LCS EU |Season 4| 2014 – Week 6 Preview

Week 5 of European LCS continued and teams from lower echelon of the standings are slowly inching their way up to the top. Fnatic continues their losing streak this time with the game against SK Gaming as well as Millennium which was the lowest ranking team in the EU LCS from Week 4. In their game against SK Gaming, Fnatic kept on losing out on objective control hence they were not able to take control of the game most of the time. Another great moment from the Week 5 of the LCS is when Froggen reverted to his old favorite Anivia during their game against Roccat. Although Froggen and Alliance had the early game advantage with him gaining a significant lead, the team soon fell apart during a very long team fight at the top lane inhibitor tower that extended up to the top outer tower of the Purple team. That huge teamfight soon reversed their fate as Roccat was able to grab Baron and headed out to finish the game. Honorable mention goes to Millennium for beating the top team of the LCS and enhance their standing in the LCS.

LCS EU Season 4 Week 6 Facts

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  • 02/20 – 02/21 – 2014
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Schedule and Odds – EU Week 6

Nearly half of the matches of the LCS EU Spring Split are played as we are heading towards Week 6 of the League of Legends Champion Ship 2014. Take a look at the schedule and LoL bets provided by Pinnacle Sports, eSportsventure and Datbet. Please notice that the odds may have changed by now! At the time we made this odd comparison eSportsventure and Datbet have not had odds for the full schedule of Week 6. You can check the websites by following the link below the charts. Find detailed predictions as well as aproximate starting time for each match below.

schedule LCS EU week 6 with betting odds

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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 6 Day 1

MIL vs CW (February 20 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Millennium showed great promise when they were fighting against Fnatic. They provided great rotation and teamfight presence in their match against Fnatic on Day 2. Aranaea was able to provide great ganks as Lee Sin and the rest of the team were able to capitalize on Fnatic's mistake as well as disadvantages. If Millennium can continue playing like this then they will be able to beat out the Copenhagen Wolves in a very easy match. Watch out for Aranaea to once again provide kills for his team.

Prediction: Millennium once again shows ultimate dominance in laning and both teamfights.

GMB vs ROC (February 20 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

By Week 6, Gambit have run into several problems regarding their lineup. Alex Ich, Darien, and Diamondprox will not be playing for the team this week as they have run into visa issues. With that, they will be recruiting substitute players in order to fill in the blanks for the team. This can lead to some problems for the team. Having players with no synergy to the remaining members of the team have proven to be very problematic for the entire team. Roccat can instantly take advantage of the fact that Gambit's full roster is not playing. All they need to do is to focus on banning out Edward and Genja at the bot lane and focus them during the laning phase in order to shut them down. But, the problem with this is that Gambit can recruit sub players that are up to par with Alex Ich and the crew so Roccat still needs to be careful with playing. Overall, Gambit will surely suffer even more losses for this week than ever before.

Prediction: With Alex Ich, Diamondprox, and Darien out of contention, Gambit will surely fall.

SHC vs FNC (February 20 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

Fnatic have slowly declined in the standings. Even though they are still at the top three, they should never be complacent now that we are nearly halfway through the split. Supa Hot Crew have shown great improvement during their match against Alliance last week. What Supa Hot Crew needs to do is to shut down xPeke or ban him right out of the gate as he is the glue that holds the entire team together. Once that is done, expect Impaler and Migxa to carry the lanes for Supa Hot Crew's team. Nevertheless, Fnatic can learn from their mistake and take the last few weeks as downtime for them. Fnatic will surely try to re-energize themselves and see where they can go from there or try new champions like Lulu mid lane to see if they can outwit the Crew.

Prediction: There is a likely chance that Fnatic will continue their losing streak this week against the Crew.

SK vs ALL (February 20 13:00PST/ 22:00CET)

There is an ongoing joke for Alliance only winning in even numbered weeks. In fact, that joke itself is the statement that Alliance is very inconsistent. In odd weeks, you see them getting stomped but in even numbered weeks you get to see them destroying their enemies left and right. Whatever mystical mojo is going on during those even numbered weeks, they will surely need to grab hold of it for the odd numbered weeks. Alliance have grown well as they head into the week 6. Froggen's play with Gragas and Kayle have been phenomenal. He was able to shred Lissandra in just two hits with his Kayle in their game against Supa Hot Crew. If they are able to spot what works and what does not and clean out their sloppy performance then they can go on and win every week from now on.

Prediction: Considering this is an even numbered week, bets are on for Alliance to get things done.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 6 Day 2

FNC vs CW (February 21 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

If Fnatic needs to win a game in order to get their grove back, then their game against the Copenhagen Wolves should be the game that can turn their fortunes around. The Wolves have a clear strategy in mind which is why most teams are able to beat them. The Wolves love to play with most flavor of the month picks which means that they adapt well but they do not have the fallback champions to go to unlike Fnatic. Fnatic needs to go hyperdrive in this match if they want to regain the momentum that they had in the first few weeks of the split. Watch out for xPeke to lead the pack this time in order to get them out of the woods.

Prediction: If they find it within themselves to regain the energy they lost, Fnatic will win this match.

GMB vs SHC (February 21 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

Gambit's visa issues will continue on in Day 2 of Week 6 of the EU LCS. Supa Hot Crew is currently on a roll and now is the time that the Crew should take advantage of the absence of three Gambit players. But, what the Crew should be careful of are the substitute players. If Gambit recruits players that are in the same level of gameplay as Alex Ich, Darien, and Diamondprox, they run a chance of getting blindsided with how good the players are without even knowing the downside of each player. Supa Hot Crew needs to tread on careful waters during the first few minutes of the game. Once they get the hang of the new players, they can easily adapt and move forward.

Prediction: Chances are, with Gambit still looking for substitute players as of now means that they are not able to practice well with the team. Hence, the Crew should take advantage of the game.

ROC vs SK (February 21 13:00PST/ 22:00CET)

Roccat has finally grabbed the top spot since both Fnatic and Gambit are on a losing streak. If Roccat can continue to win games then they can extend the lead far enough that not even Fnatic can catch up. Roccat should be able to beat SK if they continue to play like in the past weeks. Watch out for Jankos and Xaxus to increase the lead in this uneven match.

Prediction: Roccat further increase their lead in the standings.


LCS EU Team MilleniumLCS EU Team AllianceMIL vs ALL

(February 21 14:00PST/ 23:00CET)

Millennium's new found energy will surely be a match for the mystical Alliance. After studying their mistakes in the past weeks, Millennium have finally gotten to understand their place in the EU LCS and re-invigorated their strategies. This was evident in their match against Fnatic when they clearly had the edge at both laning phase and team fights. What Millennium needs to improve more is objective control since Aranaea is always ganking in lanes. Millennium also needs to tighten their teamfights as well as there are a few obvious mistakes during their match against Fnatic. If they can grow as a team, then they can take this win against Alliance even in an even-numbered week.

Alliance has everything going for them this week. This is an even-numbered week which means that they are surely going to get a win no matter what. Another is they are able to enjoy a win even on an odd-numbered week hence they know they have what it takes to win this match. The only thing that will hinder them is the fact that they make obvious mistakes. Mistakes that Millennium is known to capitalize from. If they are able to prevent any mistakes or cover it up with an explosive teamfight or objective control then they will stand a chance against a re-invigorated Millennium.

Prediction: 50-50 chance that both teams can take the win.

Standings EU (before week 6)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 ROCCAT 12 9 3
2 Gambit Gaming 12 8 4
3 Fnatic 12 7 5
4 Supa Hot Crew 12 6 6
5 SK Gaming 12 6 6
6 Copenhagen Wolves 12 4 8
7 Alliance 12 4 8
8 Millenium 12 4 8

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