Quarterfinals | NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2018 – who achieve first seed to world championship?

The League of Legends LCS Season 8 returns to one of its hottest phases with the Summer Playoffs. Since rank 1-2 can go directly into the semi-finals, we are expecting two exciting matches from positions 3-6. Thank God the Summer Playoffs will be played in the Bo5 and therefore promise longer LCS action than before. A good strategy is no longer enough to win, the best-of-5 mode requires adaptability, tactical variety and a lot of concentration for five matches in a row. In North America Team Liquid and Cloud9 made it to the semi-finals. Hats off for Cloud9; under head coach Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu, the team literally fought their way out of the frying pan onto the stage. Cloud9 has fought its way forward without a single defeat since week 6. The first quarter-final of the LCS Summer Splits 2018 starts on August 25th at 22:00 CEST, we from esports-betting wish you lots of fun with the upcoming Best-of-5 duels.

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League of Legends Icon LCS NA Season 8 – Summer Split Quarterfinals | All facts:

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Schedule and Results – 2018 LCS NA Summer Split Quarterfinals

The North American playoffs candidates have all been confirmed with Team Liquid, Cloud 9, Echo Fox, FlyQuest, Team Solo Mid and the 100 Thieves, but the placings of the regular phase still have to be played out for places 3-6, Team Liquid and Cloud 9 have made their way to the semi-finals with the first two places and will analyse the tie breakers as well as the quarter-finals in detail and react if necessary.

NA LCS Summer Split 2018 | Playoffs – Quarterfinal | Day 1 

Quarterfinal #1: Echo Fox League of Legends LoL Team Logo FOX vs. TSM Team SoloMid League of Legends LoL Team Logo     2 : 3  
August 25th, 2018: 02:00 PM PDT  / 05:00 PM EDT / 23:00 CET

NA LCS Summer Split 2018 | Playoffs – Quarterfinal | Day 2 

Quarterfinal #2: 100 Thieves League of Legends LoL Team Logo100  vs. FLY FlyQuest League of Legends LoL Team Logo    0 : 0  
August 26th, 2018: 01:00 PM PST / 04:00 PM EST / 21:00 CET

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NA LCS Playoffstage

The NA LCS Playoffstage

Substitutes and Roster Changes

No roster changes known for the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Playoff Quarterfinals.

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League of Legends Icon Preview and Predictions: Do you know who will win?

NA LCS Summer Split 2018 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinal #1: Echo Fox League of Legends LoL Team Logo FOX vs. TSM Team SoloMid League of Legends LoL Team Logo

August 25th, 01:00 PM PDT / 04:00 PM EDT / 23:00 CEST

With the apparently “best” western botlane from G2 Esports on board the hype surrounding Team SoloMid's Season 8 team shot through the roof but since the start of the 2018 Spring Split the real great performances have failed to materialize. Although Zven and mithy as a botlane duo can even convince, the rest of the team collapses like a house of cards since the beginning of the new era. Midlaner Bjergsen lacks the dominance of recent years and the much-hyped newcomer MikeYeung in the jungle has even been replaced by academy player Grig. The new jungler did manage to secure some key smite fights during the season but his jungle pathing seems a little bit shaky. Combined with the average performances of toplaner Hauntzer and the reactionary and uncreative playing style of the team Team SoloMid managed to barely qualify for the playoff phase of the Summer Split. At least the performance curve of the team is steadiliy improving, now it's up to sports psychologist Weldon Green to make the team playoff-ready after all. Echo Fox had a strong start into the season but there were also some problems in the team of former basketball professional Rick Fox and they decided to change their players on three positions. Superstar Huni in particular received a lot of criticism in the summer season – together with jungler Dardoch he leads the list of most deaths of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split. However, the exceptional jungler is praised in the sky and seems to be responsible for the team's success almost on his own.

Prediction: Both teams are very inconsistent but the Echo Fox players are more active in their playstyle. This best-of-5 duel will be decided by the skill discrepancy of Bjergsen and Damonte in the midlane and Grig and Dardoch in the jungle. Contrary to popular belief I expect an exciting duel on Summoner's Rift and a narrow 2-3 victory for Team SoloMid.

NA LCS Quarterfinal Summer Split 2018

Quarterfinal #2: 100 Thieves League of Legends LoL Team Logo100  vs. FLY FlyQuest League of Legends LoL Team Logo

August 26th , 02:00 PM PDT / 05:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CET

Just a few weeks ago it looked as if the 100 Thieves team would easily claim first place in the regular season of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Splits, take the bye and go straight into the semi-final duels of the playoffs – now Ryu and his team-mates have been overtaken by the surprising Cloud 9 team as well as Team Liquid and have to already prove their skills against FlyQuest in the quarter-finals of the Summer Split. The reason for this downward spirale was the last three weeks of the summer season in which defeat lined up after defeat. Nevertheless, the team prevailed against all opponents in the spectacular 4-way tiebreaker games, claiming at least third place in the standings. 100 Thieves' success in the 2018 Summer Split was largely due to their two South Korean solo laners – toplaner Ssumday in particular played an outstanding season and is definitely a candidate for the most valuable player of the split. With the tactical finesse of veterans Ryu and aphromoo the 100 Thieves are probably the strongest team in the NA LCS should the duels find their way into the lategame. The FlyQuest team on the other hand remained under the radar of many experts throughout the Summer Split. Although few fans expected great success against the seemingly overwhelming opponents of the NA LCS, WildTurtle and his team-mates were able to put dangerous opponents in their place in the unforgiving best-of-1 duels. This quarter-final will probably also be closer than many experts could imagine.

Prediction: In a cloak-and-dagger operation 100 Thieves jungler Meteos was replaced by AnDa and therefore many expected a performance drop of the 100 Thieves. However, this was a long time coming, only in the last weeks many opponents could exploit the weak points in the game of Ryu and his team-maters. Nevertheless the players showed their qualities again in the tiebreaker matches, I expect exciting duels in the second quarter-finals of the NA LCS playoffs and a 3-1 victory for the 100 Thieves.

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