Quarterfinals | EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2018 could mean a first seed to world championship

The League of Legends LCS Season 8 has already passed its zenith with the upcoming quarter-finals and we are expecting two exciting matches in positions 3-6. Thank God the Summer Playoffs will take place in the Bo5 and therefore promise longer LCS action than before. A good strategy is no longer enough to win, the best-of-5 mode requires adaptability, tactical variety and stamina from the challengers. Fnatic and Team Vitality have reached the quarter-finals in Europe and they going to closely analyze for what strategies the quarter-finalists decide in the quarterfinals.

After an exciting summer league phase, we now stand before the playoffs and ask ourselves again, who will be able to prove himself. Team Solo Mid and G2 Esports are still wearing their 2017 Summer Split crown and we are eagerly awaiting whether they will have to surrender the crown or even keep it. The awaited 1st place (with direct world qualification) is at stake and also a large number of championship points. The first quarter-final of the LCS Summer Splits 2018 starts on August 24th at 18:00 CEST, we wish you lots of fun with the upcoming Best-of-5 duels.

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League of Legends Icon LCS EU Season 8 – Summer Split Quarterfinals | Knowing the facts:

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Schedule and Results – 2018 LCS EU Summer Split Quarterfinals

The semi-finalists and quarter-finalists have been determined and our assessments from the early weeks of the Summer Split have paid off. With the exception of Splyce, it was somehow clear what teams were in top form and would eventually make it into the playoffs. Team Vitality and Fnatic made their way directly into the semi-finals, so that now the positions 3-6 have to compete against each other. We expect two exciting games with extreme motivated teams, this time -thanks god- in best-of-5 mode.

EU LCS Summer Split 2018 | Playoffs – Quarterfinals | Day 1 

Quarterfinal #1: FC Schalke 04 League of Legends LoL Team LogoFC Schalke 04 vs. Splyce  Splyce League of Legends LoL Team Logo     3 : 2 
Start Time: Augst 24rd , 09:00 AM PDT/ 12:00 PM EDT/ 18:00 CET

EU LCS Summer Split 2018 | Playoffs – Quarterfinals | Day 2 

Quarterfinal #2: G2 Esports League of Legends LoL Team Logo G2 Esports vs. MisfitsMisfits League of Legends LoL Team Logo     0 : 3  
Start Time: August 25th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CET

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LoL Worlds Cup

League of Legends Worldcup – The Winner takes it all with first seed in Summer Playoffs

Substitutes and Roster Changes

No roster changes known for the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split Playoff Quarterfinals.

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League of Legends Icon Preview and Predictions fresh from our Analyst-Team:

EU LCS Summer Split Quarterfinals

Quarterfinal #1: FC Schalke 04 League of Legends LoL Team Logo FC Schalke 04 vs. Splyce  Splyce League of Legends LoL Team Logo   

Start Time: Augst 24rd , 09:00 AM PDT/ 12:00 PM EDT/ 18:00 CET

Is it finally the year of the duck? If it is all about the predictions of Riot Game's head analyst Deficio, then definitely: Yes! Midlaner Nukeduck played a phenomenal summer split and after a cruel and disappointing Spring Season the hype about the FC Schalke 04 team is finally justified. The challengers are entering the playoff stage of the season as one of the strongest European contenders – the reinforcement by the experienced jungler Amazing has paid off at least in the short term. Also the fact that with patch 8.15 “real” marksman champions are again played on the botlane is a big benefit for the FC Schalke 04 team. With a balanced ratio of nine victories to nine losses the Splyce team was the last squad to qualify for the 2018 Summer Split quarter-finals. The split of the team was mixed, mostly Nisqy and his teammates puddled around in the middle of the pack but at a reasonable distance to the rear of the Summer Split table. Kobbe also benefits from the return of the AD-Carrys – in the last games he took a page out of the meta game and used the currently popular supportive marksmen Ashe and Varus. A possible victory for Splyce in this duel has to be carried by exactly this botlane as their solo laners will probably be at the back foot against the experienced solo players wearing the jersey of FC Schalke 04.

Prediction: A week ago these two teams clashed on Summoner's Rift in the regular season when FC Schalke 04 clearly prevailed. Nukeduck and his team-mates are also the clear favourites in this best-of-5 duel as it is their only chance to qualify for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship after a unsuccessful Spring Split. In the first quarter-finals of the 2018 Summer Split I therefore expect an exciting 3-1 victory for the FC Schalke 04.

EU LCS Summer Split Playoffs Viertelfinale

Quarterfinal #2: G2 Esports League of Legends LoL Team Logo G2 Esports vs. Misfits Misfits League of Legends LoL Team Logo

Start Time: August 25th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CET

Just a few weeks ago these two rivals competed for first place in the 2018 Summer Split – fast forward to the end of the split and now G2 Esports and the Misfits will compete in the second quarter-finals of the playoffs. After Alphari and his team-mates started the season with a perfect first half and nine easy victories in a row, the witnessed defeat after defeat in the second half of the split and the ungrateful fifth place of the regular season was the consequence. After their competitors slowly adapted the chaotic meta-game and patch after patch led to improvements for the AD carry champions, the creative advantage of the Misfits was eventually exhausted and the mechanical ability of the individual players was no longer sufficient to win their duels. Nevertheless, the Misfits are still very dangerous – especially Hans sama is considered one of the strongest players in his position. It was similar for the G2 Esports team: after a brilliant start into the season the performance curve of the European superstars slowly flattened out and in the tiebreaker duel with FC Schalke 04 and Team Vitality they even had to admit defeat to both opponents. Jungler Jankos in particular is partly responsible for the current slump in his team's performance, his last appearances on the Summoner's Rift were rarely crowned with success. This duel will be decided especially in midlane and jungle – while Maxlore in his top form should keep Jankos well in check I see some advantages for Perkz in his “lane kingdom” over Sencux.

Prediction: Two weeks ago these two rivals met for the last time when the G2 Esports team prevailed and the slump of the Misfit's team persisted. Despite the clear prediction of all eSports betting sites the cards are shuffled again in this best-of-5 duel and I expect a very close competition. Perkz and his team-mates were still more consistent than their quarter-final opponents despite the weak tiebreaker games so I expect a narrow 3-2 victory for G2 Esports.

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