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Aside from the headlines of the start of the LoL World Championship tournament starting this week on Thursday, a few members of the League community has been dropped, an LCS player is once again fined for a violation, details on the Expansion tournament, and more coming right up on this week's LCS Newsfeed.

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09/18/2014: LoL Worlds: Group Stage #1 | Day 1

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Cop Released From Curse

cop - former Curse ADC

Cop has been released from Team Curse

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseOut of the blue, Curse has released Cop from their original roster. Cop has been one of the few original members of the Curse team since the start of the LCS and according to their post, the organization has found it hard to release him. In this surprising move, the community is caught blindsided knowing that Cop is one of the more consistent players of the team. Although Curse has seen rotations of players from the team all throughout their run in the LCS, this is one of the few that has surprised many since no one expected Cop to be released.

Their official statement can be found here:

Svenskeren Fined And Suspended For Racist Name

svenskeren - Jungler of SK Gaming

Svenskeren will miss the first 3 matches of LoL Worlds

Logo of LCS EU Team SK GamingIn other news, Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen of SK Gaming has once again irked people with his racist comments. This time, the jungler named his Taiwanese summoner name as “TaiwanChingChong” which has offended a lot of Taiwanese summoners that it has been brought up to Taiwanese media. The name stemmed from an incident wherein Svenskeren was playing Solo Queue when a fan was on his team. The fan was a high school kid who was very eager and excited so he shared his experience at the forums. Little did the poor kid knew that Svenskeren was teasing him with how poor his English skills were hence renaming his Summoner name as well as making rude and racist comments.

With that, Riot Taiwan and Riot Games have issued a statement regarding the matter. Riot Games revealed that Svenskeren has had many relapses when it comes to violation in the past and this time it was as early as late July. Because of that, Riot Games was forced to fine him with $2,500 and a ban for the first three games of the World Championship 2014. This goes to show that even a professional player needs to be controlled when it comes to racism. Sveskeren will be replaced by Gilius during the first 3 matches during the LoL Worlds. Meanwhile, SK Gaming has issued a public apology on the matter. You can check it out here:

Riot's official statement can also be found here:

SKT T1 K: Piglet, Poohmandu, and H0ro Out

SK Telecom T1 K - OGN TeamOn the other side of the Globe, a major shakeup hits Season 3 World Champions SKT T1 K as Piglet, Poohmandu, and H0ro have been released from the organization. Piglet, the AD carry, has decided to take a break for a while to think about his future while Poohmandu has officially retired from the scene and would like to go back to school. H0ro, on the other hand, has plans on going international. Tryouts will be held for the spots left by the members in due time. The team has been lackluster in the last split wherein they were not able to grab a spot at Worlds.

The official Korean statement can be found here and the quick translation can be found on Reddit link below:

LCS Expansion Tournament Details Released

Late last month, Riot Games have announced that the teams in the LCS Season 5 will expand from eight to ten next season and will hold an Expansion Tournament after the Promotion Tournament. In lieu of that, Riot Games have officially announced the details of the tournament. The tournament will be held from November 15 until December 21 in their respective LCS regions. It will feature 13 teams from the Promotion tournament, Ranked 5s ladder, and Challenger Series Playoffs. Both regions will feature two rounds of online competition first before they proceed to live broadcast from ESL's Burbank studio in North America and the ESL studio in Cologne, Germany. There are also additional rules to the tournament including the ownership of the team as well as its players. LCS players cannot be acquired not until the official season has ended. Find out more on the Expansion Tournament here.

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