Grand Finals and Match for 3rd | EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2018

“All quiet on the Western Front” is not only a novel by Erich Maria Remarque but also the mantra for the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season because the undisputed kings of Europe alias known as G2 Esports and Fnatic clash against each other in the Grand Finals of the Spring Split. While new franchising plans for the upcoming seasons are slowly manifesting in this proud region all League of Legends fans will witness this exciting showdown on Summoner's Rift – maybe for the last time. Team Vitality and Splyce got easily demolished in their semi-final matches and will fight for important Championship points in the match for 3rd place. Of course both G2 Esports and Fnatic are eager to represent their own region at the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational tournament. This year's Grand Finals will be played at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen (Denmark), a country which is the homeland of many exceptional League of Legends players. The final week of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018 starts on April 7th at 5 PM CEST, the exact schedule can be found below. We wish you much fun and success for the last time of the Spring Split 2018!

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League of Legends Icon LCS EU Season 8 – Spring Split Finals | Facts:

Schedule and Results – 2018 LCS EU Spring Split Finals

It was exciting but in the end Team Vitality and Splyce were no real competition in the semi-finals of the 2018 Spring Split, so now the eyes of many excited fans are looking towards G2 Esports and Fnatic. Who will win the crown of the 2018 Spring Split? Should Toplaner sOAZ be fit again, Rekkles and Co are probably the favorites in this duel – nevertheless, we are facing a firework of tension on Summoner's Rift!

EU LCS Spring Split 2018 | Playoffs – Match for 3rd Place 

Match for 3rd place: Team Logo Splyce EU LCS 2018 small Splyce vs. Vitality Team Logo Vitality EU LCS 2018 small     3 : 2  
Start Time: April 7th, 08:00 AM PDT / 00:00 PM EDT / 17:00 CEST

EU LCS Spring Split 2018 | Playoffs – Grand Finals 

Grand Finals: Team Logo G2 Esports G2 Esports vs. Fnatic Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017     0 : 3  
Start Time: April 8th, 07:30 PM PDT / 11:30 AM EDT / 16:30 CEST

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Substitutes and Roster Changes

No roster changes known for the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split Playoff Finals.

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League of Legends Icon Preview and Predictions:

EU LCS 2018 Week 9 Splyce vs Vitality

Match for 3rd place: Team Logo Splyce EU LCS 2018 small Splyce vs. Vitality Team Logo Vitality EU LCS 2018 small

April 7th, 08:00 AM PDT / 00:00 PM EDT / 17:00 CEST

Both Splyce and Vitality will have a hard time settling for their semi-final failure, but the players of both teams can be proud of their performance in the 2018 Spring Split. Splyce in particular has grown steadily over the last few months and has a good chance of playing for the title again in the Summer Split. Vitality has earned a lot of experience within the split, as three of the team's players were rookies straight out of the Challenger Series. Mid Laner Jiizuke was even named “Rookie of the Split” by Riot Games, so we can expect a lot from the young Italian in the next few years. To reach the third place Vitality has to consider more possible team compositions, because in the semi-final against Fnatic they lost mostly already in the draft phase. For example, Gilius picked Trundle in the Jungle as a possible tank counter pick, but Broxah reacted with Nidalee and effectively executed this gank oriented champion's playstyle. In their only win, Vitality managed to get an advantage for Top Laner Cabochard through Ganks and then let him push as Camille in 1v1, while the remaining four players successfully stayed out of the fights but still kept the Fnatic's team busy. The great strength of Splyce, however, continues to be the lategame team fights, as impressively demonstrated in the first game of the semi-final, when they won the match after 40 minutes of gold deficit against a Baron Nashor-buffed G2 Esports with a single successful fight. Against Vitality, Kobbe and Co. will again have to delay the game and search for the fights as soon as they have 3-4 items.

Prediction: For both teams the match for third place is still about prestige, but I don't think we can expect the same performances as the players would have shown in a possible final. Both coaches may want to test one or the other strategy, but Riot will not tolerate obvious trolling or intentional loss. I hope for a thrilling series and expect a 3-2 victory for Splyce.

EU LCS 2018 Week 6 G2 vs FNC

Grand Finals: Team Logo G2 Esports G2 Esports vs. Fnatic Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017

April 8th, 07:30 PM PDT / 11:30 AM EDT / 16:30 CEST

So it's already confirmed that there will be no new EU LCS Champion, instead there will be the two teams in the final, which together have already won 9 of the 10 LCS titles since 2010. However, Fnatic is in a final again for the first time in over 2 years, most recently G2 Esports dominated the scene. Fnatic won both duels in the regular season, but G2 are known to grow beyond themselves in the playoffs, while Fnatic only made it to 3rd place behind G2 and Misfits in the 2017 Summer Split in the playoffs despite having a clear lead in their group ahead of these two teams. Just like back then, all eyes are on Rekkles and Caps, which are mainly responsible for Fnatic's success in this year's Spring Split. As in the semi-final, Top Laner soAZ will also be missing in the big final due to a hand injury and will be replaced by Bwipo, who cut a quite good figure against Team Vitality last week. Against Wunder of G2, however, he has to prove himself truly for the first time, because Wunder is currently considered the best Top Laner of the EU LCS, which attracted particular attention in the Lane by his dominant appearance. On the Bottom Lane I see the advantages currently with Fnatic, because although Hjarnan and Wadid have delivered strong performances in the last weeks, Rekkles is still the more reliable AD carry, who leads almost all statistics in the spring split, for example he had a KDA of 13.5 and a CS rate of 12 cs/min in the regular split. His opponent Hjarnan had shown in the semi-final against Splyce that he profits greatly from Jhin's return to the meta, so Fnatic should plan a ban for this champion, because Rekkles did not prove to be a big fan of Jhin in the past. In the semi-final against Vitality there was a stream of Riot Games for the first time where you could watch the game from Rekkles' point of view. Unfortunately, due to the numerous bans against him he only had Ezreal left in every game, for the final we hope for more diversity in his game.

Prediction: Predicting the outcome of this duel is a big challenge, as both teams would have more than earned the title in this split. However, I can see slight benefits in a Best-of-5 with G2, because PerkZ and Hjarnan have a more variable champion pool than Caps and Rekkles and should be able to react quickly to Fnatic's strategies. I therefore expect a 3-2 victory for G2 Esports.

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