The League of Legends tournament at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose 2014 has just ended and with it, breathtaking performances and strategic plays has been shown by different teams, from the double AD team composition to the crazy Twisted Fate in the jungle, the future of League of Legends Season 5 has never been this exciting and makes fans all over the world hungry for the LCS Expansion tournament and the long awaited start of LCS Season 5 and of course the League of Legends tournament at IEM Cologne 2014, starting next week!

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IEM San Jose 2014 - League of Legends Bracket and Results

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San Jose Quarter-Finals

IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Unicorns of Love - small Unicorns of Love vs. IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Lyon Gaming - small Lyon Gaming

Unicorns of Love, the team voted in by fans, went against Lyon Gaming, the champions of the Riot Latin America Cup 2014, in the first series of the quarterfinals.

Unicorns of Love was heavily favored to win this series as both their solo lanes have shown excellent performances in recent tournaments. The first game between these two had Lyon Gaming letting their two substitute players play because of roster issues. These changes proved to be a heavy disadvantage for Lyon Gaming as Unicorns of Love was able to close out the series in a 2-0 victory.


IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Pain Gaming - small paiN Gaming vs. IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Cloud 9 - small Cloud9

The second series in the quarterfinals was between Brazilian team paiN Gaming and veteran team Cloud9.

Cloud9 had a double AD carry team composition in their first game against paiN Gaming. C9 Hai played Corki in the middle lane while C9 Sneaky played Lucian in the bottom lane. The rotation of paiN Gaming in the early phase of the game was futile as paiN Leko was heavily harassed by Cloud9’s duo bot and wasbehind in farm and items. Every lane was won by Cloud9 and they closed out game in a clean fashion.

This double AD carry team composition proved to be an excellent tactic against paiN Gaming as they chose to do it again in the 2nd game. PaiN Gaming gave a tougher fight this time around and kills went for both teams, but Cloud9 was always on the offensive and was able to dictate the momentum of the game. They defeated paiN Gaming in the 2nd game and closed out the series in a sweep.


IEM San Jose Semifinals

IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Alliance - small Alliance vs. IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Cloud 9 - small Cloud9

Cloud9 went against Alliance, the champions of 2014 EU LCS Summer Playoffs. This game was the debut of Rekkles, regarded as one of the best AD carries in Europe, as an AD carry for Alliance.

In their 1st game, Cloud9 and Alliance were passive most of the time with Alliance securing their first dragon in the 13-minute mark. Map movement and rotation were executed by both teams but there were no kills scored until the 24-minute mark where C9 Meteos initiated a teamfight, using Cataclysm on Froggen’s Xerath and instantly wiping him out of the teamfight. Cloud9 won that teamfight but Alliance was able to enact revenge when another teamfight began and Alliance came out on top, scoring an ace with Rekkles the sole survivor for both teams.

Alliance did not falter behind as they took the 2nd game away. Cloud9 was dominating the 2nd game in the early-mid phase of the game but sloppy teamfights and forced mistakes took away their momentum and led into the victory of Alliance. The 3rd game was much like the 2nd game but with Alliance dominating the early phase of the game. Rekkles was 3-0 within 15 minutes while C9 Balls was 0-3, and it seems like Alliance with their early dominance will take the game away from Cloud9 but at some point in the game, C9 Sneaky pushed the bottom lane and destroyed the inhibitor, while his teammates hold off the oncoming push from Alliance. C9 Meteos and C9 Hai with their Jarvan and Orianna were also part of the highlights of the series as they instantly wipe out Froggen and Shook with their Cataclysm and Shockwave combo in the last teamfight and eventually destroyed the enemy nexus.

Cloud9 vs. Alliance was by far the best series in the 2014 IEM San Jose Tournament and it did end well for Cloud9, securing a 2-1 victory against Alliance.


IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team SoloMid - small Team SoloMid vs. IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Unicorns of Love - small Unicorns of Love

After their excellent performance against Lyon Gaming, Unicorns of Love faced Team SoloMid, the champions of the 2014 NA LCS Summer Playoffs. Team SoloMid had a bye in the first round of the tournament and was immediately placed in the semifinals, along with Alliance.

In this series, Unicorns of Love was the underdog and Team SoloMid was the heavily favored team to win, but Unicorns of Love showed their mastery of the game and outmatched Team SoloMid. In the first game, UOL Kikis played Twisted Fate in the jungle while UOL PowerOfEvil played LeBlanc in the middle lane. UOL Kikis proved his jungling mechanics, abusing the melee range of large camp monsters in the jungle and not taking heavy damage early on despite the frailty of Twisted Fate. A gank from UOL Kikis in the middle lane after he had taken his first red buff proved to be one of the best highlights in the entire tournament as he was able to kill Bjergsen with the help of UOL PowerofEvil.

Santorin in the jungle was not able to provide assistance to his teammates in the early phase of the game, unline UOL Kikis. UOL PowerOfEvil also had the limelight when he killed Bjergsen multiple times in the middle lane, shutting down Xerath for the rest of the game.

In their 2nd game, it was a one-sided game in favor of Unicorns of Love but Team SoloMId had most of the dragon buff. Although Unicorns of Love was ahead in terms of gold and kills, they could not close out the game fast and had to attempt a base race against Team SoloMid. UOL Vizicsacsi did a good job of stopping the recalls of Team SoloMid while his teammates destroyed the enemy bases and eventually the enemy nexus.

Team SoloMid was caught off-guard with the lineup and rotation of Unicorns of Love and paid the price. Unicorns of Love won this series in a clean 2-0 victory, getting an upset against one of the most hyped team in this tournament.


IEM San Jose Grandfinal

IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Unicorns of Love - small Unicorns of Love vs. IEM San Jose - League of Legends Team Cloud 9 - small Cloud9

With their recent matches in the 2014 IEM San Jose Tournament, fans and players alike had huge expectations for Unicorns of Love going into the finals against the veteran team Cloud9.

Unicorns of Love was not able to deliver the expectations in the 1st game as Cloud9 easily defeated them. Cloud9’s map control and aggressive plays gave them an early lead and snowballed their way into victory. This is the first time in the whole tournament that UOL PowerOfEvil has not gotten any kills; he played Lux and went 0-1-3 in the entire 1st game.

In the 2nd game, Unicorns of Love was able to secure an early lead against Cloud9 with UOL PowerOfEvil leading the scoreboard, 3 kills and 1 death. UOL PowerOfEvil showed quite an exemplary performance with LeBlanc, bursting down enemy champions unexpectedly but Cloud9 took down the first Baron and turn the momentum into their favor. Cloud9 was able to instantly kill UOL PowerOfEvil and UOL Vardags in the last teamfight and from there; they went straight to the enemy nexus and won the 2nd game of the series.

Unicorns of Love went into their comfort picks with UOL Kikis playing Xin Zhao, UOL Vizicsacsi playing Hecarim in the top lane, and UOL PowerOfEvil playing Syndra, his signature champion. This team composition did not bode well for Unicorns of Love as Cloud9 gained an early lead and snowballed their way to victory. C9 Sneaky had an excellent performance with Corki, ending the game with a pentakill and a score of 13-1-11.



Cloud9 along with Alliance and Team SoloMid, was one of the hyped teams to win the 2014 IEM San Jose Tournament and they did not disappoint. Cloud9 easily coursed through the tournament, defeating every team along the way and only dropping a single game against Alliance. Although Unicorns of Love was defeated, they have established a reputation in the League of Legends competitive scene and they are a team to watch out for in the upcoming LCS Spring Split.


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