LCK Summer Playoffs 2017 – Recap | LoL Worlds Qualifiers

LCK Season 2017 LogoThe LCK Summer Playoffs was kick-started with the wildcard series, the 4th place and 5th place teams were pinned against each other to see who would progress. The winner will get #1 seed for the 2017 LoL World Championship. SK Telecom T1 was placed against Afreeca Freecs, this series was a best of 3 to determine which team would make those additional steps forward. Afreeca Freecs had some stable performances against SKTT1 but this series was SKTT1’s opportunity to rise and shine.

League of Legends Icon LCK Summer Playoffs 2017 | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • Dates: 08/12/2017 – 08/26/2017
  • 5 Teams
  • Format: Gauntlet (4 Rounds)
  • Format: Round 1: Best of 3 | rest is Best of 5
  • Winner get first LCK slot to LoL Worlds 2017

Tournament Results

Longzhu Gaming won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2017 as LCK Seed #1
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  • 1st place: League of Legends Longhzu Gaming Logo LoL Worlds Longzhu Gaming
  • 2nd place: SK Telecom T1 MSI 2017 Team Logo SK Telecom T1
  • 3rd place: KT Rolster LCK League of Legends Logo KT Rolster
  • 4th place: League of Legends Samsung Galaxy Logo LoL Worlds Samsung Galaxy
  • 5th place: Afreeca Freecs LCK League of Legends Logo Afreeca Freecs

League of Legends Icon WildCard (Bo3)

SK Telecom T1 vs. Afreeca Freecs LCK Summer Playoffs 2017 League of Legends
SK Telecom T1 MSI 2017 Team Logo 
SK Telecom T1 vs. Afreeca Freecs Afreeca Freecs LCK League of Legends Logo    2 

Afreeca Freecs were one of the more challenging teams for SKTT1 during the 2017 Summer Split but they were looking to strike back during this series. In Game 1 Afreeca Freecs looked to take an early lead but the map control of SKTT1 kept the gold equalised. After finding a good opportunity, SKTT1 managed to secure baron and they used it to close out the game in just a few minutes. Game 2 was much more challenging, kills were regularly being traded throughout the game and the gold was relatively close for the majority of it, until SKTT1 managed to sneak baron as the Afreeca vision control was lacking. SKTT1 sieged with this Baron and managed to build a significant lead, in a desperate attempt to claw back Afreeca Freecs tried to clear the 2nd Baron of the game but SKTT1 managed to steal it and ace Afreeca Freecs before taking the series victory.

Series Victory: SK Telecom T1. With an impressive Baron steal, some methodical rotations, and clear cut pressure around the map SKTT1 were able to find a clean series and pushed into a more defined Playoffs position.

League of Legends Icon Playoffs Round 2 (Bo5)

SK Telecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy LCK Summer Playoffs 2017 League of Legends
SK Telecom T1 MSI 2017 Team Logo SK Telecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy League of Legends Samsung Galaxy Logo LoL Worlds    3 

An extremely slow paced game to start the series had SKTT1 taking map control over the first 25mins. At 30mins the action kicked off around the Baron pit and a huge team-fight erupts where SKTT1 pick up a few kills and secure Baron. Just a few moments later SKTT1 managed to pick off the SSG marksman and close out the game, ending with a 7:1 kill score at 33mins. Heading into the 2nd game both teams have stuck with their slow pace, SSG pick up 1st blood at 21mins and once again make a pick at 24mins. After building Baron control SSG look for more fights but SKTT1 find an opening to take a dragon. The game continues to stall out as SSG are attempting to siege the SKTT1 base and they final break through at around 35mins, just minutes later SKTT1 make their move. Just before 37mins, SKTT1 find a fight and manage to find a huge fight that leads to them securing Baron. At 44mins SKTT1 find a huge fight that leads to them gaining map control, they push for a final fight at 49mins before taking a 13:7 kill score and a 2nd game victory.  The 3rd game unfolds at a much faster pace as 1st blood is taken by SKTT1 before 11mins. A few kills are traded over the next few minutes but as 22mins approaches SKTT1 turn a fight around and take a huge gold lead along with securing the Baron. With quick rotations and phenomenal sieging power, SKTT1 chomp down turrets and expand their lead until they secure a 2nd Baron. With the 2nd baron they siege SSG and take the win at 32mins.

Series Victory: SK Telecom T1. It was a series of slow paced games but SKTT1 managed to prove that their macro strengths still remain. They managed to hold out even in difficult situations and managed to take a clean series.

League of Legends Icon Playoffs Round 3 (Bo5)

SK Telecom T1 vs. KT Rolster LCK Summer Playoffs 2017 League of Legends
SK Telecom T1 MSI 2017 Team Logo SK Telecom T1 vs. KT Rolster KT Rolster LCK League of Legends Logo    3 

Both teams played through the start of the first game at a snail’s pace. By 20mins KT manages to increase their lead and find more opportunities, picking off SKTT1 players until they clear Baron around 26mins. With Baron buff they begin to siege, rotating between the lanes and cracking into the SKTT1 base. After forcing SKTT1 back, KT pick a fight around 31mins and push for their victory. During the 2nd game, both teams trade a few kills; until KT find an advantage and start building their lead at 13mins. By 19mins KT is in a dominant position, they force objectives and continue to apply pressure. KT takes Baron at 24mins, with the buff they manage to apply even more pressure; quickly closing the game out after a team fight at 30mins. Game 3 has a lot more action around the map, SKT find an early lead but KT manage to equalise it. KT find a small lead but SKTT1 apply more pressure and take it back as they take a kill lead. After making a few picks, SKTT1 secure baron at 24mins and use it to quickly close out the game; taking their win at 26mins after a clean team fight. Game 4 has regular action and both teams are holding their ground, it begins to slow down quickly though. SKTT1 manage to find small advantages throughout the middle stages of the game and at 29mins they secure baron, they use this to siege multiple lanes and expand their lead. At 32mins SKTT1 find a fantastic fight and manage to close out the game, equalising the series score. Game 5 has slow progression but at 17mins SKTT1 find an opening, they pick up a few kills and expand into a large lead. They use this lead to pressure the map and gain even more momentum but KT found a phenomenal fight at 24mins and secure Baron. Another big fight breaks out at around 29mins and SKTT1 solidify their growing lead, KT manages to hold back the siege but SKTT1 secure a baron of their own at 33mins. This is quickly used to siege and close out the game at 36mins.

Series Victory: SK Telecom T1. It was a difficult series for them and they were often challenged, but they had also shown some phenomenal resilience and strength. They’re deadly with a Baron buff and can quickly use it to finish games, as they had done repeatedly throughout this tournament.

League of Legends Icon Playoffs Final Round (Bo5)

SK Telecom T1 vs. Longzhu Gaming LCK Summer Playoffs 2017 League of Legends
SK Telecom T1 MSI 2017 Team Logo SK Telecom T1 vs. Longzhu Gaming League of Legends Longhzu Gaming Logo LoL Worlds    1 

SKTT1 had a difficult climb to reach the finals and Longzhu were going to take no risks, a slow paced start had first blood occurring at 13mins, SKTT1 were aiming for a lead but held onto it for mere moments before Longzhu managed to equalize it. At 15mins there’s an explosion of action in the bottom lane as Longzhu execute a massacre and create a large lead. Longzhu continue the pressure and before 20mins they take their 9th kill. SKTT1 are holding on for dear life as Longzhu secure baron at 24mins, Longzhu manages to find a fight at 30mins that quickly leads to their victory. During game 2 there are regular kill trades for the first 25mins, both teams are close in gold until Baron is contested at 30mins. After Longzhu secure baron they begin to expand their lead, finding a high impact fight at 31mins that cracks the base of SKTT1. At 35mins Longzhu manage to find another fantastic fight, these pushed them to 13 kills and lead them to another victory. During the 3rd game, SKTT1 manage to get some phenomenal early tempo, they take a 7:0 kill score before 15mins and this lead pushes them into a dominant position. SK Telecom T1 run rampant until they take Baron at 23mins, they start to aggressively pick fights and they manage crack into the Longzhu base just as 28mins passes. They take a fight as they crack into the base and this pushes them to a 14:2 kill score, giving them their 1st victory of the series. The 4th game of the series quickly goes in favour of Longzhu as they execute an early strategy; they take a 4:0 kill score by 20mins and hold onto a huge gold lead. At 21mins Longzhu secure Baron and take a fight and begin to siege. At 23mins Longzhu are knocking on the nexus but SKTT1 manage to hold out, Longzhu return shortly after and pick a fight that pushes them to a 14:4 kill score and gives them the series victory.

Series Victory: Longzhu Gaming. There were a few difficulties for Longzhu during this series but they managed to overcome them quickly and prove themselves to be the strongest performing team, by far. They managed to push for the top seed in their region and will be taking their ticket to the world championship.

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