NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2018 Ticket Info

League of Legends tournaments are, by far, the most popular esports events in the world. Fans and players love to watch all the action, see how teams battle one another and witness new talented players emerging before their own eyes. The League of Legends NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2018 are just around the corner and you can already purchase your playoff tickets.

League of Legends Icon Where will playoffs be held?

The 2018 NA LCS Spring Playoffs will be held in sunny Miami, Florida. If you’re tired of winter and cold weather, this event is the ideal opportunity to get some sun in early spring and have fun while visiting the event with your friends. The event will take place at the Fillmore Miami Beach venue.

When will NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2018 start?

The playoffs will take place over 3 weeks:

  • Quarterfinals: March 24-25
  • Semifinals: March 31 – April 1
  • Finals:
    • 3rd place vs. 4th place – April 7
    • 1st place vs. 2nd place – April 8

Where to buy tickets?

The tickets were released on February 22 via Ticketmaster Verified Fan platform while the registration ended on February 18, which you already know. All registered fans received codes they could use to buy their tickets. With one code, a person can buy a maximum of 5 tickets with a bundle costing as 1 ticket.

Prices vary, depending on the location within the venue. For single day tickets, the prices are:

  • Upper bowl: $35
  • Lower bowl: $45-55
  • Floor seats: $65

Bundle ticket prices are as follows:

  • Upper bowl: $65
  • Lower bowl: $80-95
  • Floor seats: $110

Of course, it is important to mention that some fees may apply based on a buyer’s location and some potential local taxes.

Why did some users complain about Ticketmaster and Spring playoffs tickets?

After tickets were released, several fans complained about various issues they experienced. These issues were:

  • The event page was visible to the general public which means that everyone could buy a ticket, even without registration or receiving a code. While this may not seem a big deal it defies the purpose of registration, waiting for codes, and using them to get the ticket
  • Ticketmaster sent too many codes than Riot Games anticipated. The initial idea was for Ticketmaster to release the amount of links and codes based on the quantity selected during the registration In an attempt to sell out the tickets, Ticketmaster received way more of these codes and links that they were supposed to. By the time Riot Games identified the issue, those tickets have been sold out
  • Prior to tickets were released, Ticketmaster sent links that Riot Games team checked and ensured they worked. However, after tickets went on sale some fans received broken links

All issues have been fixed and resolved. People who purchased tickets can go and see the event. That said, some fans registered and followed all the rules but didn’t manage to get their tickets because Ticketmaster made a series of mistakes. Bearing this in mind, Riot Games will work on a solution to ensure you get your ticket. If you belong to the group of people who were failed by the system i.e. you received a Verified Fan code but didn’t get the ticket you should contact [email protected] using the same email you entered during registration. In the email, enter the code you received and write “Spring Finals Verified Fan Link” in the subject line.

League of Legends Icon Bottom line

Spring Playoffs are just around the corner and if you live near (or in) Miami, you should definitely go and watch. Tickets went on sale but encountered numerous problems that only show there is a lot of Riot Games need to do in order to avoid same drama again.

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