LCS EU | Season 4 |Spring Split 2014 – Week 3 Preview


Season 4 | Spring Split | Week 3

It was clear that Week 1 of the EU LCS would be dominated by teams that had the most experience with pro tournaments. It was also the time for newer teams to study their opponents and come up with a good strategy and find their own identity in the LCS. With Fnatic and Gambit leading the pack, there was a clear division in the EU LCS after Week 1 but Week 2 changed everything. Teams were now able to get a good grasp of their competition and have formed several other strategies to counter the current lineup. This was clearly evident with Team Roccat as they have risen to the occassion and landed themselves in the second spot right after the undefeated Fnatic. Roccat was able to jump across the standings board to second place with the help of their two victories during Week 2. Alliance also had their first win of the LCS during this week but continue to suffer from poor synergy as well but only time will tell as the team begins to understand themselvse and their capabilities.

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LCS EU Season 4 Week 3 Facts

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Week 3 will feature even more surprise picks from different teams as Week 2 has served us a hefty amount of odd ball picks such as Kennen support and Mordekaiser mid. For all none-believers: Cloud 9 picked Teemo during Super Week 1. Pantheon is slowly becoming a staple in the jungle and Trundle is becoming the counter pick for the tanks at the top lane. Kayle continues to dominate the mid lane as Jinx is likely becoming the queen of the late game carries.

Schedule and Odds – EU Week 3

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Schedule LCS EU week 3 with betting odds

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 3 Day 1

Gambit vs Alliance (January 30 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Week 2 for Gambit has been 50-50. Surely their Kennen support worked perfectly against SK Gaming even pulling out a 1 vs 1 against the enemy carry but it didn't bode well for their next game. It was a hit or miss champion pick. However, with Alliance's current problems Gambit might take away another win if they can harness the power of their odd ball champion picks such as Zed jungle and Kennen support. Alliance might go for a 2 v 1 fast push but the current 4.1 patch makes it difficult for teams to go with such strategy hence they are forced to play at the bottom lane. Gambit is in a really good position to take this win if Alliance does not continue to evolve and enhance their team synergy.

Prediction: Gambit Gaming.


LCS EU Team Fnatic: all 5 members

LCS EU Team Roccat: all 5 members

Roccat vs Fnatic
(January 30 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

This is one of the two matches that needs to be watched this week. Fnatic has gone 5-0 in the first two weeks of the LCS and Roccat is slowly inching their way to grab the top spot. If Roccat wins this match, they will take the number one spot. But, as we all know Fnatic will not let that happen. Fnatic has always been successful with their comfort picks of Kassadin mid, Leona and Jinx bottom lane as well as following the tank meta of the patch but Roccat are bound to have a few surprises against Fnatic with their recent odd picks to counter and carry the game. Overall, it will come down to skills and based on the performance for each team Fnatic and Roccat have got what it takes to make this one an interesting match.

Roccat needs to find a good counter pick to Fnatic's current strategy. If they continue to surprise both the audience and their opponents with unconventional picks such as Mordekaiser and Pantheon then they can blindside Fnatic and dominate the game. But, it is also a double edge sword as Fnatic has always been able to squeeze a few good punches during the laning phase with their awesome synergy. The laning phase will be much significant since teamfights are largely affected by how they do well in the laning phase and that is if both teams want to secure a victory for this game as it will all come down to skills and mechanics.

Prediction: Can go either way. Edge Fnatic.

Supa Hot Crew vs SK (January 30 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

After a disastrous second week, Supa Hot Crew is in need for improvement when it comes to their decision making. Luckily for them, they are up against a struggling team as well. SK Gaming has a few bumps and mishaps along the way but they when they play strong, they come out strong. This will be a tough challenge for SHC as they also have the same problems with SK Gaming. Either way, if both teams can clean up their act and whoever learns the most from their matchups against other teams will most likely be awarded with a win. But, based on the performance over the past two weeks SK Gaming will most likely get another point to stay in the middle of the pack while SHC takes the last place.

Prediction: SK Gaming wins.

CW vs Fnatic (January 30 13:00PST / 22:00CET)

The last match of the day will feature Copenhagen Wolves in an attempt to get themselves to the top half of the split. If they get this game, they will move on to having a 4-3 standing but would still be in the fourth place. The Wolves have suffered a few questionable lineups in the past week which was evident in Week 2 but they have overcome it with good mechanical skills especially with Youngbuck, Overpow and Amazing. If they are able to dominate the laning phase, they stand a good chance at defeating the king of the split.

Prediction: 70 percent chance that Fnatic will get the point while Wolves' chances are a bit of the downside but they can still play it well especially during the laning phase.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 3 Day 2

Alliance vs SK (January 31 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Alliance has seen the power of victory boosting the morale of the team while SK Gaming continues to flounder around in the middle of the pack. If Alliance can ride the momentum and continue to sharpen their team synergy and decision making especially with champion picks and rotations then they can defeat SK Gaming even with their odd ball picks like Galio support. But, it does not mean that SK will lie down and die. They do show a sign of brilliance especially when they play together very well and it showed during that Galio pick. nRated knows when to carry his team even as a support which is why he picked Galio in order to serve his opponents to his team mates in a glorious fashion. Nevertheless, Alliance can pull it off and start making things happen as they were predicted to do.

Prediction: Alliance can take this one for now.

SHC vs CW (January 31 12:00PST/ 20:00CET)

If the Wolves beat Fnatic in their last match up then they have what it takes to bring down the last place team but the last place team is also the most dangerous team since they have the power to bring down a couple more teams especially during the playoffs. Even as early as now, teams should be able to secure a win no matter what and play competitively even if they are against an easy to beat team. However, if SHC continues to grow and learn while we are still at the early stages of the split, they can become a force to be reckon with come the later weeks. But for now, the Wolves should be able to breathe easy with another win against the SHC.

Prediction: Wolves.

SK vs Roccat (January 31 13:00PST/ 21:00CET)

These teams love to play unconventional champions. It is as if they want to be trendsetters for a new meta. This is why fans of the LCS are encouraging them and are admiring them for being brave enough to pick and go against the current meta. This matchup would be a good show to watch if they continue the trend of picking oddball champions. Expect to see a lot of mayhem and questionable picks for both teams but watch out for them making a lot of plays and entertaining teamfights that will surely spark a few questions as to why these oddball champions were never picked in the LCS when they are currently strong. In the end, Roccat is still the stronger team of the two.

Prediction: Roccat rockets their way to the top.

Gambit vs Fnatic (January 31 14:00PST / 22:00CET)

The battle of the old timers. Gambit and Fnatic have been going at it for several years now even the times when Gambit was still known as Moscow 5. Both teams have faced each other since the early days of League of Legends and are evenly matched at this point. There will be times that Gambit takes away a score while there will be other times that Fnatic completely dominates the Rift. It will be hard to predict who will come out on top but expect to have a good matchup with these two teams.

Prediction: Can go either way. Fnatic with a slight edge.

Standings before LCS EU Week 3

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Fnatic 5 5 0
2 ROCCAT 6 5 1
3 Gambit Gaming 6 4 2
4 Copenhagen Wolves 6 3 3
5 SK Gaming 6 2 4
6 Alliance 6 2 4
7 Millenium 7 2 5
8 Supa Hot Crew 6 1 5

Click here for current standings

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