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Miami, Boston, Vancouver, Las Vegas – no, we're not talking about a new Pitbull song here but about the last venues of the former NA LCS showdowns and with the Grand Final of the Season 8 Summer Split Oakland will also join this list of magical places and memorable events. For many weeks the challengers fought for every little advantage on Summoner's Rift, went through ups and downs and prevailed against many opponents – now they have almost reached their goal.

Cloud9 and Team Liquid are the names of the glorious finalists, the crème de la crème of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split. Many experts say it will be a final of contrasts, while Team Liquid prefers a traditional roster of five constant players Cloud9 also changes the active players over the course of a series to throw a tactical curve ball towards their opponents. But even in the 3rd place match important championship points are on the line which can guarantee a better seeding in the upcoming regional qualifiers.

The North American LCS will invite all League of Legends fans to the Grand Finals of the 2018 Summer Split on September 9th, so don't miss turning on the live stream in time for the last nerve-wrecking action of the split on Summoner's Rift.

Who is going to win?

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League of Legends Icon LCS NA Season 8 – Summer Split Grand Finals| Facts:

Schedule and Results – 2018 LCS NA Summer Split Grand Finals

A few weeks ago no one would have expected these two teams to clash in the Grand Finals of the 2018 Summer Split as the Cloud9 roster was found on last place of the standings. The criticism against coach Reapered was enormous and whole reddit jumped on the hate train against the former League of Legends professional. In the meantime, however, he claimed the award of the Coach of the split and his team is considered the favorite for a victory in the finals by many experts. Team Liquid are already qualified for the 2018 LoL World Championship but nevertheless there will be an exciting duel on Summoner's Rift ahead of us.

Finals NA LCS Summer Playoffs – Schedule and Results 

Match for 3rd place: Team SoloMid League of Legends LoL Team Logo TSM vs. 100 100 Thieves League of Legends LoL Team Logo     3 : 2 
Start Time: September 8th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 23:00 CET

Grand Final: Cloud9 League of Legends LoL Team Logo C9 vs. TL Team Liquid League of Legends LoL Team Logo     0 : 3 
Start Time: September 9th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 23:00 CET

Who is going to win?

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Substitutes and Roster Changes

No roster changes known for the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Playoff Finals.

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The most important duels of the almost finished Season 8 lie ahead of us and the NA LCS will certainly not be stingy with excitement and drama at the end of the Summer Split. Our renowned eSports betting sites already offer bets and betting odds for all determined League of Legends fans who want to earn a little extra money at the end of the summer. As always, you'll find an overview of the best betting odds right here but if you want to be always up to date you'll need to visit the websites of our recommended LoL betting providers directly.

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League of Legends Icon Preview and Predictions:

NA LCS 2018 Week 5 C9 vs TL betting prediction

Grand Finals: Cloud9 League of Legends LoL Team Logo Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid Team Liquid League of Legends LoL Team Logo

September 9th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 23:00 CEST

Not long ago AD carry Doublelift and jungler Svenskeren were team-mates in the service of Team SoloMid, now they face each other as opponents in the Grand Finals of the NA LCS Summer Split. Team Liquid is trying to defend the 2018 Spring Split crown as the reigning champion – even though they are already certain of participating in the League of Legends World Championship despite a possible defeat. The newly crowned most valuable player of the entire Summer Split on the side of the defending champions is also the linchpin of his team's game.

Nearly all strategies of Team Liquid revolve around their superstar Doublelift in the botlane, his teammates are willing to sacrifice their own advantages in favor of the AD carry and the latter has thanked them so far with excellent performances and flawless gameplay. But this makes the gameplan of Team Liquid somewhat one-dimensional, experienced opponents can take advantage of this uncreativity and must only try to get through the laning phase calm and safely without giving Doublelift too much of an advantage. While toplaner Impact mostly has to stand alone against his direct competitors, Cloud9 mostly focuses on this side of the Summoner's Rift.

That's why I see great advantages for Licorice, both Blaber and Svenskeren are considered aggressive playmakers and will try to influence this lane decisively. Although midlaner Pobelter is one of the most consistent players of the entire NA LCS in recent years, he has suffered some criticism throughout the season and both Jensen and substitute Goldenglue have taken advantage of his weaknesses to lead their team to victory. The strategic adeptness of both coaches and teams is enormous, I wouldn't be surprised if this exciting final of the NA LCS will go over the full distance of five games.

Prediction: Also the experts of our renowned eSports betting sites are undecided, the betting odds of these two teams are very close to each other. Team Liquid is probably the most consistent team in the league at the moment and easily took the victory in the semi-final duel with the 100 Thieves. Jensen and his team-mates really had more problems in the clash with Team SoloMid, yet they were the strongest team in the second half of the Summer Split. Due to the flexibility in the roster of Cloud9 with Svenskeren and Goldenglue on the substitutes bench I expect a close 3:2 victory of Cloud9.

Who is going to win?

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