A2: Serenade
  • A3: The Moves
  • Ultimate: Across the Sky


  • Passive: Predator
  • A1: Venomous Bite
  • A2: Cocoon
  • A3: Web
  • Ultimate: Night Crawler


  • Passive: Blessed Presence
  • A1: Shackles
  • A2: Bolster Defenses
  • A3: Searing Flesh
  • Ultimate: No Escape


  • Passive: Still Target
  • A1: Transgressor’s Fate
  • A2: Vengeful Assault
  • A3: Suppress the Insolent
  • Ultimate: Calydonian Boar


  • Passive: Reach
  • A1: Preemptive Strike
  • A2: Confound
  • A3: Shield Wall
  • Ultimate: Defender of Olympus


  • Passive: The Astrolabe
  • A1: Unburden
  • A2: Gravity Pull
  • A3: Kinetic Charge
  • Ultimate: Gamma-Ray Burst


  • Passive: Spirit of Death
  • A1: Paralyzing Spit
  • A2: Ghastly Breath
  • A3: Soul Expulsion
  • Ultimate: Stygian Torment


  • Passive: Raging Tides
  • A1: Spike Shot
  • A2: Capsize
  • A3: Whirlpool Form
  • Ultimate: The Maw Hungers


  • Passive: Herbal Medicine
  • A1: Training Exercise
  • A2: Masterful Shot
  • A3: Giddyup!
  • Ultimate: Centaurus


  • Passive: Time Lord
  • A1: Time Rift
  • A2: Accelerate
  • A3: Stop Time
  • Ultimate: Rewind


  • Passive: Blight
  • A1: Death From Below
  • A2: Shroud of Darkness
  • A3: Devour Souls
  • Ultimate: Pillar of Agony


  • Passive: Commanding Presence
  • A1: Royal Assault
  • A2: Polymorph
  • A3: Divine Shroud
  • Ultimate: Argus, the Defender


  • Passive: Sidewinder
  • A1: Viper Shot
  • A2: Acid Spray
  • A3: Lacerate
  • Ultimate: Petrify


  • Passive: Scales of Fate
  • A1: Swift Vengeance
  • A2: Slice and Dice
  • A3: Retribution
  • Ultimate: Divine Judgement


  • Passive: To Victory!
  • A1: Rend
  • A2: Barrier Formation
  • A3: Valiant Leap
  • Ultimate: Sentinel of Zeus


  • Passive: Pomegranate Seeds
  • A1: Bone Rush
  • A2: Harvest
  • A3: Flourish
  • Ultimate: Grasp of Death


  • Passive: Changing Tides
  • A1: Tidal Surge
  • A2: Trident
  • A3: Whirlpool
  • Ultimate: Release the Kraken!


  • Passive: Quick Learner
  • A1: Sic ‘Em
  • A2: Crush
  • A3: Sentinel
  • Ultimate: I’m a Monster


  • Passive: Harvester of Souls
  • A1: Death Scythe
  • A2: Scent of Death
  • A3: Soul Reap
  • Ultimate: Hovering Death


  • Passive: Overcharge
  • A1: Chain Lightning
  • A2: Aegis Assault
  • A3: Detonate Charge
  • Ultimate: Lightning Storm

Hindu Pantheon (9)


  • Passive: Combustion
  • A1: Noxious Fumes
  • A2: Flame Wave
  • A3: Path of Flames
  • Ultimate: Rain Fire


  • Passive: Insatiable Hunger
  • A1: Take Down
  • A2: Eat Minion
  • A3: Butcher Blades
  • Ultimate: Regurgitate


  • Passive: Good Fortune
  • A1: Turn of Fate
  • A2: Ohm
  • A3: Remove Obstacles
  • Ultimate: Dharmic Pillars


  • Passive: Marked for Death
  • A1: Nimble Strike
  • A2: Lash
  • A3: Incense
  • Ultimate: Destruction


  • Passive: Sleepy
  • A1: Throw Back
  • A2: Groggy Strike
  • A3: Mighty Yawn
  • Ultimate: Epic Uppercut


  • Passive: Astral Quiver
  • A1: Astral Strike
  • A2: Infinite Arrows
  • A3: Rolling Assault
  • Ultimate: Astral Barrage


  • Passive: Chain of Blows
  • A1: Prana Onslaught
  • A2: Overhead Kick
  • A3: 10-Hand Shadow Fist
  • Ultimate: Mystic Rush


  • Passive: Samsara
  • A1: Emblazoned Sweep
  • A2: Damaru’s Tempo
  • A3: Pillar of Dawn
  • Ultimate: Shiva Tandava


  • Passive: Sleeping Giant
  • A1: Clear the Path
  • A2: Armored Umbrella
  • A3: Umbrellarang
  • Ultimate: Colossal Fury

Japanese Pantheon (8)


  • Passive: Illuminating Strike
  • A1: Divine Presence
  • A2: Heavenly Reflection
  • A3: Glorious Charge
  • Ultimate: Dazzling Offensive


  • Passive: Dubious Savings
  • A1: Fool’s Gold
  • A2: Alluring Spirits
  • A3: Tanuki Trickery
  • Ultimate: Uproarious Rocket


  • Passive: Master of Arms
  • A1: Eagle Eye
  • A2: Heavenly Banner
  • A3: Iaijutsu
  • Ultimate: Mounted Archery


  • Passive: Death Draws Nigh
  • A1: Sickle Storm
  • A2: Spectral Projection
  • A3: Fade Away
  • Ultimate: Dark Portal


  • Passive: Water Bowl
  • A1: NeNe Kappa
  • A2: Shell Spikes
  • A3: Sumo Slam
  • Ultimate: Watery Grave


  • Passive: Charged Tempo
  • A1: Percussive Storm
  • A2: Raiju
  • A3: Thunder Crash
  • Ultimate: Taiko Drums


  • Passive: Gathering Storm
  • A1: Storm Kata
  • A2: Wind Siphon
  • A3: Jet Stream
  • Ultimate: Typhoon


  • Passive: Shingetsu & Mangetsu
  • A1: Dark Moon Shuriken
  • A2: Kusarigama
  • A3: Silver Moon Caltrops
  • Ultimate: Piercing Moonlight

Maya Pantheon (9)

Ah Muzen Cab

  • Passive: Bees!
  • A1: Hive
  • A2: Swarm
  • A3: Honey
  • Ultimate: Stinger

Ah Puch

  • Passive: Hollow Ground
  • A1: Undead Surge
  • A2: Corpse Explosion
  • A3: Fleeting Breath
  • Ultimate: Empty the Crypts


  • Passive: Initiative
  • A1: Summon Suku
  • A2: Feather Step
  • A3: Moonlight Charge
  • Ultimate: Gravity Surge


  • Passive: Shadow Zone
  • A1: Seismic Crush
  • A2: Refraction Shield
  • A3: Tremors
  • Ultimate: Tectonic Shift


  • Passive: Essence Drinker
  • A1: Screech
  • A2: Vampire Bats
  • A3: Devour
  • Ultimate: Bat Out of Hell


  • Passive: Overflow
  • A1: Thunder Strike
  • A2: Torrent
  • A3: Rain Dance
  • Ultimate: Storm Call

Hun Batz

  • Passive: Infused Strikes
  • A1: Somersault
  • A2: Overhand Smash
  • A3: Sacred Monkey
  • Ultimate: Fear No Evil


  • Passive: Power of the Wind Jewel
  • A1: Zephyr
  • A2: Slipstream
  • A3: Whirlwind
  • Ultimate: Spirit of the Nine Winds


  • Passive: Dead of Night
  • A1: Branching Bola
  • A2: Poison Darts
  • A3: Rising Jaguar
  • Ultimate: Darkest of Nights

Norse Pantheon (15)


  • Passive: Endless Greed
  • A1: Cursed Strength
  • A2: Coerce
  • A3: Underhanded Tactics
  • Ultimate: Draconic Corruption


  • Passive: Unbound Runes
  • A1: Unchained
  • A2: Seething Howl
  • A3: Brutalize
  • Ultimate: Ragnarok


  • Passive: Brisingamen’s Blessing
  • A1: Irradiate
  • A2: Pulse
  • A3: Banish
  • Ultimate: Valkyrie’s Discretion


  • Passive: The Vigilant
  • A1: Piercing Sight
  • A2: Gjallarhorn
  • A3: The Bifrost
  • Ultimate: Through the Realms


  • Passive: Stance Attunement
  • A1: Decay (Restoration)
  • A2: Hinder (Cleanse)
  • A3: Repulse (Inspire)
  • Ultimate: Switch Stances


  • Passive: Immovable
  • A1: Venomous Haze
  • A2: Consuming Bellow
  • A3: Submerge
  • Ultimate: The World Serpent


  • Passive: Behind You!
  • A1: Vanish
  • A2: Agonizing Visions
  • A3: Flurry Strike
  • Ultimate: Assassinate


  • Passive: Path to Valhalla
  • A1: Lunge
  • A2: Raven Shout
  • A3: Gungnir’s Might
  • Ultimate: Ring of Spears


  • Passive: Acorn of Yggdrasil
  • A1: Dart
  • A2: Flurry
  • A3: Acorn Blast
  • Ultimate: Through the Cosmos


  • Passive: Kaldr, The Winter Wolf
  • A1: Piercing Cold
  • A2: Rune of the Hunt
  • A3: Permafrost
  • Ultimate: Winter’s Grasp


  • Passive: Unstable Manifestation
  • A1: Radiance
  • A2: Stellar Burst
  • A3: Disapparate
  • Ultimate: Supernova


  • Passive: Warrior’s Madness
  • A1: Mjolnir’s Attunement
  • A2: Tectonic Rift
  • A3: Berserker Barrage
  • Ultimate: Anvil of Dawn


  • Passive: Unyielding
  • A1: Fearless
  • A2: Power Cleave
  • A3: Change Stance
  • Ultimate: Lawbringer


  • Passive: Weapon Master
  • A1: Bladed Arrow (Thrown Axe)
  • A2: Expose Weakness (Invigorate)
  • A3: Hail of Arrows (Glory Bound)
  • Ultimate: Wield Axes (Wield Bow)


  • Passive: Frostbite
  • A1: Ice Wall
  • A2: Glacial Strike
  • A3: Frost Breath
  • Ultimate: Shards of Ice

Polynesian Pantheon (2)


  • Passive: Manaiakalani
  • A1: Master Fisherman
  • A2: Mystical Ulua
  • A3: Solar Swing
  • Ultimate: Landfall


  • Passive: Everlasting Flame
  • A1: Pyroclast
  • A2: Eruption
  • A3: Magma Rush
  • Ultimate: Volcanic Lightning

Roman Pantheon (11)


  • Passive: Drunk-O-Meter
  • A1: Chug
  • A2: Belly Flop
  • A3: Belch of the Gods
  • Ultimate: Intoxicate


  • Passive: Master of War
  • A1: Shield Bash
  • A2: Bludgeon
  • A3: Scourge
  • Ultimate: Eagle’s Rally


  • Passive: Lovestruck
  • A1: Heart Bomb
  • A2: Share the Love
  • A3: Flutter
  • Ultimate: Fields of Love


  • Passive: Contest of Gods
  • A1: Unruly Magic
  • A2: Strife
  • A3: Erratic Behaviour
  • Ultimate: Golden Apple of Discord


  • Passive: Strength From Pain
  • A1: Driving Strike
  • A2: Earthbreaker
  • A3: Mitigate Wounds
  • Ultimate: Excavate


  • Passive: Passages
  • A1: Portal
  • A2: Unstable Vortex
  • A3: Threshold
  • Ultimate: Through Space and Time


  • Passive: Fastest God Alive
  • A1: Made You Look
  • A2: Maximum Velocity
  • A3: Special Delivery
  • Ultimate: Sonic Boom


  • Passive: Flame of the Night
  • A1: Shadow Lock
  • A2: Siphon Darkness
  • A3: Shadow Step
  • Ultimate: Night Terror


  • Passive: Nature’s Bounty
  • A1: Verdant Growth
  • A2: Wisps
  • A3: Nature’s Grasp
  • Ultimate: Wrath of Terra


  • Passive: Standing Stones
  • A1: Force of Nature
  • A2: Crushing Earth
  • A3: Monolith
  • Ultimate: Earthen Fury


  • Passive: Master Craftsman
  • A1: Backfire
  • A2: Inferno Cannon
  • A3: Magma Bomb
  • Ultimate: Earthshaker

Slavic Pantheon (2)

Baba Yaga

  • Passive: Creeping Cabin
  • A1: Wild Witchcraft
  • A2: Baba’s Brew
  • A3: Blast Off!
  • Ultimate: Home Sweet Home


  • Passive: Heart of Cold
  • A1: Crystallised Curses
  • A2: Vicious Barrage
  • A3: Into Darkness
  • Ultimate: Living Nightmare

Voodoo Pantheon (1)

Baron Samedi

  • Passive: Hysteria
  • A1: Vivid Gaze
  • A2: Consign Spirits
  • A3: Wrap It Up
  • Ultimate: Life of the Party

Yoruba Pantheon (2)


  • Passive: Touch of Fate
  • A1: Focused Light
  • A2: Overflowing Divinity
  • A3: Consecration
  • Ultimate: Sanctified Field


  • Passive: Omi
  • A1: Bouncing Bubble (Moonstrike)
  • A2: Mending Waters
  • A3: Riptide
  • Ultimate: River’s Rebuke

While these metrics can often get skewed once the developers release a new character, they still show which characters are popular at the moment. Here are the top 10 most popular Smite characters in patch 9.10 (results based on the analysis of 62,335 normal conquest matches from Data sourced from

  1. Maui (17,643 matches)
  2. Thor (12,878 matches)
  3. Hades (10,968 matches)
  4. Ishtar (10,153 matches)
  5. Thanatos (9,869 matches)
  6. Cernunnos (9,789 matches)
  7. Ymir (9,370 matches)
  8. Neith (9,285 matches)
  9. Izanami (8,791 matches)
  10. Poseidon (8,771 matches)

How To Unlock Smite Characters

There are three primary methods of unlocking Smite characters:

  1. Playing the game – By playing the game and earning experience, the player can unlock characters when they accumulate Favor (an in-game currency).
  2. Using Gems – Gems are obtained by paying a certain amount of real-life money. This method doesn’t require you to play the game and instead, you can pay for a certain amount of Gems and use them to unlock new characters.
  3. Buying the Ultimate God Pack – While this is the most expensive option, it unlocks all past, present, and future Gods, meaning you’ll be able to just enjoy the game, without having to think about earning Favor.

Best Smite Characters at the Moment

The newest character has just recently been released (Maui) so we don’t really have a lot of information on how the characters compare against each other at the moment. On top of that, quite a lot of changes were introduced in patch 9.10 that will definitely shake up the strength of most of the characters.

Still, the following Reddit thread does give important insight into what the community thinks, even if it’s for the last patch. If you’re planning on betting on Smite, then it’s best to wait and see how the newest patch changes things because your bets might be based on expired information – plus, you wouldn’t want to waste your betting bonus by rushing your bets!

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Smite Characters FAQs

At the time of writing, Smite has 123 characters, with more on the way.

Characters get released every 2-3 months on a yearly basis, so we usually have around 5-6 new characters each year.

There are 16 Pantheons in which the Gods are sorted.

The newest Smite characters is Maui; the second character to be added to the Polynesian Pantheon.

Yes, you can bet on Smite esports tournaments. Simply find a bookie you like, create an account, connect your payment method, and begin your Smite betting adventure!

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