Grand Finals and Match for 3rd | NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2018

Oh, they grow up so quickly – although it seems like the LCS Season 8 is still in its infancy the Grand Finals of the 2018 North American Spring Split is already waiting for us at sunny Miami Beach. The great triumvirate consisting of Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid and Cloud9 has finally been beaten and we can experience how a new phoenix finally rises from the ashes after the start of the franchising system in NA. While CLG missed the playoffs completely, the other two opponents had to admit defeat in the quarter-finals and two new teams with more hunger for success took their spots at the top. At the Olympus of the NA LCS you will now find Team Liquid and the 100 Thieves, both teams will of course do their utmost to lift the trophy of the 2018 Spring Split at the Jackie Gleason Theatre. But the 2018 Summer Split is already waiting and their opponents are beaten but not broken and will again attack to qualify for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. The final week of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Season starts on April 7th at 10 PM CEST, don't miss turning in for more eye-popping action on Summoner's Rift.

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League of Legends Icon LCS NA Season 8 – Spring Split Finals | Facts:

Schedule and Results – 2018 LCS NA Spring Split Finals

Not only the 4th place curse of Team Liquid seems to be broken by participating in the Grand Finals of the 2018 Spring Split, at the end of the season we will witness the birth of new winner at the top of the North American LCS. While Team Liquid managed to win the semi-final match without any major problems, the 100 Thieves went over the full distance of five games against Clutch Gaming. In general, Team Liquid looks a bit more solid at the moment and Doublelift and his team-mates seem to be the favourites in the most important match of the Spring Split – and this statement was not paid by Steve.

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 | Playoffs – Match for 3rd Place 

Match for 3rd place: Team Logo Echo Fox NA LCS 2018 Echo Fox vs. Clutch Gaming Clutch Gaming NA LCS 2018 Team Logo     3 : 0  
Start Time: April 7th, 02:00 PM PDT / 05:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CEST

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 | Playoffs – Grand Finals 

Grand Finals: Team Logo Liquid NA LCS 2018 Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves 100 Thieves NA LCS 2018 Team Logo     3 : 0  
Start Time: April 8th, 02:00 PM PDT / 05:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CEST

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Substitutes and Roster Changes

No roster changes known for the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split Playoff Finals.

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League of Legends Icon Preview and Predictions:

Echo Fox vs. Clutch GamingNA LCS 2018 Preview and Predictions

Match for 3rd place: Team Logo Echo Fox NA LCS 2018 Echo Fox vs. Clutch Gaming Clutch Gaming NA LCS 2018 Team Logo 

April 7th, 02:00 PM PDT / 05:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CEST

Echo Fox dominated the regular split of NA LCS for a long time and were allowed to skip the quarter-finals due to their placement, but against Team Liquid Huni and Co. did not have the slightest chance. Echo Fox had already seen a downward trend in the weeks before, the team's strategy no longer seemed to work and the individual players were not good enough to win their lane, let alone the game. The Bot Lane Altec and Adrian in particular, who hardly managed to exert any impact onto the game, were the subject of much criticism. Only Top Laner Huni continued to perform well, but a single player cannot carry an entire team at such a high level. In Clutch Gaming, however, it was not so much the performances of the individual players as the cooperation of the whole team that almost brought the participation in the grand final. For Mid Laner Febiven, the balance after his first split in North America looks very positive, even if Clutch Gaming should only finish fourth. The Championship points that the teams now collect with good placings could also be important in view of the Summer Split and a possible participation in the LoL Worlds 2018, even though both teams will not worry about such distant things yet. The statistics of the two teams in direct comparison are very balanced so far, everyone could win one of the two clashes in the regular split, but the trend of the past weeks speaks more for Clutch Gaming. If you trust the bookies, Echo Fox is clearly the favorite of the encounter, but I think CG deserves to win third place at NA LCS.

Prediction: Throughout the split, both teams would have earned third place or even better, but if you look at the playoffs, you'll see that Clutch Gaming is currently the more convincing of the two teams. I hope for balanced matches in which both teams can once again show their best performances. But in the end I expect a 2-3 victory for Clutch Gaming.

NA LCS 2018 Week 7 TL vs 100

Grand Finals: Team Logo Liquid NA LCS 2018 Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves 100 Thieves NA LCS 2018 Team Logo

April 8th, 02:00 PM PDT / 05:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CEST

Neither Team SoloMid, Cloud9, nor Counter Logic Gaming are in the final of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, instead two teams that have never made it there before are allowed to compete. With the 100 Thieves this is not surprising, after all this is the first split in which the organization participates. But Liquid has been an integral part of NA LCS for a long time and is looking forward to the first final in its history. Both teams deserve a place in the final, but Team Liquid's performances over the past few weeks have been much more convincing, while the 100 Thieves only narrowly won 3-2 against Clutch Gaming last week and were on the brink of defeat in the decisive match. After a tragedy in Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng's family in which his mother passed away, it was not clear for a long time whether the Team Liquid AD-Carry would compete in the final. Doublelift has been the outstanding personality in recent games and probably was the best ADC of the NA LCS over the entire split. Although everyone would have understood if he had preferred not to go on stage in these difficult times, a few days ago he announced that he absolutely wants to take part in the final. With the participation of Doublelift Team Liquid again became the clear favourite of the game against the 100 Thieves, even if the performances of the marksman could suffer from this psychological strain. Of course, both teams are keen to participate in the MSI 2018 and gain international experience, although the majority of players have already taken part in one or the other LoL World Championship, TL Impact has even won it, together with SK Telecom T1. However, I see the 100 Thieves at a slight disadvantage in every position, at least in view of the current form of Pobelter and Co. After all, the 100 Thieves won the first match of the two teams in the regular split, but at that time Team Liquid was still in a bad condition.

Prediction: The bookmakers see Team Liquid as a crystal clear favourite, although I find the odds somewhat exaggerated, as the 100 Thieves deservedly made it into the final and played a strong Spring Split. In any case, I hope for an exciting Best-of-5 with top level League of Legends and a well-deserved NA LCS champion. Although, I expect a close 3-2 victory for Team Liquid.

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