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The 8th season of North American League Championship Series (NA LCS 2018) is here and it comes with numerous changes. Riot Games worked on improving the competitiveness and overall experience, which we have already reported. The brand new season of a popular competition also brings new sponsors. Scroll down to find out more.

State Farm and NA LCS

State Farm Logo NA LCS 2018State Farm is a company with a long history. It was founded in 1922 when G. J. Mecherle sold his very first auto policy. Today, State Farm is a major organization that provides insurance and financial services. This brand is already a league sponsor of NBA and NFL, but they’ve decided to step into the esports universe and become a new league sponsor of NA LCS too.

Riot Games released a statement wherein they announced State Farm as a new sponsoring partner of the 2018 NA LCS and North American sponsor of the 2018 LoL Worlds, Mid-Season Invitational, and All-Star events.

While this is big and positive news that most fans and players didn’t see coming, it’s not such a surprise if we bear in mind that State Farm aims to support the largest and most enthusiastic sports fan communities in the world. The NA LCS is one such community and if you combine it with the ever-growing popularity of esports, it’s natural for such a big company to step into this world as well.

Last Saturday (January 20, 2018), Riot Games unveiled the NA LCS State Farm Analyst desk helmed by Dash which will provide analysis and comments of the matches, players, and teams. While Jatt will remain the permanent analyst, Riot Games plan to introduce a few additional changes into this segment. All this will be supported by State Farm.

Acer sponsors NA LCS 2018

Acer NA LCS 2018 LogoState Farm is not the only big organization to sponsor NA LCS, Acer will continue to do the same. Riot Games announced that Acer will be an official sponsor and monitor provider of the NA LCS, EU LCS, 2018 LoL Worlds, Mid-Season Invitational, and All-Star events. This brand has been a sponsor of League of Legends since 2016 and it is encouraging to see it will continue to do the same this year as well.

Acer will provide the Predator XB1 (XB241H) monitors for the pro player practice rooms and the competitive stage. In addition, they will act as a presenting sponsor of the Acer Big Plays broadcast for all the above-mentioned events. The segment will feature the best performances seen during the week.

Dr. Pepper returns to esports

Dr Pepper NA LCS 2018 LogoWhile State Farm and Acer are big companies that will sponsor NA LCS league and all its events, some teams got new and exciting sponsors too. Dr. Pepper returned to the esports universe to sponsor Team SoloMid (TSM). That way, Dr. Pepper will join other non-endemic brands that sponsor the team such as Geico and Gillette.

Owner of TSM said he remembers Dr. Pepper as a sponsor while he was a player in Major League Gaming and it is exciting to have someone that was there at the start of esports come back to the scene through sponsoring TSM.

It’s important to mention that TSM isn’t the only team with well-known sponsors. FlyQuest will wear the logos of Snickers and 5-Hour Energy during the season.

Bottom line

The new season of NA LCS is already here and it’s not too late to tune in and keep up with all the action. Prior to the onset of the new season Riot Games made numerous changes and introduced different rules to make it more exciting. The latest announcements involve sponsorship deals with State Farm and Acer. The popularity of esports is growing and so do the sponsors. Famous brands like Dr. Pepper, Gillette, Snickers, and others are already sponsoring teams and we can expect more announcements of this kind.

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