Digibet closed its esports section

Ocelote DigibetLike some esports betting fans already recognized, the online bookie Digibet closed down its esports section. Up until May 2013 it was possible to place bets on the League of Legends LCS. We especially liked the special bets Digibet offered for some matches, like first baron kill or pentakills. Anyhow Digibet still offers bets on the usual sports like Football, Basketball and Hockey which always have been the corebusiness of the bookie. There hasnt been any oficial statement why they choose to close down their esports betting section, but we will keep you updated if there are any news about it.

The decision came a bit sudden, since Digibet invested alot in its campain with Ocelote, from League of Legends team SK Gaming to push esports betting. We would be very happy if Digibet will once start again to offer bets on esports and maybe some of you can write an email to their support asking for exactly that.


Alternatives for bets on esports

At the moment the biggest bookie for bets on esports is Pinnacle. The american booky offers alot of bets on matches for Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends of course. Furthermore Pinnacle has mostly the best odds at the bets they offer. You can read more about Pinnacle in our bookie review.

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