Future of skin gambling sites at risk

After a whole heap of scandals revolving around the notorious skin betting websites, things are becoming more and more clear about the future of it. At first, such online gambling sites were considered as an innocent form of fun… But nowadays they are under the spotlight due to speculations of them increasing risks of teenage gambling addiction across the world. Even though this may or may not be true, there were several of actions against them as they continue to be among the focal points of eSports betting scandals.

Valve's response to WSGC's accusations

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Nowadays, more and more game developers are shutting down all relevant gambling sources within their games. First, there was Valve – folks there sent out 2 waves of cease and desist letters more than 2 months ago. This resulted in the shutdown of all major skin betting sites. Truth be told, most of them found a way to bypass Valve's security measures and got back up with more business than ever. This, of course, led to a massive pressure on Valve, mainly from the WSGC which insisted that they must disable ways for people to bet on their in-game skins. This process is still yet to be resolved. Newest information regarding this came from Valve which addressed the issue with WSGC in the following way:

“There is no factual or legal support for these accusations… If there is a specific criminal statute or regulation you believe Valve is violating, please provide a citation…””

CCP is taking action against skin betting as well

In addition to Valve and the WSGC's accusation, CCP has already taken action regarding their skin betting channels as well. As you already might know, CCP is the maker of Eve game franchise which offers a good amount of online betting. Many third party websites are offering real money bets along with in-game currency gambling which is something that CCP wants to put a stop to. Their system works in a similar way as Valve's and as such is considered a true example of in-game monetized currency.


This means that players can play casino games and bet on their in-game valuables. Afterward, they are able to exchange their newly acquired in-game valuables for real money which is exactly what has been under the spotlight in recent months. The ability to exchange in-game valuables for money is something that should not be allowed according to mass media and lawmakers worldwide. Last week CCP has given a proper threat to all of the above-mentioned websites, alarming them to stop with their operations in due time:

“In the run-up to November 8th, all services that offer any form of third party gambling of this nature are required to wind down their operations. During the time from this announcement until the release of EVE Online: Ascension, our security team will be closely monitoring all these in game entities to ensure that no illicit behavior occurs, and that any movement of in game assets and currency remains in line with our current EULA and Terms of Service.”

What does this mean for their customers?


When it comes to Eve and CS:GO players, this news are not that important. But, when it comes to people who both play the games and bet their in-game valuables as well, these are quite bad news. We have already witnessed many huge skin betting sites being shut down before coming back up again. With this in mind, I am positive that, despite making new rules and regulations, third party websites will almost certainly find a way to monetize and offer bets on in-game currencies as long as the devs keep them viable… And could you imagine Valve “deleting” all of their skins just to combat illegal betting? I don't think so…

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