The LoL Challenger Teams are hungry for promotion

Leagueoflegends-logo-LCS2014-transparent-kleinAfter an entire season of grinding forward into the Challenger ladder, only three teams have made it to the top spot. These teams were granted the passage to the LCS as they will be facing the bottom three relegated teams from their respective regions in the LCS Summer Promotion. These teams have started out in the Challenger Series but now they have the chance to become one of the best in their region and play it big on the LCS stage.

Joining the stage in the upcoming Promotion Tournament for both North American and European Regions are Cloud 0 HyperX Eclipse, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Denial eSports for the EU LCS and LMQ, Cloud 9 Tempest, and Complexity.Black for the NA LCS. Wo will make it into the LCS!?

Summer Promotion Challengers EU

The LCS EU Summer Promotion tournament is running from 04/24 to 04/25 2014

Cloud 9 Eclipse

Cloud 9 HyperX LoL Team LogoCloud 9 Eclipse is the European branch of the Cloud 9 organization. Formerly known as Apples is sour, the team was picked up by the Cloud 9 organization when the team reached the number one spot in the Team Ranked Challenger Ladder. The team then branded themselves as Cloud 9 HyperX Eclipse after the got the sponsorship from Kingston HyperX. This will be the first time that an organization will have both of their teams in both region. Cloud 9 Eclipse is joined by Odoamne as top laner, k0u as their jungler, Febiven as mid laner, Hjarnan as AD carry, and Voidle, the former Gambit Gaming support player. Cloud 9 Eclipse has been a very strong force in the EU Challenger Series and have beaten NiP with a 3-0 score. If Eclipse can bring down destruction over a former LCS team then there is a great chance that they can play at the LCS Stage. Chances are, they can take out all three of the relegated teams.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP LoL Team LogoThe once glorious team of Ninjas in Pyjamas has had a very colorful history in the EU LCS. They were once playing in the LCS Stage but were later knocked out of the standings and into the Spring Promotion Tournament for Season 4. By that time, they were to face the relatively unknown Kiedys Mialem Team wherein they would become Team Roccat. NiP was the heavy crowd favorite at the time but jaws were dropped when the soon to be Team Roccat won a clean sweep of 3-0 series against them. Although the team lost the tournament, they were able to get a spot at the Challenger Series and worked their way up to the standings. And now, here they are trying to make it big again.

NiP has had such a colorful history in the EU LCS that they may likely be back for another round this Summer. But, things have changed for the team as Hulberto has replaced hyrqbot as the jungler while Freeze and Mithy retains their synergy at the bottom lane. There is still a bit of a hesitation for the team to get back into the LCS but if they are matched up against a fractured team like Millenium then they are surely winning their way back to the LCS.

Denial eSports

Logo LoL Team Denial esportsDenial eSports, mainly Denial.EU, is formed by the former Departed team with members Babunia, Kikis, niQ, Woolite, and SuperAZE. The team is relatively unknown to the scene but they have shown quite a hint of greatness to the game. If they were to be in the LCS stage, it would take them a huge luck to defeat some of the relegated teams. And even if they were able to get through to the Promotion Tournament, they will surely have a hard time facing teams like Fnatic and Gambit but it will help them be a much better team. As of now, Denial.EU would have to suffice themselves playing the Challenger scene for a while.

Those 3 teams will face either one of the bottom 2 teams of the LCS EU Spring Split (Millenium or Supa Hot Crew) or the Copenhagen Wolves who finished last at the LCS EU Spring Playoffs 2014.

Summer Promotion Challengers NA

The LCS NA Summer Promotion tournament is running from 04/26 to 04/27 2014


Logo LoL Team LMQLMQ iBUYPOWER is probably the strongest team that comes from the Challenger Series. LMQ is the former sister team of the Season 3 World Championship second place Royal Club. But, they departed mainland China to compete in the Challenger Series in USA and has now become one of the most hyped team in the NA LCS. LMQ was also offered to play in the North American Challenger Scene or NACL where they dominated every team and had a record of 18-4. They were the NACL champion. Rumors have circulated that Royal Club's star player AD Carry Uzi would be brough to the team if they are able to grab a slot at the NA LCS. As of now, the team's roster include ackerman at the top, NoName at the jungle, XiaoWeiXiao at mid, Vasilii and Mor at the bottom.

There is no doubt that this Chinese team will wreck havoc into the Summer Promotion Tournament and have the highest possibility of defeating every other team in the NA LCS including TSM and Cloud 9. Fans have awaited their inevitable arrival at the LCS stage and the pro players as well as the analyst are having no doubts about it. LMQ is the strongest Challenger team in the NA region right now and it shows.

Cloud 9 Tempest

Logo LoL Team CLoud9 HypberX TempestCloud 9 Tempest is another team from the Cloud 9 organization that has risen to the top spot at the Challenger Series. If Tempest goes through to the Promotion Tournament, it will be the first time that the NA LCS will have two teams from the same organization fighting for the the prize. Cloud 9 Tempest is no stranger in the professional scene. They were once a team that had the chance to make it to the LCS as Team The Walking Zed but fell short of getting the spot. Cloud 9 Tempest is joined by Yazuki, KOR Kez, Bischu, Altec, and Gleebglarbu. A few months ago, everyone was half-guessing that The Walking Zed would either do well or get stomped in the LCS but as they were preparing for their time in the Challenger Series, they have enhanced their team synergy and are now more ready to take on the head honchos of the LCS. Tempest will surely get into the LCS this time. Riot Games have not commented on any rules or regulations regarding two teams of the same banner inside the LCS.


Logo Lol Team Complexity BlackAnother team with a colorful history in the professional team as well as in the community is Complexity.Black. They were formerly known as Determined Gaming and had a chance to play in the Season 4 Spring Promotion Tournament. They played against Evil Geniuses and failed to qualify for the spring split. After their defeat, the team announced that they will be playing together as a team to get back into the LCS and now that Complexity has acquired their roster, they stand a chance. Will they be able to get their revenge on Evil Geniuses this time? After some good time together, there is a huge possibility that they will once again meet Evil Geniuses at the LCS Stage.

The 3 Challenger teams form North America will face either one of the bottom two teams of the LCS NA Spring Split (XDG, Evil Geniuses) or the team ending up on the last place during the LCS NA Spring Playoffs.

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